Celebrity Occult Symbol: Measuring the Spiritual Depth of Society

Celebrity Occult Symbol: Measuring the Spiritual Depth of Society

Danielle Bregoli, gained infamy as a troubled teen on the Dr. Phil SHow, where she coined the viral phrase, “Catch Me Outside How Bout That?” She morphed into a media spectacle and parlayed her infamy into a burgeoning rap career. Her street name is, Bhad Bhabie, and her single, “These Heaux” reached Billboards 100 which peaked at 77. I do not want to harp on all of the “Illuminati” trappings which have already been fleshed out. My opinion is the “Illuminati” takes credit for an ancient evil that has existed long before the English language was even created.



What observers should be fascinated with is the symbol Danielle Bregoli makes over her eye. Not to long ago there was an obscure Hollywood actress who was offended I exposed the A-List entertainers as being part of a Satanic cult. I presented an old video where I illustrated the many celebrities who commonly make the same symbol over there eye. This is the exact same symbol Danielle Bregoli is showing in the picture. 



I asked the obscure Hollywood actress to explain this undefined ubiquitous symbol and she could not. Instead she relied on deflection, sarcasm, and snarky comments. The question remains why do so many celebrities flash this sign? Why would newcomer Danielle Bregoli, immediately flash this sign after her record deal? The rub is this symbol pays homage to the one eyed god of this world. Even the Islamic religion states the Antichrist has one eye!



We have seen this theme illustrated in Thor with Odin, Horus, and the All Seeing Eye on the American currency. There is even a Scripture that mentions the blind eye: Zech. 11:17, “Woe to the worthless shepherd who leaves the flock! A sword will be on his arm and on his right eye! His arm will be totally withered, and his right eye will be blind.” This is a clear pattern of this symbol in the celebrity world and it appears Danielle Bregoli, is now a member. Music and spirit go hand in hand according to Plato and we should be vigilant of the power of music over the soul.

Plato said, “If you want to measure the spiritual depth of a society show me their music.” Now we have a symbol that is connected to the Antichrist which is the spiritual element. We can also define this music is diametrically opposed to spiritual laws of the Most High. This is a music without law and anything goes under the umbrella of entertainment. I think this is an interesting word entertainment…”enter” “tain” “ment.” Interestingly enough, the word “tain” is defined as: “tain / ten / tent” as hold. So we allow this musical spiritual programming to “enter” us and “hold” us. This is why Plato only needed to hear our music to define our spirituality.

Here is the first verse from 14 year old, Danielle Bregoli, single “These Heaux:”


Look these hoes be fake flossin'
Fake ass jewelry, got a neck rash (eww)
These hoes be fake ballin'
Tax money that shit won't last (bye)
These hoes be dick riding, think they gone come up cause they let you fuck (you a hoe)
These hoes be full of drama, they always with the extra
These hoes, they wake up, they beggin'
On the Gram, they be fake flexin' (why you lyin')
These hoes, they wake up, they broke (eww)
They mattresses be on the floor (haha)
These hoes, they wake up, they messy
They runnin' they mouth, they so petty (petty)
These hoes, they feed off attention (yup)
Zero time, that's what I give 'em


This first verse is spiritually bankrupt and that is what the symbol these celebrities flash is really about. Because the parents of Danielle Bergoli, are spiritually asleep they gave their daughter up much like many families do with Disney. The money trap is so alluring it is nearly impossible to avoid in a capitalistic society. This music is designed to corrupt the souls of the Earth and the symbol is now associated with success. How can anyone begin to explain the fact so many celebrities flash this sign? Danielle Bregoli, is new to business, but she is flashing a common sign that is never clearly defined. Those of us in the know…know exactly what it is. Stay woke.

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