Beyond Skyline: Guns, Steel, and the Pseudo Rapture

Beyond Skyline: Guns, Steel, and the Pseudo Rapture

One of the biggest hot button issues in Christian circles causing inflamed debates is the rapture. Although the word “rapture” does not appear in the Scripture it was coined by a man. Rapture doctrine did not exist before John Darby, created it in 1830 AD. Before it “popped into John Darby’s head” no one had ever heard of a secret rapture doctrine. Albeit, there are the words in related Scripture, “taken” in relevant Scripture and if Liam Neeson is involved that will not turn out good for anybody. In my opinion, if you are living the teachings of Christ none of this really matters. I am really not overly concerned with how I get there as long as I get there.

I look to the Hollywood propaganda machine to deduce their own methodologies for shaping the perceptions of the sleeping masses. The majority of  “alien” movies are aliens who come to destroy mankind and they never land to open a healthcare system or share cheeses from around the galaxy. I believe this is a double edged sword where one side is to turn people against the Second Coming. The other is tied into the “rapture.”



If we reverse engineer Acts 1:11 – 11 Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven. We know Christ will now descend from the heavens with an army from another land…from the edges of the heavens. This is stated in, Isaiah 13:5 – They come from a far country, from the end of heaven, even the LORD, and the weapons of his indignation, to destroy the whole land.



It does not get anymore alien than this, does it? When Christ returns it will appear as an alien invasion as depicted by the Hollywood propaganda machine. The caveat is He is coming to destroy the Satanic Kingdoms and rule from then on. Is this why almost every alien Hollywood movie is brainwashing people to fear anything that descends from space? Next, Hollywood perpetuates other alien movies with a rapture theme.

Leading me to believe there will be a false rapture or when people are taken they will blame it on aliens or man. This conditioning has been going on for some time now with shows like HBO’s “The Leftovers” and the Hollywood flop “Skyline.” This is an extremely interesting case because this movie was an epic failure that received a 16% Rotten Tomatoes score. Where one fan described it as, “Even though it had great special effects it had a poor plot line and wasn’t a good movie.”

Yet, Hollywood is making a sequel to a completely failed movie at the box office. Let’s take a look at the plot line of this movie. 


Jarrod (Eric Balfour) and Elaine (Scottie Thompson) take a trip to Southern California to visit his friend, Terry (Donald Faison), for a fun getaway, but it turns into a weekend of terror. During the night a cluster of strange, mesmerizing lights signals the arrival of an alien invasion. As thousands of terrified people are pulled into the maws of giant alien ships, Jarrod and his companions must use every skill they have to survive global genocide.


See how the “rapture” is now associated with aliens? My next question is how can a movie that failed at the box office produce a sequel? Is this to keep the story-line in minds of the people? The sequel to this movie is “Beyond: Skyline” and actor Frank Grillo is attempting to resuscitate its failed predecessor. Frank Grillo, gained greater fame in Captain America hits “The Winter Soldier” and “Civil War” as the character Crossbones. He also inflated his star power with the Purge franchise “Anarchy” and “Election.”

What would make an actor associate himself with a sequel to a failed original? Well, obviously the money and this project must important to Hollywood. Actually, the trailer looks way better than the first movie, but yet again the same premise. People getting sucked into ships in the air and never seen again. It does not get anymore “raptury” than that. In my opinion, Hollywood, is conditioning the masses for a future event and I believe it is tied into the gun agenda. Automatic weapons are necessary for offense and defense against superior numbers. There is a bigger picture behind all of this. Stay woke.

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