The Eagle Is Crying: “Boy Scouts Will Accept Girls, in Bid to ‘Shape the Next Generation of Leaders”

The Eagle Is Crying: “Boy Scouts Will Accept Girls, in Bid to ‘Shape the Next Generation of Leaders”

The elite have been on a unisex mission for some time now and the Boy Scout of America are the latest casualty. The objective is to blend everyone together under one umbrella of male, female, heterosexual, and LGBT. This way education can be comprehensive and include all ideologies including the ones that were once considered psychological disorders. The Boy Scouts of America have now made the flawed decision to allow girls into boy scouts and allow them to attain the rank of Eagle Scout.



This makes absolutely no sense because there is a flourishing girl scout program and both of my sisters received the highest award called First Class at the time; it is now called the Gold Award. I finished my Eagle Scout project when I was 14 years old while my family was stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia. Right before I submitted my paper work we relocated to the Washington, DC, area because my grandmother was dying from breast cancer. It took me years to track down my Scout Master who relocated to Germany. Eventually, I was awarded the Eagle Scout Award in 1985. 

After today’s press release my Eagle Scout Award has lost its value to me. It has now lost its originality, purity, and most of normalcy. Gone are the days of just men and their sons communing with nature and learning in tandem with masculine energy. Now going from boys to men has been politicized and the Boy Scouts of America need to change their name to BoyGirl Scouts of America. A great organization in America is now convoluted and we have essentially just witnessed the death of the Boy Scouts.

This is really an attack on the natural order of things and bastardizing females into a male oriented program is a further demonstration of this. When you begin to redefine nature it is really an attack on the natural order created by the Most High. Stay woke.

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