Message From The Other-Side!

Message From The Other-Side!

There are many people on this Earth suffering from the loss of a loved one. Some of us have lost a father, a mother, a sister, a brother, an uncle, an aunt, a cousin, a husband, a mother, or even a child. When love is involved a loss is devastating and you search for meaning. People say losing a partner or a child is the worst of all because the bonds are on another level and rich with emotion. Only a mother can truly understand the deepest bond with a child carried in her womb.

In my case I spent 15 years with a woman who defined my happiness and gave me three strong beautiful sons. Inflammatory breast cancer took her away from this world on November 18, 2015, and I am on the cusp of missing her for two years. Loss causes a great deal of introspection and I struggle with how I could have been a better person because I had no idea my time with her would be so short. The most prevalent emotion is loss and despair.



I often dream of Marisol and I see her frequently. Marisol’s mother was the most spiritual woman I have ever met. She studied the Bible fervently and I would often see her praying at 5:00 AM in the morning. On her knees and steadfastly praying to the Most High in Spanish. She successfully passed her love for the Lord to Marisol who was a spiritual beacon for many in the community. It was magical to hear Marisol pray because it just flowed like a rapper spittin’ bars.

Seeing Marisol in my dreams is really all have and I am thankful for them. It will soon be two years and I am too damaged to move on to another relationship. I am befuddled by men who remarry a year later because it takes a long time to sort through loss like this. I find myself talking to Marisol out loud sometimes and I said, “Marisol where are you? How are you doing? I miss you so much.” Prior to this and maybe out by a few days I went to bed wearing my black tourmaline necklace.



The next morning I woke up and it was gone! I mean it straight up disappeared and I would never take this necklace off. I have not been able to find it since. Early this morning my older sister sent me a text and said, “I had a dream about Marisol do you want to hear it?” Before I share what the dream was about my sister and her daughter participated in a breast cancer walk, the prior week. She told me she could “feel” Marisol all around her. The next day she was chatting with a co-worker by the cooler at work and reached into it to grab a soda.



She grabbed a Coke and the name “Marisol” was on the bottle! I look at these synchronicities as confirmations and I do not believe in coincidence. Now on to the dream. First, my sister said it did not seem like a dream at all and she rarely recalls details from her dreams. My sister said, “Marisol, was able to visit and we could see her. She had her hair in a ponytail, a maroon cotton camisole, and white jammy pants.”  This is exactly how Marisol would dress in our home and she was always casually elegant.



Then my sister continued, “You were there and we were cooking and in the kitchen having breakfast.”  My sister was perplexed regarding how she could see Marisol. She asked Marisol, “I do not understand how you are here! How can we see you?” Marisol, replied, “The reason you can see me is because of a period in my transition called Farrah.” My sister was like, “I do not understand what that means. Can you repeat it?” Marisol replied to her, “Farrah.”



My sister woke up and immediately text me the dream. When I read the word “Farrah” I was stunned because I remember 30 years ago studying Zoroastism and the effects on Christianity. I immediately searched on Google and found the interpretations of “Farrah” and it is connected to “Glory!” My son asked about the origin of the word and I told him Zoroastism and he said, “I am studying that in school right now!” That was another synchronicity or confirmation as I like to call it.



Marisol, was telling us she was being glorified and if seen again when her process is complete she will look glorified as did other people in the Bible. What mother would not have the desire to watch over her babies? I thought it was amazing she used the word “Farrah!” This is something my older sister would not know. She does not study this type of spiritual research and growing up she read books like, “Flowers in the Attic” and trashy romance novels. I am just emphasizing this was not a word she would know or ever encountered.


The Nativist Prophets of Early Islamic Iran: Rural Revolt and Local Zoroastrianism (Page 333)


That word was for me, because Marisol knew I would know, and if I did not I would know very quickly. Marisol wanted me to know she was not just okay, but was going through a glorification process and was being imbued with Divine qualities from the Most High. I fell in love with Marisol because of not just her beauty, but her inner beauty.  Her heart was pure enough to be glorified and just days before I asked what was happening with her and she used my sister as a conduit.



Also, in the dream my sister asked her, “Are you going to show yourself to the boys?” Marisol replied, “We are not sure yet.” To me this could mean there is more to come. Honestly, it was a tough day because it magnified her absence in our home. The anxiety was so intense it gave me chest pains and I worried if my heart strings were breaking. Most of all I am amazed because she used an ancient word to convey meaning to her state in the spiritual realm. 



I am sharing this because I want people to know there is life after the death of our physical body. There is another world and it is connected to this world. We are spiritual beings and there is even more purpose once we transition to this world. Marisol looked beautiful in this dream and she even had her breast back and this means Michael Jackson got his whole nose back when he crossed over! Seriously though, I am happy to know she is whole again.


28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. - Joel 2:28 King James Version (KJV)


My sister cried on the phone with me sharing the details of her vivid interaction with Marisol. She was so moved by the experience she is now elevated spiritually and keen on learning more. I will continue to live my life sentence on Earth without her and I look forward to the day I can cross over. It is very difficult for me to find people I can relate to because the more you learn in spirit, the more you will be separated from worldly people. I will always wish it is me that crossed over and she got to stay and raise the boys.



Men are not going to like to hear this, but I believe women do it better! They are all amazing beings who create life and even have the ability to be more spiritual than men! My only hopes now are meeting Marisol in my dream states, but she obviously has other plans. When I think about the quantum physics of spirit it is mind boggling. If you think about it, once people are in eternity they have backward capability and can experience prior time.

It also made me think about a day to the Lord is a thousand years. If you have ever researched near death experience you will learn an hour in the spirit realm can seem like months. I do not think the human language can totally define and describe non human realms. We can try, but people that come back from near death struggle with words to simply define colors. I am glad Marisol is listening, watching, and communicating because she is becoming glorified and I will always wish the best for her.

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