Wendy Williams Bizarre Fainting Spell: Harbinger of New York City Destruction?

Wendy Williams Bizarre Fainting Spell: Harbinger of New York City Destruction?

When glimpsing into the supernatural you must be able to read the synchronicities pushed into the material world from spirit. I believe the fainting spell by Wendy Williams on live television was that very thing. She claimed she over heated in her costume, but I am not sure that is the case. The “cleavage vent” she had in the front certainly would let heat escape and she returned in the exact same outfit without additional problems.



It is my belief New York City is in the cross hairs of judgment and something wicked this way comes. Wendy Williams was dressed as the Statue of Liberty which is originally linked to the pagan goddess Ishtar, who is also know as the Queen of Heaven, and the Mother of Harlots. Wendy Williams decided to channel her and think we can all agree that was the most bizarre “fainting” spell ever witnessed. Wendy appeared to be filled with horror at something unseen approaching her and then fell like a sack of apples.

New York City is the most wicked city in all America and the seat of the financial giants. Yes, there are good people nested in New York, but the power brokers are wicked as well as a wealth of people who chose sin as a lifestyle. The Most High will not be mocked and I believe he sent a message to the people of America. True, fainting spells are innocuous because people usually recover quickly, but The Statue of Liberty was the motif and Wend Williams should get an Emmy for her bizarre faint. 



Ironically, on this same day a murderous truck plowed through bikers today in Manhattan. New York City, Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has renounced it as an act of terror. New York City will not escape judgment and Wendy Williams who is the queen of gossip might be the coming sign of destruction. Let me know your thoughts on this because I think this is a significant sign of the coming destruction.

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Michael Erevna

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