A Horrific Car Crash, Near Death, and Walking in the AFTERLIFE!

A Horrific Car Crash, Near Death, and Walking in the AFTERLIFE!

Early in my personal research arc I studied near-death-experience and the most profound testimonies came from children around the world. One of the many books that stand out in my memory is titled, “You Cannot Die” by Ian Currie. This author amassed near-death-experience research from over a hundred years. One of the most compelling cases was a five year old boy in India who had memories of his former life. This little boy begged and pleaded his parents to let him visit his old village. Eventually, his parents acquiesced to his frequent demands and the little boy gave them directions in the car to a village 75 miles away. He identified his house and knocked on the door.

A woman answered and he leaped into her arms and began to cry. He said her name and then her nickname into her ear. The woman’s children happened to be home and he addressed them all by name. The woman informed the little boy’s parents that her husband died five years ago in an accident. The book by Ian Currie, is filled with other stories and the most profound are the ones from very young children. Two decades later I would appear on a radio show with a woman who had a near death experience. She was in a horrific car accident where lives were lost…including hers for precious minutes.



Her name is Octavia Trimm, and she recounted the day of the accident and how badly she was injured. Octavia and her husband were back seat passengers and their dear friends who were married in the front seats. The crash came out of no where and one of the passengers in the front seat was decapitated and Octavia had serious injuries including a broken hip. On the radio program she shared how she heard a “popping” sound as her soul was separated from her body. She was whisked away to the afterlife which is the premise of her new book, The PURPLE Pearl and the Butterfly: SHOCKING First-Hand Account of the Afterlife!.

I do not want to ruin the read for you so I recommend you purchase the book because I surely will. I stayed in touch with Octavia Trimm, over the years and I occasionally call into her early morning prayer line. I am happy to have crossed paths with Octavia because she provided much needed spiritual and emotional support while my wife was dying from breast cancer. The Most High places the right people in your path so they will speak for Him when needed. I hope you all enjoy this testimony.

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