Super Bowl Lady Gaga Flub: Why Snopes Cannot Be Trusted

Super Bowl Lady Gaga Flub: Why Snopes Cannot Be Trusted

I do not know how I missed the Snopes website post titled, Was Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Satanic? Where I learned of their superficial research techniques investigating if Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance was Satanic. I am going to review their statements and logic in the post and show you how you cannot trust this site. Because if they failed on this post it is safe to assume they fail on other post with their “True” or “False” classifications. Their opening salvo stated, “Conspiracy theorist and Trump enthusiast Alex Jones issued a video in which he worked himself into a lather detailing alleged connections between Lady Gaga, the “pizzagate” scandal, “spirit cooking,” meat suits, Satanic rituals, and “the rise of the robots.”



My first observation is how can anybody on the planet Earth use Alex Jones as a litmus test for anything? He is a clown of the highest order who damages the truth movement with his involvement. He has been caught lying and made public statements his organization has promoted unsubstantiated falsehoods. Is Alex Jones, actually paid to obscure conspiracy and occult topics? I saw Alex Jones’ video on Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl and it was laughable. Ironically, Snopes, decided to feature Alex Jones to immediately debunk the plausibility of occult activities with Lady Gaga.


Lady Gaga swears to Lucifer on Jimmy Kimmel


My next thought was how did Snopes not feature the video where Lady Gaga was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and during the interview say, “I swear to Lucifer.” Snopes, also failed to present a story perpetuated by Lady Gaga’s hairstylist, Michael Pooter, alleging he witnessed her bathing in a tub of blood. This is a highly libelous story, yet I am unaware of the person being sued after it was printed in a major publication. Leaving these two points out makes Snopes highly suspicious.

Snopes, went on to include a quote coming from Alex Jones where he stated the following:  


 now we hear about Lady Gaga, who admittedly was part of the whole pizzagate situation, with the spirit cooking lady, the Aleister Crowley events, she admits she has someone sleep in her room at night because she believes a demon’s going to attack her. Whether you believe in demons or not, when she wears meat suits and does all these rituals, and Madonna does it, too, the organizers of the Super Bowl are deciding to defile America and break our will by having us bow down to this. And she’s reportedly going to be on top of the Super Bowl (they’re saying she may cancel doing this), on top of the stadium, ruling over everyone with drones everywhere surveilling them in a big swarm, to just condition them that “I am the goddess of Satan ruling over you with the rise of the robots,” in a ritual of lesser magic.


Ironically, Alex Jones, ended up in great legal turmoil with the pizza gate lies he promoted. Aleister Crowley is dead so what exactly is he babbling about here? I can tell you what Alex Jones does is rip off other people’s research and intellectual property and puts his own low brow spin on it. It is clear he has not investigated occult mechanics nor has he studied ancient text to build a sourced narrative. He throws catch phrases out to the uninitiated, but to the initiated it is nothing more than pseudo intellectualism, much like his false credentialed guest. His silly closing was Lady Gaga was posing as Satan and the rise of the robots.

Just the fact that Snopes built a case using a known liar and blow hard sabotages rationalism out of the gate, with Alex Jones. In fact, Snopes, did not need to rely on anyone else’s research if they actually did there own. In my opinion this article was written over a cup of coffee without comprehensive research. Snopes, went on to validate Lady Gaga, as being raised as a Catholic and she is “very religious” and believes and Jesus and prays. No mention of Lady Gaga swearing to Lucifer? No mention of Lady Gaga being a LGBT ambassador and how that is not supported by the teachings of Christ? No mention of the occult motifs riddled in many of her music videos?


Symbols and motifs of the goddess Lady Gaga channeled


Snopes, even stated, “Dreaming that one is being chased by devils is not the same as worshiping Satan, we submit.” And I submit to them making a statement on National syndicated television, “I swear to Lucifer.” Certainly, begs for a deeper investigation into Lady Gaga’s occult relationships. Guess what Snopes? Lucifer is a fallen angel opposed to the Kingdom of the Most High. If Snopes, would have actually researched the occult performance of Lady Gaga they would have found research that opposed the conclusions of Variety magazine. Which described the performance as, “as unprovocative” and “overall a little weak.”

It appears Snopes sought out every far-fetched Internet source to present the wrong evidence to discount the plausibility of motifs and symbols were included in Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance. This also illustrates many other sites are peddling high level nonsense which Snopes did get right. Snopes, failed to recognized the contradictions with Lady Gaga being a “Christian” who prays and then an LGBT ambassador at the same time…you cannot serve two masters. Has Snopes, even read the Bible before? Does not appear like they have. 

It has taken me years of research to gain insight into dark occult machinations and how they operate in plain view. It is imperative to review magical organizations like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Book of Shadows, and other ancient occult publications to understand definitions and methodology. Once you see these books and then see the same things on the stage then there is no more debating…only knowing! Snopes, gets an F- for their investigation and they should be ashamed of their post. 

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