Antichrist Much? Jews Celebrates Christmas Singing Jesus Is a BASTARD!

Antichrist Much? Jews Celebrates Christmas Singing Jesus Is a BASTARD!

When it comes to American Christians they seem to pine away at the State of Israel being the true remnant of the Jewish people. They frequently post memes and other literature encouraging other Christians to support Israel spiritually. Most of us with a television or Internet connection are well aware of the controversy the current Jewish population is of a European origin, i.e., are not the original inhabitants of the land. That should be apparent once you rewind time and see Israel’s boundaries were once included with Africa! 

Another least discussed point is less than 3% of the Israeli population is Christian. Meaning the remainder of the 97% either does not believe in Him or if they do do not accept Him as the Son of the Most High. That is the text book definition of Antichrist. Meaning 97% of Israel today is Antichrist. President Trump, recently stoked the flames of division in the Middle East recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in modern times. 



I have heard some applaud him for this decision, yet the Bible speaks of people fraudulently assuming the identity of the original Jews and they operate synagogues. You do not have to be Batman to see what people fit this bill. They are also a people who commit blasphemy against the Son of God and do it without guilt. The irony is these are the same people who cry antisemitism at every opportunity, but have no qualms about calling Jesus a bastard and His mother a whore.



9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.


This modern Israel is also home of the largest LGBT parade in the Middle East and if they truly followed the Torah this would not be the case. Who else is claiming to be Jews and yet 97% either does not believe Him or refer to Him as a bastard? If Satan truly is the god of this world do you really think he would gather all of the Israeli people from the four corners of the Earth and return them to Israel? Everything Satan does is counterfeit and his bootleg machinations would certainly bring a false people into Israel, hence the persistent troubles in the “Middle East.”

So this Christmas as most of the masses celebrate the birth of Christ realize there are homes in Israel where they are singing Jesus is a bastard and His mother is a whore. This is blasphemy and the prophetic book of the Bible calls this out. The next time you see Christians rallying to support Israel in the name of Jesus kindly remind them of the facts that less than 3% of Israel is Christian. The rest have absolutely no respect of Jesus being the Son of the Most High and that folks is defined as Antichrist.

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