The Night I Heard Shofar Horns from the SKY!

The Night I Heard Shofar Horns from the SKY!

Yesterday, around midnight I was working in the kitchen on my laptop listening to icy rain spatter on the back deck, it was so cold out even the swimming pool was frozen. It was a soothing soundtrack for a Saturday night writing post and sipping on an espresso. I believe it was a bit after midnight when suddenly a loud tenor horn line blast through windows of my house. For some reason I did not move and kept typing. Maybe, finishing a thought was more important than investigating? Seconds later my son ran down stairs and said, “Dad, did you hear that?” He opened the back door to investigate, but the icy rain quickly turned him back.



He sat next to me and then said, “What do you think that was? Maybe it was the High School marching band?” I checked the time and told him, “At, midnight? No, it was not the band. Maybe it was a neighbor blasting a speaker like the movie, Red State?” It was super loud and the vibration rattled the windows. I had covered the sky trumpet phenomenon and I never thought I would hear them. It was very powerful and I heard a similar key from many video recordings on YouTube. 

The question is what are they exactly? There are many theories and the most popular are references to trumpets in the Bible. The thing is how many trumpet blast are there in Biblical prophecy? There are actually seven and there are far more global sky trumpet events than seven. Could it be the spirit realm and the physical realm merging? Mayan prophecy believed we would one day escape our physical limitations and return to spirit. Could these sounds be part of that process?

I am not sure at all to be honest. All I do know is last night I heard extremely loud horns that rattled my windows and I have no idea to the origin.

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Michael Erevna

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