Super Bowl 52: Asteroid Headed Toward the Earth

Super Bowl 52: Asteroid Headed Toward the Earth

Folks, I cannot make this stuff up! Twenty-four hours ago a press release stated, ‘Potentially hazardous’ asteroid hurtling toward Earth, could pass during Super Bowl 52. Although, there is a cause for concern this is an innocuous cosmic event because it has been tracked for some time by NASA. It is expected to pass 2.5 million miles near the Earth, but no collision. So do not cancel your chicken wings and beer keg orders yet! What I found fascinating was a Super Bowl 44, Bud Light, commercial illustrating this very thing!



In it you see scientist viewing the incoming asteroid on their telescope and then realizing the Earth is doomed. It would be if any asteroid of size hits the Earth traveling at 76,000 miles per hour. I am very keen on synchronicity and I noticed in this commercial after the beer is shown a scientist pulls the rings off Saturn! Remember, earlier I called this Super Bowl the “Saturn Bowl?” I do not think that has changed and I am actively working to decipher how this mega ritual will be working.



Ask yourself from a “coincidence” stand point what are the chances I would target the planet Saturn for Super Bowl 52 and then an asteroid story is released. Next, I find a commercial for Super Bowl 44 and the rings of Saturn are snatched and tossed! This lets me know I am on the right path! Here is scenario: What if the  Most High changes the direction of the asteroid and smashes into the world’s largest mega ritual to destroy it? People do not understand the Most High is control of ALL things and the country secretly relying on witchcraft is doomed.

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Michael Erevna

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