The Super Gay Agenda Targeting Your Children

The Super Gay Agenda Targeting Your Children

The natural order of things created by the Most High is in the throes of metamorphosis toward the unnatural. That is the whole point of the Luciferian agenda is to turn Creation into its opposite form and make mankind yearn for it. It all began in the mid 1970s when politicians influenced the psychiatric industry to no longer classify LGBT cases as mental disorders. This opened the door for a myriad of unscientific arguments to intellectualize being something your not. Just because I gained 50 pounds and grew my hair out does not make me a Bigfoot. 



This is the world we are living in, where politically correct sensitivities drive the change away from the natural. Now with chemically induced factors I believe we are seeing people born gay because they have been chemically altered. Yes, there is a chemical recipe for gayness and some scientist have presented cases proving agricultural pesticides have changed the sexes of frogs. There is also evidence of estrogen in public drinking water. Those the Luciferian agenda could not feminize with chemicals, a propaganda approach was created.


It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. - Luke 17:2


As a comic book collector, as a child and teenager, I was an avid reader of comics. I remember mild hoopla around the first openly gay Marvel comic character North Star. It really did not leave a ripple in my world, but I see it was the oak seed planted for the comic book LGBT agenda. Now because the super hero genre has turned into a billion dollar industry more comic book characters are making there way to television as well.

Children and adults are becoming regular watchers of these super hero series and there is a troubling trend. There is an LGBT agenda to include same sex marriages, relationships, and sex scenes in many if not all of these super hero television shows. The children are the largest demographic watching these super hero shows. They are the target and they are to be conditioned same sex relationships are just as normal as heterosexual ones. The fact, is LGBT folks only make up 4% of the American population, yet they are included in 100% of these super hero television shows. 



Do the math…that does not compute. This is propaganda to increase the ranks of the LGBT population. If your favorite super hero is gay you will not just want their powers, but their life style. Parents should discuss these LGBT scenes with their children and let them know Scripture from the mind of the Most High. We are in a spiritual war and what better way to change your enemy than by targeting their children?

Next time your children turn on the television to watch any super hero show I suggest you join in or don’t be shocked if your daughter wants to marry Jessica Jones at 10 years old. Stay woke.

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Michael Erevna

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