Dear “Flat Earthers” and the Cult of Skibites

Dear “Flat Earthers” and the Cult of Skibites

Today Tesla made history for two distinct reasons. First, Tesla, successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket and SpaceX, is now streaming live footage from the Tesla Roadster…from Space. The Roadster is mounted to the Falcon’s upper stage and the camera views or crisp high definition footage. Second, this high definition video totally obliterates the “flat earthers” because this is clearly not a fish eye lens. If so the fish eye lens would bend the car image as well and that is not the case. We are clearly seeing the Earth is round and people who jumped on the flat earth train should finally admit the Earth is round. I cannot believe I am even writing this in 2018!



What bothered me the most about the “flat earth” distraction is some people pimped the Bible to create their case and then profited off it! The most infamous flat earth huckster is Rob Skiba, who some how convinced people he was one of the greatest Biblical sleuths in Earth history. Who cracked the “flat earth” Biblical code because of his interpretations of the Word. As you can see now Rob Skiba, is not an expert and it proves what I said before. These folks with a lack of advanced math, science, theology, and astrophysics background have no business acting as if they are authorities.


Rob Skiba twisting Scripture to turn people into merchandise.


I once had a barber who followed Rob Skiba who became offended I told him he was not qualified to change our science into a flat earth model. The barber became even more offended (when I told him he was not qualified) and told me he served in the military and now owns a barber shop. He then proceded to tell me how the moon and the Sun are same size! We are dealing with a psychosis here were you no longer need to earn expertise to become a subject matter expert. These days if you watch a slue of YouTube videos from people who live in their Mom’s basement you gain degrees.



I am sure people are watching this LIVE FEED and will claim Steven Spielberg is behind it! We are now living in an idiocracy where soon hairdressers will be performing open heart surgery. I have no words for the many discussions I had with people regarding the flat earth. All this has done is proved my theory that flat earth peddlers played on people with low education in math/science, distrust in the Government, and seeking to feel special with Biblical interpretation. I have heard some people wish for the flat earthers to take a cruise together and then sink the ship.



While this would certainly make the Earth lighter it is not the answer. People need to realize they have been misled by hucksters like Rob Skiba. Who used the Bible and monetized videos to profit and even formed a flat earth conference! I hope this puts flat earth nonsense to bed and if Rob Skiba has an iota of strong character he will apologize and return the money he fleeced from people’s naivety in the name of Jesus.I would have had no problem with Skiba if he did not co-opt Scripture to fool so many people. I am beginning to suspect people like Rob Skiba are dis-info agents paid to distract people and lead them down the wrong path. Have wonderful round Earth day and stay woke!

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