Sinbad Claps Back At Justin Timberlake Regarding Prince

Sinbad Claps Back At Justin Timberlake Regarding Prince

After Super Bowl 52’s secret Saturn halftime performance by Justin Timberlake some in the Black community were up in arms about the inclusion of (RIP) Prince. Justin Timberlake has a sketchy past with Prince before his death. Years ago when Justin Timberlake dropped his single, “sexy back” Prince set him straight and told him, “Sexy never left.” It was a “how dare you” response from Prince and he seemed mildly annoyed. Later on down the road there was a music awards show and Justin Timberlake accepted an award for Prince and because the microphone was low he clowned Prince’s height. 



Sinbad decided to create a video to weigh in on the Prince controversy and set the record straight. Sinbad, represents many voices in the Black community and many Blacks have washed their hands of Justin Timberlake. After seeing Justin Timberlake’s occulted performance with Saturn I can tell you he cannot be trusted. He helped the occult handlers with the occult symbols built right into the performance. Plus what they do is in secret and they keep it secret because it is not in the best interest of humanity. Sinbad, is at a point in his life where he is not shy about his opinions nor his new red Mohawk. 

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