Super Bowl Magic Spell Connection? SORCERY Drives the MASS School Shootings

Super Bowl Magic Spell Connection? SORCERY Drives the MASS School Shootings

Over the years I have posted many articles and there is nothing more heartbreaking than writing about mass school shootings. Many years ago on January 2, 2013, officials with the Giles County Public Schools, closed all five district campuses including Narrows High School when built a pattern recognition case with The Dark Knight Rises and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. We believe we identified the next school target in Narrows, Virginia. According to law enforcement an eighteen year old reader took my post to the Virginia State Police and they, in turn, forwarded it to the Superintendent, Dr. Terry Arbogast, of the Giles County school system.


9 But these two things shall come to thee in a moment in one day, the loss of children, and widowhood: they shall come upon thee in their perfection for the multitude of thy sorceries, and for the great abundance of thine enchantments.

– Isaiah 47:9

The Superintendent, reviewed my post and felt compelled to close the school system and implement security measures so no one could walk in off the street and indiscriminately kill students. I commend, Dr. Terry Arbogast, for his instincts to protect the innocent and deter what is happening all too much. There is also a common thread linking many of these school shootings together and that is sorcery. This word sorcery can be defined as magic, drugs, or better known as pharmaceutical drugs. These unstable murdering teenagers were all pumped full of psychotropic drugs with side effects that include extreme “aggression.”



This time in history was actually prophesied when the Book of Isaiah was written sometime in 8 BCE, and it is a collection of: oracles, prophecies, and reports. Isaiah addresses exactly what is happening now with children being murdered as a result of sorcery. The Book of Isaiah addressed a time when  a “multitude of thy sorceries” (pharmakeia) will end in “Mystery Babylon” being destroyed.  No other country is experiencing the magnitude of mass school shootings than America. Ever since the introduction of the drug, Fluoxetine, in 1987, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), by  Eli Lilly and Company, school mass shootings began to rise . . . and will continue to no matter what weapon is used.


"All demons, people, remote viewers, other energies and entities are associated with mirrors. This reality is a reflective reality so water and mirrors are used to travel between worlds. Always. Most of the time humans do not have the natural ability or assisted ability to do this. So it is all access by the 3 letter agencies and sentient beings from many dimensions and planes including demons." - Kimberly McGeorge


Now the Bible tells us sorcery will be used in conjunction with magic. I would not be surprised if the mega ritual from Super Bowl 52 with Justin Timberlake is somehow associated with this. Especially after the “mirrors” were used during the magical correspondence built into the halftime performance. Mirrors are used to bring energies and demons into this dimension and the prophecy in the Bible tells us magic and pharmacy are used together. The Super Bowl 52 performance was HUGE and used a crowd of mirrors in a relationship with Saturn energy. Which can be harnessed for destruction and death. Also, there could be a relationship between the Super Bowl spell and the Eagle, because that is the totem of Stoneman Douglas High School! Ten days later the Florida High School massacre occurs where 17 students and staff succumbed to demon driven bullets.

The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, has even admitted to being driven to shoot up the school by demons. People are quick to write this off as crazy talk, but it is no crazier than the magical correspondence built into the Super Bowl 52 halftime show. I believe we are now seeing the fruit of the spell and if you remember I voiced great concern over Saturn this year.The demons must manifest through someone on pharamceutical drugs otherwise known as sorcery. This will continue to happen until people stop these mega rituals like the one at the haftime show in the Super Bowl.



None of this is a mistake nor a coincidence, but a carefully crafted plan to integrate magic and sorcery into our world. All you need to do is see the graph of when behavior altering drugs were introduced into society and the upswing of school mass shootings. In essence, you are seeing the new age blood sacrifice rituals and the ancient demonic appetite for blood being satiated. Perhaps, this is how the elite of “Mystery Babylon” pay their demonic bills for superpower status? Blaming guns for the shooting is a by-product of the pharmacy. If it was not firearms then it would be pipe-bombs. Blaming guns is no more accurate than blaming silverware for obesity. Guns have been around since 1364 and have put food on the table for many generations. True, they are also used for organized murder we call “war” and sometimes legal/illegal activities, but they did not become so prevalent in mass school shootings until the introduction of mood-altering pharmacy.

If the masses could understand Scripture they would understand who to attack in this spiritual war. It should certainly be the secret magicians and pharmaceutical businesses in America. They are the true architects of these mass school shootings. How is possible almost every school shooter used mood-altering protocols before losing control of their sanity and restraint and murdering innocent people? Why is the narrative only the tool and not a proven chemical catalyst that causes mass murder in the mind? This is exactly why Mystery Babylon will be destroyed and sadly every day it is looking more and more like America.

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