Why The Strange Voice Mail Conspiracy Is A Hoax

Why The Strange Voice Mail Conspiracy Is A Hoax

This evening I received a message to look into an alleged  “mysterious” voice mail where a message states a warning about a non-human presence and a dire warning don’t be fooled they are not human. My first issue with the voicemail is the corporately acquired ladies voice used for voicemail. Does this lady have a contract with Black Box technology? The military does not use her voice either nor am I aware of any military contracts awarded to this woman who is most likely under a non-compete contract. Next, there is a morse code that allegedly relates the message to Stephen Hawking’s death. Stephen Hawking never predicted we would see aliens in our lifetime, yet this message claims to warn us this alien-to-human confrontation is imminent.   



Now let’s all get on the same page according to the Biblical narrative and prophecy. The invasion has already happened. Thousands of years ago there was another being who looks human but is not human but integrated with humans.  Jesus uses the parable of the wheat and the tare to distinctly describe this infestation. This parable also speaks to the fact there is a genetic difference between wheat and tare. The tares look identical to the wheat until harvest time. It is at the time of the harvest you can tell the difference between literal wheat and the tare. This means Jesus and His army of Shining Ones know the genetic difference between us and them.



Let me reiterate there is another race of beings who have blended in with the human population and live among us. We have already been invaded and Jesus has made it clear there will be a separation process taking them out…by Him. Anything else suggested or conspired is part of the Luciferian agenda and the Bible makes it clear in Corinthians 4:4 that Satan is the god of this world. Do you really think Satan is going to give up power and control to “visitors?” Or another popular subplot is that the Luciferian agenda includes a fake alien invasion. I would be remiss if I did not add that Satan is another species making him/her non-human. This is the main issue with people chasing any conspiracy theory outside of the Truth stated in the Bible and prophecy.


Don't call conspiracy all that this people calls conspiracy. Don't fear what they fear, and don't be terrified. - Isaiah 8:12


These are spiritually dead people chasing a wrinkly foreskin headed being with light emitted from the finger. The Bible has already told us there is another genetic code walking among us that looks human and will blend in with us until removed. Stephen Hawking has even been looped into this facade because dead men cannot respond…how convenient! For the record, Stephen Hawking did not expect the human race to encounter “aliens” in our lifetime…if ever. Now as this conspiracy theory evolves Stephen Hawking secretly changed his public statement. 

I often wondered what people would do after the Mayan calendar ended December 21, 2012, because that was latest real ancient prophecy with a hardcoded date. Now people rely on social media and all of the YouTube echo chamber channels to influence their imaginations. They even have convenient answers how solar flares carried a cell phone message floating around to an unknown young man’s cell phone. Then his home is photographed by a “man in the street” at 3 AM suggesting that it was some type of governmental or secret agency’s surveillance. Are there not other covert ways to snap a picture of a home? 



Let me tell you what this is really about. It is about preying upon the gullible and the afraid. People who walk with Jesus have no fear because we were not given the spirit of fear. Those of us who have studied Scripture understand who the real enemy is and that we have already been invaded. I will stand out on a ledge here and emphatically tell you this story is a crock of bull. I can tell you from my time around the military nothing like this would have even made the light of day if true and it would not be a corporate voicemail lady blowing the lid off an April invasion. 

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