HBO Antichrist: The Silicon Valley Attack on Christianity

HBO Antichrist: The Silicon Valley Attack on Christianity

My theory is whatever the establishment promotes as bad is probably good and visa versa. Sunday, I was catching up on the latest episode (Tech Evangelist) of the television show Silicon Valley and shockingly there was a direct attack on Christianity. Yes, it was singled out of all other religions in the history of the Earth as the most offensive and the most toxic. In fact, it was so horrible it was on the verge of breaking a deal because a person claimed to be a Christian. 



Let’s get some things straight, Jesus incarnated on the Earth to demonstrate to people what was possible through Spirit in human form. This demonstration would separate man’s reliance on the material world and all things therein. Of course, Jesus had more complexes deliverables as part of His mission, but it was His demonstrations to humans which obliterated the ability to manipulate mankind. Gilfoy, a character in Silicon Valley is a card-carrying Satanist who commands more respect than Christianity.


20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! - Isaiah 5:20


The irony here is that in the Bible Satan is the reason the entire world is screwed up today. The enemy of Christianity is accepted in Silicon Valley, but Christianity sickens people. Why such fear against Christianity? I am well aware of over vast epochs of time how man has twisted and misrepresented Scripture transforming it into a bloody trail of lust and degradation of humanity. If you actually read the teachings of Jesus he teachings tolerance and love. No fear, no hatred, and no harm to any other being on the planet. 



How can Silicon Valley jettison the teachings of Christ and tolerate Gilfoy the Satanist? None of this makes sense except I was subjected to brainwashing to turn me against Christianity. There is an active effort to destroy Christianity and replace it with anything. We can assume the teachings of Jesus jeopardize control of the masses. Ironically, many people claim the Bible is a book to control people, but the teachings of Jesus were for people to reach their full potential while in human form.

On the heels of this particular Silicon Valley episode, China has banned the online sales of Bibles. All other religions are unaffected by this new rule. Ironically, China is predicted to lead the world in active practicing Christians by 2030. Why is the world so threatened by a religious figure some say never existed? How can the world be threatened by a message of love? Whatever the case do not be caught up in the illusions of the mass media. 


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