A San Francisco Church Plans A Beyoncé Service!

A San Francisco Church Plans A Beyoncé Service!

Y’all done gone too far now, church! There is a church in San Francisco that will perform a mass dedicated toBeyoncé! It is being reported as, San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral Church to Hold Beyoncé Mass. The same women who recited a poem where she would use Bible pages to plug her menstruation! If you are a follower of this site you would know Beyoncé has incorporated voluminous occult themes and symbols that pay homage to fallen angels. Beyoncé, also has evoked African goddesses into her performances as another snub and the Most High. The last place Beyoncé belongs is being celebrated in the church.


Because the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward God; for it does not subject itself to the law of God, for it is not even able to do so, Romans 8:7


Not only are her lyrics antichrist she was a forerunner to adopting stripper dance moves into her dance routines. There is no way you can be a performer like Beyoncé and sustain Biblical values and laws. This is known as trying to serve two masters. The church doing this is Grace Cathedral is an Episcopal church and the 3rd largest Episcopal cathedral in the United States. A cathedral is traditionally  “the seat of a bishop,” and our bishop is Marc Handley Andrus, Bishop of California. Cathedrals are led by deans, and ours is Malcolm Clemens Young. If these spiritual advisors would have read my Beyoncé and the Occult research they would reconsider blending idol worship with Jesus!



Beyoncé, is married to Jay Z and he has assaulted the Bible with many of his lyrics and supports Aleister Crowley who despises Jesus. Grace Cathedral, is so desperate to be relevant it has literally merged idol worship on the altar of Jesus.  I have never seen such a blatant spiritual travesty by inviting people to celebrate an artist who admits sharing her body with another entity. This very entity goes by the name of “Sasha Fierce” and remarkably shares the name with the author of the “Book of Shadows.”



This is proof positive the leadership of this church lacks spiritual discernment and our leading people off the straight path. Beyoncé sells sex and her whole image is backed by her highly profiled material wealth life. To my knowledge, I am unaware of Beyoncé being a spokesperson for Jesus yet this church is so desperate to increase tithes at sacrificed the lows of the Most High and set Beyoncé right next to Jesus! I feel sorry for this world and especially America. When the Most High unleashes His judgment and then the return of Jesus many people will suffer and die. 



Guess what? The world has brought this on themselves. No one would stand up for the Most High and not even the people against a church using horrible judgment.  What is next? Will Cardi B. become the choir director at this church…as she humps and gyrates on the cross? I am stunned to be writing this post because I never thought a church would celebrate Beyoncé and Jesus in a mass! People are actually worshipping Beyoncé as if she is a goddess. This is not going to end well. 

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Michael Erevna

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