Jesus Equals the SUN of the MAZZAROTH!

Jesus Equals the SUN of the MAZZAROTH!

The title of this post is quite a mouthful and unbeknownst to many Christians today. Have you noticed ALL Christians today cannot demonstrate anything Jesus did or His Disciples? Yet, if you share Scripture with them (for our betterment and knowledge) you are accused of being self-righteous? If common sense was to prevail people would realize the path we are on yields zero demonstration results. The reason why is, all though we are charged with proving all things this does not happen. Common people are satisfied with accepting what they are told from the modern day church system or their peers.

The problem with this line of thinking is some books are omitted from some Bibles and ancient history not included in the Bible is scoffed at as pagan. Modern Christian teachings are very light on understanding the cosmic relationship to Jesus which is deeply rooted in our spiritual conversion process and communications. I am convinced long ago the Vatican nested the comprehensive methodology for mankind’s true purpose on Earth. I believe over vast epochs of human history our spiritual activation methodology was widely known, but global cataclysms and wars destroyed information.



This is completely plausible due to the fact an Age on the Earth last roughly 26,000 years. It also lends credence to the fact the Spirit realm is observing the material world and sends emissaries to demonstrate the spiritual power dormant inside the human body. What makes Jesus different from earlier emissaries like Mithra, Horus, and Dionysius is He was prophesied in the Bible and well…is the King of Creation. Would this not make sense the cosmic realm is also His? To that end let us take a look at the word Mazzaroth and its relationship in the Bible.


Mazzaroth (Mazarot מַזָּרוֹת, LXX μαζουρωθ) The word's meaning is literally 'a garland of crowns'. but its context is that of astronomical constellations, and it is often interpreted as a term for the zodiac or the constellations thereof. (Job 38:31-32).


Are you seeing remarkable similarities with Jesus and the Mazzaroth at face value? Jesus wore a crown of thorns and the space-based Mazzaroth is literally  “a garland of crowns.”  The difference is in space this is an astronomical constellation. The Mazzaroth has a direct relationship with the zodiac and guess what? Jesus is in this space-based construct. Jesus, the Son of God, is the SUN all things revolve around. This is the cosmic confirming Earth-based understanding of Jesus. 

This also rings true of the Hermetic phrase, “As above so below.”  Once we understand we are connected to all things including the cosmic we can use the cosmic as tools in our spiritual development. These are mysteries left to us by our own spiritual handlers. Even they cannot stop the truth from manifesting over time as we progressively mature. One day we will all turn to Spirit over the material world and this is the biggest fear of the elite of this world.

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Michael Erevna

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