Activating Our Spiritual Power

Activating Our Spiritual Power

I truly believe The Sun, Thy Rod, and The Staff will change religion and spirituality as we know it. Over the last decade, people encouraged me to write a book but I never felt that “fire” to write one. It was not until ancient pictographs became clear to me and suddenly I had an epiphany. In the very beginning ancients were the closest to originality and truth. They had achieved what modern-man has not and that is the secret to activating the full potential of the human body.



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Popular culture refers to these humans as Sun gods but they were just humans who followed an ancient science. The ancients left mankind artifacts illustrating the Sun, pineal gland, the tree of life and DNA. The ancients did this to preserve the most important process on the Earth which leads to spiritual activation. Jesus and His Disciples were the last to demonstrate this power of Spirit through the human body.

We are living in a time where modern science is confirming ancient science. Many of the ancient methods for spiritual actuation are explained by medical studies. Many ancient symbols are actually rooted in science which lends credence to the fact, the ancients were advanced as modern science. Where modern-man is behind is in Spirit science. This book explains these oversights and highlights the return to our ancient spiritual heritage. 

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Michael Erevna

Michael is the Editor-in-Chief of fulfilling his true passion of researching and writing about Biblical scripture, ancient text, and esoteric mysteries. His book "Thy Sun, Thy Rod, and Thy Staff" is available on He has appeared on "In Search Of..." with Zachary Quinto and other radio appearances.
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