2019: Judgments Are Coming

2019: Judgments Are Coming

2019 will be the year the people of Earth begin to question if there is a higher power directing events on the Earth. It is time for the Most High to unleash powerful judgments on the Earth in the form of extreme weather events, sinkholes, and earthquakes. You might say what’s new this has been happening already. The difference will be in the severity and the economic impact on the affected countries, especially America.

The Winter season will bring ice storms that coat the roadways with black ice and will cause the worst accidents in the history of transportation. Major cities will be the target because they do not live in conformance with the Natural Laws of the Most High. The Most High will also use the sea to punish these rebel Governments. I expect earthquakes at sea to create tsunamis and in 2019 New York will be the recipient. 

“If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. – Matthew 18:6


Satanic forces successfully targeted children for rebellion brainwashing against the Most High. This is one of the worst crimes according to Scripture and 2019 judgements will make this clear. Sins targeting children will bring horrible destruction and earthquakes will be the mechanism for judgment. I recently watch Ellen’s standup routine called, “Relatable” on Netflix. In her routine, Ellen, gloated about how her “coming out” will help the children.

It is this very mentality devoid of spiritual oversight which drives the judgments coming to the world. Ellen needs to remove Spiritual Laws from her ideology and in her routine, she mocked and twisted spiritual teachings to appear in the right. My takeaway was Ellen speaking about how kids will benefit from herself being a lesbian. The LGBT people represent 4% of the United States population and they are represented on almost 100% of television media.

Just the fact Ellen was targeting children will have dire consequences for America. The LGBT is just one platform of sin according to Scriptural directives and there are more magnetizing 2019 judgments. The greatest of the law is to: Matthew 22:37 – Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.Most of the world has replaced the Most High with their own idols. In 2019, the Most High will leave his footprint on these events and those with discernment will see them clearly.

Sadly, people are oblivious to their own role as the causation to these extreme judgments. If we go back decade-by-decade you will see a correlation between social moral norms and lower occurrences of extreme weather, sinkholes, and great earthquakes. The further you go back in American history you will see pristine communities and the church was the cornerstone of the community. You will also note a lower occurrence of extreme weather during this time.



Fast forward to the present and you will see Biblical and Natural Laws are being twisted in such a way they are no longer normal. Furthermore, children are the target of this twisting which makes the act even more egregious. The Most High will respond in season for each offense. I started writing this post in January with the snow and ice predictions. Currently, the east coast is under a winter storm warning.

Tornados dropped down in Alabama and Georgia today killing 23 people. This is just the beginning. We will see massive tornados this season eclipsing the 2011 record of 216 in a single 24 hour period. There will be a tornado 3 miles wide and many people will be killed and lose their homes. There will also be cases of lava rising up to the surface causing fires in residential neighborhoods. Great earthquakes will not be far behind.


The 2011 Super Outbreak was the most prolific tornado outbreak in USA history. It produced 360 tornadoes, with 216 of those in a single 24-hour period on April 27, including 11 EF4 and 4 EF5 tornadoes. 348 deaths occurred in that outbreak, of which 324 were tornado-related.


I see flooding in New York City which will bring much destruction to the city. There will even be hailstones which wreak havoc on those caught in its path. The Most High will use His Creation as always to punish the people. Those who stayed silent on the sidelines during this great time of imbalance were part of the destructive cycle. The people must understand there is Creator who established rules to live in harmony with His Creation.

The more out of harmony society becomes the more inhospitable our environment will become. I do not believe the Most High will tolerate this assault on children and the fact they are being confused by adults. There are cases of children going through gender transitioning before kindergarten? This is literally going to cause a volcanic reaction from the Most High. Stay tuned…

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Michael Erevna

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