Faces of the Spirit Realm

Faces of the Spirit Realm

I find books from the late 18th century fascinating covering the subject matter of the spirit realm. I was always fascinated to read all spirits bow to the authority of Jesus Christ. I find these early works to be untainted and presents an unfettered honesty unspoiled by mass media and technology. Even the 18th century analysis of Chaldean Magic speaks of a spirit realm teeming with life. It is said we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This is also most likely why spirits are drawn to us as humans because we are not solely human.

Some of us are more sensitive to the spirit realm than others especially empathic people who are hypersensitive. Some people can even see spirits while others can only telepathically hear them. Daniel Nemes is a Spanish scientist and inventor, in 2013 he discovered the Energivision technology that allows capturing beings of unknown origin in other planes. In other words Daniel created a proprietary technology which records images from the spirit realm! Daniel’s Instagram page is full of images from his Energvision technology.



Some look extremely sinister while others are just straight up spooky. On picture in particular resonated with me because I believe some of these beings feed off our energy field. In this particular picture you see an elderly lady seated and a spirit being feeding off of her. I believe these feeding spirits come in many flavors where some feed off anger, depression, hate, and sexual energy. This is why it is important to strive to operate out of state of love. This is what Yahusha taught us all to do with, “love thy neighbor.” He did this not just for Universal harmony, but for our protection.



Daniel’s technology is just a glimpse into this spirit realm while others who used ayahausca, DMT, or Shrooms can attest to these spirit realm beings. This also affords credence to the belief we never really die but cross over to another plane of existence. I heard some of the fiercest looking beings in the spirit realm are actually the kindest, so you never know what you will encounter if you judge the book by the cover. Whatever the case the spirit realm is real and one day you will see for yourself.

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Michael Erevna

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