Sumerian Origin of the Holy Ghost?

Sumerian Origin of the Holy Ghost?

If you are a researcher of the Sumerians you are probably familiar with the names Zecharia Sitchen (July 11, 1920 to October 9, 2010) and Michael Tellinger. The latter is: “an author of six books, scientist and explorer, who has become a real-life Indiana Jones, making ground-breaking discoveries about advanced vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa. His continued efforts and analytical scientific approach have produced stunning new evidence that will force us to rethink our origins and rewrite our history books.” Tellinger has already established a legacy of archeological gems for generations to dissect and decode. His commitment to Sumerian research is not only applaudable but necessary for mankind to understand our collective origins.



Although I do not agree with all of his conclusions, such as the Annunaki were white people when the word used to describe the Sumerian people is Sagigga which translates to the Black-Headed People. Not to mention the hairstyles in the Sumerian reliefs are clearly African which makes sense because these artifacts are found in Africa. It does not make sense for white people to walk around in African sunshine wearing a kilt with no shirts, does it? Sounds like a skin cancer epidemic if that was the case and the Sumerian civilization would be short-lived. Finally, most of the scientific community agree mankind is the offspring of the mitochondrial DNA from an African woman.

How Tellinger leaves this out is beyond me, but it does not diminish his commitment to South African archeology. In fact, people should be able to disagree without disrespecting the other person. That is basic maturity for an adult (and I always say your words are a reflection of your Spirit) and I will continue to tip my hat to Michael Tellinger. His latest archeological share is of particular interest to me. I published my book last year titled, Thy Sun, Thy Rod, and Thy Staff and in it, I presented the case the Sun shoots out an “object” which enters the human body and causes the activation of our dormant DNA. 



Over vast epochs, this solar object has been called the “flower of life” and Christians later identify it as a dove. In the 8th century the Assyrian symbol for the Sun is Ashur the “Sun God” who is depicted in two states.  There is one where Ashur is beckoning the observer to look into his eyes while holding a ring and you will notice the artist added cosmic rays radiating from his body. The next one is of Ashur holding a bow and arrow and at the end of the arrow is a shape that looks like a flower or even the symbol on the New Orleans Saints helmet. 



If you turn the arrow right side up you will see it also looks like a bird and later this object turned into the dove representing the Holy Spirit. The bow and arrow mean it can be aimed and shot out of the Sun into the observer.  Now to Michael Tellenger’s latest share he uncovered Sumerian bird statues sitting on a round object with the “All-Seeing Eye.”  The “All-Seeing Eye” existed thousands of years before the Illuminati and was an allegorical composition attributed to the Creator and the fact we are under His observation. Please, all you Saturday Night Live church ladies ready to pounce and label it pagan.



The bird from the Sun creates the connection to the “All-Seeing Eye” because once your DNA is activated your the tree of life in your brain will be able to sense and interact in the realm of Spirit. This lends credence to the fact the Sumerians were a spiritual people who knew the secret to activated their spiritual selves. If you encounter people who claim to be spiritual yet are toxic cautiously remove yourself from their presence. They are nothing more than driven by their own ego. Those who know the ancient secrets outlined in my book will eventually receive this solar catalyst and will walk in righteousness. Meaning they will do no physical or emotional harm to anyone. 

What Tellinger is missing is the Spiritual element of research and with these Black ancient cultures, they cannot be separated. These early Black civilizations were advanced because they were in contact with the Heavenly Kingdom I believe is located in Orion. I believe Tellinger will also uncover artifacts illustrating a relationship with our Sun and Sirius, which is also outlined in my book. This is a major discovery for truth seekers and I believe one of us will actually mature to the point where they will receive this solar gift and be able to demonstrate the miracles in the Bible.


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