The Wicked Elite Fight the SUN, But Can “They” Stop Sirius?

The Wicked Elite Fight the SUN, But Can “They” Stop Sirius?

The climate change cover is the enemy of the corrupt elite and with that chemtrails are finally out of the closet. “They” are directly battling Biblical prophecy and there are solar and cosmic energies that will one day burn the wicked. They are wicked and they know who they are and by that I mean they are a different genetic species. Their nature is opposed to righteous nature and prophecy terrifies them. I love it when people say “man wrote the Bible” but when it comes to prophecy how do you explain prophecy?

Which is history written thousands of years before it happens! So, am I to believe out of a little over 190 active rivers John would know a particular river would dry up. Close to all the military action of Last Days drama unfolding right now. How do you explain John on the island of Patmos declaring the Euphrates River would dry up making the way for China and Russia to put boots on the ground and march across to Israel? The wicked elite believes in prophecy and their actions are the smoking gun. 



Chemtrails are designed to stay suspended in the atmosphere while absorbing ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. This was the topic of just conspiracy theorist at one point but now the cat is out the bag and even Harvard has announced chemtrails are the way to “save” the Earth from Global Warming. The wicked elite bought into the ideology if you cannot stop an event from happening you can control it. Without chemtrails, the atmosphere would be much hotter and maybe even reach a peak to burn the wicked to death. There are many other prophecies from other cultures that speak of an event where the wicked will be destroyed by a star. 

From a prophetic standpoint, it does not look good for the wicked. When all of the culturally diverse prophecies declare the wicked will be destroyed, you better believe countermeasures will be taken! The question is how do you take countermeasures against an unknown star which energies will only kill the wicked? This is what the Dogon Tribe of Africa state in their prophecy. The Dogon’s prophecy speaks of the Age of Aquarius where Sirius and the Earth will align.



At this time Sirius will bombard the Earth with “Black Light” and this is where the Dogon prophecy and Biblical prophecy parallel. The Dogon’s prophecy call this time “Taba Tolo” and the Bible calls it “The Day of the Lord.” The Dogon state this “Black Light” will burn the wicked and the “The Day of the Lord” states the Sun will burn the wicked. The reason why the Dogon prophecy is so profound is this prophecy comes from an indigenous African tribe who educated archeologist and scientist on the configuration of the Sirius star system…and the construction of our galaxy.

The Dogon did this when humanities current scientific telescopes did not have the ability to observe Sirius’s companion stars. The Dogon creation account also has many parallels with Biblical scripture such as “Earth of the Day of the Fish.” This translates to the Biblical sacrifice of Yahusha who laid down His life to save the Earth. From the Dogon perspective, this was the “fish sacrifice” and in the Bible Yahusha was the “fisher of men.” Now the question is how the wicked elite will stop the “Black Light” beamed from Sirius?

I submit now that Harvard has validated the need for chemtrails we will see new configurations of them because if any of the Solar or Sirian energies permeate our atmosphere the wicked are dead. The weather is getting more extreme each season because solar energies are increasing. The wicked elite knows if a chemical curtain is not raised in the atmosphere their empire of corruption is doomed.  There is a silver lining in the Dogon prophecy as well as the Bible regarding the Sirius and Sun energies because they will have a healing effect on the righteous. 



For the ones who cause no physical or emotional harm to others, they will be healed and the Dogon claim they will be immortalized. Otherwise, the twisted nature dwelling inside people will be the tender bursting into flames. The wicked elite is terrified of this time and they have even constructed underground cities they hope to escape. The wicked elite design to morally decay the Earth from Divine Order is almost complete with the targeting of the children.



This moral decay guarantees the children willingly mature outside of Divine Order and this was the plan. The plan was to corrupt the flesh and the soul. I believe the Sirius and Sun energies will affect the soul of the person causing them to cease existence in all dimensions. If you think about it like this you will understand why the wicked elite cannot let this happen. I am sure the wicked elite of reviewed Biblical, Dogon, and Hopi prophecy among others and they know their time is short.  


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Michael Erevna

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