Breaking Points, State of America, and Judgement

Breaking Points, State of America, and Judgement

I took an extended sabbatical from writing and I figured after writing 880 plus post and a book, it was due! I needed the break to reevaluate my purpose here and honestly I am not sure if I am done. I started out with the best of intentions and that was to educate people on the invisible dark forces shaping our reality. It is a tall order, for most people suffer with cognitive dissonance, and fear keeps them from looking behind the curtain. The dark forces are winning and they have taken over the system that matters.

They influence opinion to keep the people focused on the outside, the material. While the real dormant power is nesting on the inside in the form of spirit. We have access to great power but we are ignorant to it and hold no belief in such things. We traded for intellectualism and technology to replace the gifts designed into our DNA. Most Christians I know huddle in churches for feel good emotional alchemy and yet not one demonstrates the acts of the Disciples. The alternative media is rife with people whose egos are soon overtaken and the journey becomes about them and not the demonstration of the ancient secrets.



We are lost and in the meantime the Most High sits on His Throne in a state of derision. The social fabric of America is now viscerally apparent and steeped in deep seeded hatred for minorities. Although this is nothing new, America fooled itself into believing the sugar coated ideals of former President Obama, while in reality America is a Nation of racism and hatred. President Trump has staunch supporters who believe he is a man of God, but those who study scripture know the story of the rich man, the camel, and the eye of a needle. America is no longer a beacon of hope to the rest of the world, but a disappointment.


He that sits in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. – Psalm 2:4


Truth, honor, and duty to country, are no longer the virtues of the Nation and without them America will incur judgement from the Most High. Soon the angel will be sent with the key to the abyss and when that happens all hell will break loose on the Earth. I believe the Earth is hollow and there are many species living inside the Earth with an ancient history. These civilizations remember the beginning and know the Most High is real; and will be returning to the Earth one day, to do their job. They will honor His Word and when released from dimensional barriers will make their presence known.



I believe the pressure and sine waves cause dimensional breaches inside the Earth and this point was illustrated in the movie, As Above So Below. You can travel so far inside the Earth that up will eventually become down and other ancient beings will be encountered. As the world continues to streak away from Spirit the judgements will begin to manifest more frequently. The Bible speaks of weather judgments as well as other Acts of God and we are seeing them now with record setting weather anomalies. While the world promotes global warming as a result of mankind’s carbon footprint the North pole of Mar’s ices caps are melting!



All roads must keep us from realizing we are one with the Father’s Kingdom. The Most High created celestial objects for us to interface and activate DNA when our hearts are aligned with His Kingdom’s protocols. The UFO question will continue to be promoted even the Bible makes it clear other species of life were created before mankind. These species are far more advanced than humans, yet humans ask if there is other life out there in the Universe. America is at the point of no return where a penis no longer makes you a male and people are now marrying dogs. This Earth is krazy with a “k” and I dare say if aliens did pass the Earth in their ships they would lock the doors.

We are now an aberration from sanity and most institutions are spiritually bankrupt. Being a Disciple of Yahusha means demonstrating the change from within and clearly we are not seeing this. The question is how much longer can America thumb its nose at the Most High before she is destroyed? I will continue to write and I hope people will continue to visit the site. This may be a hot spot one day when the Most High sends His angels for judgements.

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