The Kanye West Sunday Service Deception

The Kanye West Sunday Service Deception

There’s a sucker born every minute” is a phrase closely associated with P. T. Barnum, an American showman of the mid-19th century, although there is no evidence that he actually said it. Let me be the first to say when it comes to Christianity the sheep are frequently suckered and fleeced. There is a laundry list of preachers and pastors who are filthy rich and sexually fed by their congregation. Kanye West is the next wave of deception and it is clear salvation through Kanye comes at a price. So far there is an admission price and a “brunch” price that starts at $55. Did Yahusha charge to hear His sermons? Were we not instructed to follow His ways?



Kanye is exploiting the ignorance of the Christian faith. I heard many people gush he is bringing people to Jesus but how exactly? What is really happening is Kanye is increasing his already exorbitant wealth off of the name of Yahusha (Jesus). This is the same artist who testified he sold his sold to the devil! Did the devil return his soul? Kanye does not even know the history of the Bible because he never would have said, “Slavery, was a choice.” Because slavery was actually part of a curse placed upon the Chosen People for disobedience. This is clearly outlined in the Book of Deuteronomy.


Beloved, do not imitate what is evil, but what is good. He who does good is of God, but he who does evil has not seen God. – 3 John 1:11


The Bible also teaches it is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. With all of the wealth Kanye possess why does he need to charge people to come to Jesus? Furthermore, why does he not collect all of his music where he blasphemies against the Most High and burn it? Certainly, he could attempt to right the wrongs His music did against the Kingdom of the Most High. Kanye learned that Christians are large and will continue to drive his album sales.  Now Kanye has free marketing for any album he drops. People think professing your love for Yahusha (Jesus) following some laws is all being a Christian is about.



The real goal is to demonstrate the power of Spirit just as Yahusha demonstrated. As long as we never demonstrate the power of Spirit we will always be spiritually inept. This is where we need to stay according to the dark forces and that is trapped in materialism. This is exactly what Kanye will do for you. You will bop your head like a chicken to a beat and think that is what Church is about. The last time I checked Yahusha was not a DJ. How exactly is this bringing people to Christ in this environment? People who subscribe to this theory are just getting exited about emotional alchemy.


Princes and dignitaries: Belzebub, supreme chief of the empire of hell, founder of the order of the Fly. Satan, prince dethroned and chief of the opposition party. Eurynome,[23] prince of death, Grand Cross of the order of the Fly. Moloch, prince of the country of tears, Grand Cross of the order. Pluton, Prince of Fire, also Grand Cross of the order and governor of the regions in flames. Pan, prince of incubi and Lilith, princess of succubi. Leonard, the great lord of the Sabbath, Knight of the Fly. Balberith, great pontiff, lord of alliances. Proserpina, archdiablesse, princess of evil spirits.


Yahusha incarnated in human form to show the potential of our human selves. Otherwise He could have just came in spirit and taught mankind. Kanye is just another performer who is going to profit off the name “Jesus” and like T.D. Jakes says, “Jesus is a business that sells itself.” Recently, Kanye released a picture of himself dressed as a fly. Are we to believe the Holy Spirit inspired him to dress as a fly? Did the Holy Spirit inspire his family to dress as larvae? Only those with discernment will see the hypocrisy in his choice.

Are we to believe Kanye is now saved but took the initiative to adorn himself with a fly costume? A storied symbol of demon worship and the enemy of the Kingdom of the Most High. Halloween is clearly a pagan ritual yet Kanye gushes about Jesus and honors a demon. If you do not see the hypocrisy here than you need a refresher course in spiritual discernment. I believe Kanye was keeping it real and had to go big and redirect worship to the fly!



The Kanye Sunday Service is nothing more than a money making machine designed to increase his wealth. If not why charge anything? He certainly does not need the money, but it is clear he wants more and all the desperate sheep seeking validation will bleat praises. Anybody paying $55 for Kanye’s brunch needs to be Velvet Jones pimp slapped and wake up. I have a suggestion called “Denny’s” where you can feed your whole family breakfast for that price. People can be excited as they want to about Kanye right now, but when the other shoe drops…and it will, I guarantee there will be dog doo doo on it. And sadly, it will be tracked through your house.

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