The Book of Yeezus: The World Done Lost Its Mind

The Book of Yeezus: The World Done Lost Its Mind

On the heels of the Kanye West “musical ministry” obviously designed to drive album sales and fashion merchandise a website titled is making a resurgence with the “Book of Yeezus.” Yes folks, this website is peddling the Book of Genesis and they proudly say, “We’ve replaced all the words ‘God’ or ‘Y—-a” with ‘Kanye’ and ‘Yeezus.” The site appears to have been created December 2014 but is gaining steam again as Kanye’s “musical ministry” proliferates. My question is if Kanye is now a student of the Word should he not legally take this site down? Is his silence not an endorsement?



Now for everyone gushing over the fact Kanye’s musical ministry is bringing people to Christ the question is under what pretense? Many are being recruited under the prosperity gospel when there is no prosperity gospel in the Bible. Many are listening to Kanye’s sermon which consistently revolves around discussing money and what the Most High did for his economic status. If the Word is a sea then Kanye is teaching people to jump in only to float and never learn how to swim, how is this truly a good thing?

From the newscast we can glean this book has been out for over four years with no legal ramifications. Meaning Kanye is okay with his name being used to replace the Most High and His Son. Somebody who really understands the commandments and laws of the Most High would not tolerate the existence of this book. So everybody out there riding Kanye’s jock strap remember there are spiritual consequences and repercussions for all things.

One thing that really stood out to me when reading the Book of Enoch decades ago was the war angels. They are so looking forward to being called off the spiritual bench. Enoch said the profanity they used against the fallen angels was unheard of. There is a deep resentment carried by the war angels over the fallen angels and those who worship them. This will not end well for Kanye or those who follow him.

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