Super Bowl 54 Halftime Show: Aphrodite and the Rebirth of Venus

Super Bowl 54 Halftime Show: Aphrodite and the Rebirth of Venus

Super Bowl 54 was another ritual calling upon an ancient goddess and her planetary association. This ritual is ancient and has ancient components which must be included, in order to call upon the specific god or goddess. All these pieces were present in this ritual. For the record every spell and ritual is not the Baphomet ritual! The occult world is replete with spells calling upon the services of ancient gods and goddesses. Of course the Most High warned us about tapping into these forces because they can be used for selfish and nefarious purposes.



Currently, the Earth is suffering with an influx of feminine energies and Super Bowl 54 not only ramped up these energies they targeted the United States. Liberal, does not even begin to describe the social change and confusion in the United States, radical would be a better word. These Super Bowl rituals have traceability to ancient deities and are used to complete an agenda. What is the agenda? It is for one day everyone will be bisexual or the merging of male and female energies. Two entertainers used their performance to evoke the goddess Aphrodite and the planetary energies of Venus.


Born from the Foam; The Golden One; Far Shining; She of Beautiful Buttocks; The Shape-Shifter; She Who Postpones Old Age; The Dark One; The Black One; The Gravedigger; The Queen ; The Lady of the Sea; The Black Queen — the goddess Aphrodite


I am convinced Jennifer Lopez and Shakira knowingly initiated this Aphrodite ritual and understand the agenda. When it comes to occult rituals you either replicate the ancient offerings or you do not. There are no coincidences!, was the very first site to break the story Super Bowl Halftime shows are occult rituals and many other people have jumped into the topic. Most blame everything on the Baphomet or the Freemasons and this is why they usually miss the signs. I only write now when I feel I have to and this is one of those times.


Psalm 82 King James Version (KJV)

82 God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.

2 How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah.

3 Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.

4 Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.

5 They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.

6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

7 But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.

8 Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.
King James Version (KJV)


The Super Bowl Halftime show is now a high-tech spell evocator and uses specific actors to complete spells. How perfect was Jennifer Lopez as Aphrodite? Her beautiful face and voluptuous body garners the attention of many men and she is on her 4th husband, if Alex Rodriguez marries her. In my opinion this is the goddess she channels as well as Shakira.  When you review ancient evidence you will see Aphrodite’s artwork includes the goat. Shakira, voiced the part of the gazelle in the movie, Zootopia.



In fact she wore the same outfit from her animated character in her Super Bowl 54 performance. This was her way of resonating the goat, even though she was a gazelle, but a horned animal none the less. Shakira wore the color scarlet which is also the color that connects the goddess Aphrodite. This color pleases Aphrodite and she knows you are there to make an offering before you ask for her “blessing.” All of the necessary offerings, planetary color alchemy, and the anciently revered gates were present in this Super Bowl 54 ritual.

For spells to work it is imperative to include a celestial counter part. Many of us are familiar with television and movies that wait on a full moon or Saturn alignment to initiate a spell. Super Bowl 54 is no different and if you are familiar with my work you will know about the Golden and Silver Gate. These are points in space where the ancients witnessed the god entering and exiting Heaven. The Golden Gate is a point between Sagittarius and Scorpio respective constellations. The Silver Gate is a point between Gemini and Taurus where it is known as the exit to Heavens.



I was astounded when I discovered the Silver Gate’s meridian is aligned over the Super Bowl at 8:30 pm (EST). This makes it the perfect opportunity to received energies out of the Silver Gate exit point. Usually the artist wear silver and gold to evoke the gates. Again, the artist stayed true to this theme when Shakira wore gold and Jennifer Lopez wore silver along with rapper Bad Bunny. The low hanging fruit was the Baphomet similarity of Jennifer Lopez silver body suit, but this was certainly not a Baphomet ritual.

The target was clearly Aphrodite and I submit Jennifer Lopez and Shakira “share” their bodies with the spirit of Aphrodite. In ancient Greek times there was a festival for Aphrodite called, “Aphrodisia” which was an annual festival held in Ancient Greece in honor of the goddess of love and beauty.  There is not much known about this festival but inscriptions indicate that the festival required the purchase of flower garlands, ropes, torches and wood. All of these elements were present digitally through the stage display!



In fact Shakira incorporated a thick knotted rope in her dance routine. So let’s recap, Shakira was a gazelle in Zootopia wearing the colors of Aphrodite and uses rope associated with Aphrodite! Most think they are just watching a show but you will find far too many connections to Aphrodite to be coincidence! Later in Shakira’s part of the ritual she stands on the stage and a garland of flowers surround more rope! Garlands of flowers are also an offering to Aphrodite!



In ancient times sacrifices offered to her consisted mostly of incense and garlands of flowers (Virg. Aen. i. 416; Tacit. Hist. ii. 3), but in some places animals, such as pigs, goats, young cows, hares, and others, were sacrificed to her. Clearly, based on ancient evidence Aphrodite was being called upon and Shakira operated as a witch evoking the powers of Aphrodite. Next Jennifer Lopez enters the ritual and very oddly wearing a pink skirt wrapped around a dominatrix black leather outfit. The combination looked odd but she too must resonate and offer Aphrodite another of her colors.



The color pink is also a pleasing color to the goddess Aphrodite and this is why Jennifer Lopez wears it. Jennifer’s objective is to resonate with the planet Venus now. This is why one of the flowers is green and this matches the color alchemy of the planet Venus. The pink, gold, and blue flowers are also the colors of Aphrodite. The stage begins to display new patterns for Jennifer in order to meet the alter requirement to siphon energy from the human vessels. Remember when Beyonce performed in the Super Bowl and said, “Point your fingers at me and wiggle your fingers. I want to feel your energy.” 



During Jennifer’s part of the ritual the stage shifts to a green circle and Venus glows green, and for years, astronomers had no idea why. The actual planet Aphrodite represents is green and after Shakira’s offering to Aphrodite the stage displays a green sphere. Talk about ringing my bell! Next, Jennifer changes into her silver body suit and more revocations are made to Aphrodite and Venus. Meanwhile, the lights change to a consistent green stream. The stage completely turns green and the planetary energies of Venus have now successfully been called upon. 



It is important to understand the offerings to Aphrodite/Venus and I encourage you to Google them and learn at your own pace. Next the stage transitions into myrrh trees and waterfalls. The myrtle-tree (Greek myrrhina) and myrrh-bush (Greek smyrna) were sacred to Aphrodite, because it was from one these plants that her beloved Adonis was born (the metamorphosed form of his mother Myrrha or Smyrna). Aphrodite is today best-known as the ‘goddess of love,’ but among the ancient Greeks she was also important in maritime religion, trade, travel, and at times war. 



Aphrodite’s name means ‘water born’ or ‘form born’ hence the waterfalls on the stage display. The producers of this “show” made sure they made many offerings to Aphrodite. Even the male dancers evoked Venus with the cross on their chest as they danced. Next you will see Jennifer stand in a square while the dancers make a circle. This is the merging of Heaven and Earth with the spell by the magician. Please note the colors of Aphrodite surround the merging of the respective worlds. This allowed planetary feminine energy to pour into our realm and America is already imbalanced enough with feminine energy.



I believe this was the point of the spell and that is to further feminize America. All duality in balance creates perfect energy that can be harnessed for creation. Electricity has a perfectly electron balance of negative and positive which creates a current. Magnetism has the perfect balance of electrons in its north and south poles to create the magnetic field. An over abundance of feminine energy can only create more imbalance without a balancing of masculine energy, but I digress.



Next, you can see the lights turn purple which is also a color for Aphrodite. In fact the light show shifts to more Aphrodite colors with pink, blue, and gold. Even the stage became a gold circle before morphing into the obvious call to Venus. The planetary symbols for Venus! Above the stage are 18 cages formed to the shape of the flower anemones. Blooms are either pink or white, with golden stamens in the center. You will notice Jennifer’s 12 year old daughter emerges from the flower with a golden microphone, wearing white. It is also interesting to note little girls were made as offerings to Aphrodite’s Temple in ancient times, this is probably why there were no boys!



There is a Rosicrucian ritual calling upon the powers of Aphrodite. Jennifer shimmies up the pole and holds out her arms. This is directly related to the Rebirth of Venus ritual where she absorbs the energy of all the people around her. She spins around several times assuring she can absorb the energy 360 degrees around herself. Jennifer has now become a conduit between worlds. This was more than just a performance because it is related to an ancient ritual to rebirth Venus.



Shakira, reemerges playing the drums and wearing gold which resonates with the Golden gate and Venus. The light show never deviates from Aphrodite colors. The show ends with Jennifer wearing silver and Shakira wearing gold on an alter. Did you think I was going to skip over Shakira and her tongue wiggling? Yes, there are many cultures in Africa and the Middle East who do this and Shakira claims it was a nod to her Middle East heritage. However, popular culture will show you witches use this to transmit spells, too. Both Jennifer and Shakira certainly qualify as witches based on their roles in this ritual.


Start at 1:04 seconds for a different take on what Shakira did with her tongue


Now we should discuss some things as we progressively mature in understanding how these things work. The halftime performance is initiated under the stars and perhaps it is only necessary to evoke through display and color alchemy? They act as the calling card based on frequency. Even colors have their own frequency. Once the frequency is connected the offerings are displayed? Who put the stage display sequences together? 

Can you imagine that meeting where the producer says, “Why don’t we visualize some myrrh trees and waterfalls? Hey, even better lets visualize a garland of flowers around some rope.” It just does not make sense to hear these combinations. They are carefully placed into the performance because there is a ritual playing out on the display.

What is clear is none of this is just art or performance. You must agree there are far too many connections to Aphrodite and Venus. Most researchers I encountered are part of the echo chamber alleging Baphomet and Freemasons. There are far too many occult books detailing the elements necessary to evoke a god or goddess. Remember the Book of Enoch states 200 fallen angels came to earth and these are most likely the gods/goddess being worshiped…now in secret society circles.



These spells are being initiated in order to shape future events and control the minds of the observer. What will happen when the influx of feminine energy bombards the Earth? Is America being feminized for destruction? It happened in the ancient past with Babylon. Jeremiah 51:30 states, “The mighty men of Babylon have forborn to fight, they have remained in their holds: their might hath failed; they became as women: they have burned her dwellingplaces; her bars are broken. Perhaps, this super power needs to be dismantled in order to be incorporated into the New World Order?

I believe America is Mystery Babylon in the Bible. Especially, since Isaiah 47 is aptly titled, “The Fall of Babylon” and verse 12 states, “Keep on, then, with your magic spells and with your many sorceries.” What other country is performing magic rituals on television like America? Remember these ancient gods/goddesses are immortal and that means they never died. Why else are so many Aphrodite symbols and offerings in this halftime performance? Why attempt to talk to a dead deity?

I was recently speaking with a television producer and she asked me are occult orders in the world today and how do they operate? I was reticent to share my 8 years of Super Bowl halftime show research with her because it seems impossible to the novice. How do you reconcile so many Aphrodite/Venus offerings against reality? There is clearly something occult going on and the masses are just oblivious. Whatever ancient science “they” are practicing is not part of the common man’s educational system. This is an occult science for the elite but some of us are watching and learning as we go.



What will be the result of this infusion of feminine energy? Well, that should be pretty simple. Feelings will continue to drive mankind away from Biblical values. There are different definitions of love and if you are married and a parent you know what I mean. Now there is one definition of love and it is sexual. If you love something it is now okay to have sex with it. Even pedophiles are lobbying for rights now! This is why the Most High is bombarding the Earth with earthquakes and He is activating dormant volcanoes.

Children are off limits but we now have 5 year olds asking for a sex change for Christmas. This is a by-product of an overly feminized culture where feelings are paramount over Biblical values. These Super Bowl rituals are used to influence the weak minded and spiritually bankrupt. This happens on a massive scale where over 100 million people tuned into a performance/ritual. We are not informed this is a ritual, nor do we consent, and we are not compensated for our energy snatched up by these witches. Albeit, they are beautiful witches but witches none the less.



In closing this another Super Bowl halftime performance with traceable offerings to ancient deities. The digitally displayed offerings had zero to do with song lyrics or its themes. It seems the stage display quietly presented offerings and overtures once offered in Aphrodite’s Temple. There is also a planetary element which must provide the energy needed to shape future events. It most likely effects the consciousness of the people on the Earth. This explains why 1 John 4 advises us to test the spirit(s) in a person because they might not be alone!

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