Media Black Out: All of the Revolution Will Not Be Televised!

Media Black Out: All of the Revolution Will Not Be Televised!

The media is controlled by the elite and they are programmed on what topics they promote. The former owner of the Washington Post, Katheryn Graham, once said, “Nothing gets printed here without the approval of the CIA.” If the world knew how far reaching this National George Lloyd protest is there would be more change. Instead the media peppers the airwaves with coverage of President Trump and his latest social miscues. 

When you see the volume of protest Nationally it begs the question why not more coverage from the media? It is as if the media refuses to acknowledge the largest National protest in the history of America. This is literally a media black out when it comes to addressing this ubiquitous protest. Even President Trump is mum on the voluminous protest across the Nation.



In fact President Trump is vilifying Black Lives Matter as a symbol of hate without addressing the disproportional rate Blacks are murdered during their dealings with American law enforcement. My father taught me it is what people say and don’t say that tells the story. President Trump has revolution on his hands and the map above represents all of the protest active in America. The general population is oblivious to this map because syndicated news is not focused on it.

There have been demonstrations in at least 1,700 places so far, large and small, across all 50 states. The number of cities and towns that have held rallies or protests is still growing according to USA Today.  I am fascinated by this turn of events because in 2019 the curse from Deuteronomy 28 was lifted from the Chosen People. They are the former slaves of America and now the Most High has returned His favor upon them.

I covered the strange “coincidences” connected to the curse lifting in 2019 like the following:

  • January 24, 2018 – The wreckage of the last slave ship to bring slaves to the U.S., the Clotilda, may have been found near Mobile, AL.
  • In 2018, after discovering evidence of past slave holding at several of its Louisiana Catholic Church convents, an organization of Catholic nuns decided to fund reparations for descendants.
  • 2019 an Episcopalian seminary in Virginia that employed enslaved workers on its campus before the Civil War unveiled a $1.7 million reparations package last fall.
  • 2019 in New Jersey, the Presbyterian Princeton Theological Seminary announced a $27.6 million endowment to fund scholarships for descendants of slavery, enhance awareness of the school’s historical links to enslavement and support under-served communities in the area.
  • 2019 Scotland’s University of Glasgow said it would spend 20 million pounds ($24.4 million) to make amends for the historic financial support it received from people who profited from the slave trade. 
  • 2019 In a nonbinding referendum, undergraduates at Georgetown University voted to raise their tuition by $27.20 per student per semester in order to benefit descendants of the 272 enslaved Africans that the Jesuits who ran the school sold in 1838.

“These institutions see these steps as necessary and redemptive. Publicizing its connections to enslavement “was an act of confession,” explained an administrator at Princeton. “These responses are intended as acts of repentance.” Then the media started reporting more Blacks killed during the arrest process which culminated into National protest after the shocking death of George Lloyd. Now we are here and media is not covering massive protest in America. The media is a controlled information network where the elite decide what you will see and believe.



The media is quick to show looting and rioting but rarely the peaceful protest. The media wants to inflame White America with clips of Blacks behaving as angry beast. The media is not showing the White people out there risking their lives for change or the many Whites injured or killed. Many Whites are fed up watching Blacks being murdered at a disproportional rate by law enforcement.  Now many of the protest look like a Benetton advertisement where different races are standing together.

President Trump defines Black Lives Matter as a symbol of hate but many races coming together for a common cause is not hate.


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