Beware the Bootleg Second Coming

Beware the Bootleg Second Coming

The world is under judgements by the Most High and this means we are traveling deeper into the tribulation. Eventually we will reach the point of the “Bootleg Second Coming” and this will be a technology driven event. The Satanic Kingdom is infamous for “boosting” the style of the Most High. Satan is the Bootleg King and has been working on plan for over two thousand years to deceive the very elect. This will come in the form of a bootleg arrival of the Antichrist masquerading as the Christ.

Our modern technology has reached a point where holograms trick the human perception. 7D technology is amazing and you will be fooled by how realistic it is.  Many researchers allege the planes that struck the World Trade Centers were holographic and the floors were rigged to explode synchronized to the holographic impact. 9/11 served a myriad of purposes for the elite including a live test run for the holographic technology. Even though engineers have proven the collapsing of the World Trade Center was a controlled demolition.



The planes were actually a holographic distraction and many still argue over this today. Most researchers are familiar with Project Blue-beam  and I was introduced to this twenty years ago. Meaning this technology has evolved and is most likely indistinguishable as fake. Below you can see 4D holographic technology and it looks so real but what is being held back is much better. It has been nineteen years since 9/11 and a new chip set is birthed every six-months.

This holographic technology is satellite based and we can see how this operates conceptually from the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. The technology Mysterio used is very similar to how the satellites operate. If the airplanes used in 9/11 were holographic they certainly looked authentic. The holographic technology in 2020 will certainly be superior to that of 2001.



One day you will wake up and run outside to see the sky filled with chariots and dazzling lights. Then the royal chariot will descend and from it will emerge the European image of Jesus Christ. This was part of an Age old plan to deceive the world. The original images of Yahusha were swapped out so long ago the global expectation will be a European Christ. While scholars, academics, and independent researchers know the earliest images of Yahusha are dark brown.



Many Christians like to play it does not matter what color He is but shouldn’t you know what He looks like as not to be deceived? Many Christians are also closet racist so they will be more than elated to embrace the Antichrist. Even though they too know the earliest fresco of Yahusha hangs in the Cairo Museum. This fresco illustrates the ethnicity of Yahusha and His Disciples and I dare say they resemble Ethiopians! There will also be technology used to beam sounds and voices into your mind.



This will be the dual application of the 5G technology and explains the rush to roll out tens of thousands of cell phone towers. Many people are promoting conspiracy theories about 5G technology and I say this because there are never official studies provided or tangible evidence. I believe 5G technology to be the harnessing of tower disbursed microwaves merged with the work  of Dr. Joseph Sharp. In the 1970s, Dr. Joseph Sharp was a pioneer in microwave voice technology and applications.


For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. — Matthew 24:24


Artificial microwave voice to skull transmission was successfully demonstrated by researcher Dr. Joseph Sharp in 1973, announced at a seminar from the University of Utah in 1974, and in the journal “American Psychologist” in the March, 1975 issue, article title “Microwaves and Behavior” by Dr. Don Justesen. Since then I believe his microwave voice to skull transmission has been incorporated into 5G technology. On the day of the bootleg Second Coming the Antichrist voice will be beamed across every 5G network into the language of the region.

This will win over the world because only God could speak to every person in their language at the same time, right? The people will be dazzled and amazed by what they see in the sky, but hearing the gentle voice of the Antichrist choosing you to speak with will stroke the ego and touch the heart. People will be sold this is the legitimate Christ and flock to worship him. Anyone who does not jump on the bandwagon will be deemed antisemitic and antichrist which will lead to incarceration and death.



So there you have it! Holographic technology coupled with 5G microwave technology will provide the necessary illusions to fool the very elect. The world was deceived long ago regarding the true image of Yahusha and the expectation will be European. When the Yahusha actually returns He will be deemed an enemy of the Earth. This means the Antichrist will claim to have come to “help” fight against a vilified Yahusha. This is really nothing new because it is just more lies from the Father of Lies.

In my opinion this will be the time when the chip is forced on societies because it will be a highly emotional time and emotions will replace humanity. You will be seen as evil for not excepting the Antichrist and those people will be badly mistreated. It will get to the point where if you do not have a chip you will be classified a threat to the Nation. All of the worlds mega-church pastors will be in on this and direct their flocks to the bootleg Messiah. They all meet once a year and discuss the plan until it comes into fruition.

Finally, the Pope will kiss the feet of the bootleg Messiah and Catholics around the world will celebrate. This is why the Vatican decided to changed the image of Yahusha out of the blue in order to fulfill a future plan. The image of Yahusha is part of a plan to deceive and fuel the Great Delusion. Most of the world is already deceived about his true image and will argue fervently against the original images that predate European images by thousands of years!



When the Antichrist lands it will be an alien invasion and we will see the fallen ones with him and they will be beautiful! These will be the fallen ones masquerading as Yahusha’s angels. You will also notice there will be no fire fights or weapons fired at them. This is being saved up for Yahusha and His Holy Ones. This will be a spectacle the whole world cannot take its eyes off. Once the “royal” chariot lands the AntiChrist will emerge and for some reason I cannot escape the movie, “The Boys from Brazil.”

I reference this movie because in it Hitler was cloned and raised in different homes in Europe. I believe the Antichrist is cloned and this cloning will aid in the great wonders he performs. The Antichrist will perform Biblical healing, teleportation, and the creation of spontaneous matter. The world will eat this up hook line and sinker. The Antichrist will work with military leaders to fight against Yahusha and His Holy Ones.

In closing there is a counter measure by the Satanic Kingdom for every prophetic outcome. We have seen it with chem-trails where they now admit they are using them to block out the Sun. Chem-trails are also used to absorb solar radiation and believe this is a counter-measure to the Day of the Lord . . . which is a solar event. The Second Coming will be preceded by the pageantry of the Antichrist and the whole world will be fooled.

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