Yikes! Woman In Viral Racist Rant Killed By Fire Truck

Yikes! Woman In Viral Racist Rant Killed By Fire Truck

A couple of weeks ago a White woman went viral for chanting the n-word near the Vance Monument in Asheville, North Carolina. Her name is Rachel Dawn Ruit and she was recorded yelling racial slurs and threatened to call the police on bystanders and a Black family. Ms. Ruit was filled with hate and threatened to call the police on the bystanders. One of the witnesses said, “She was filled with hate, rage and racism.”

Ms. Ruit was yelling racial slurs at a family and at protesters near the Vance Monument and it is clear she had mental problems. In another video she yelled racial epithets as well as sexual insults at Black teenager. It is clear she took joy in agitating people under the guise of racism, but she clearly was fishing for reactions. Today Ms. Ruit was struck by an Ashville, North Carolina, fire truck and died.



She stepped out into traffic and an Asheville Fire Department vehicle struck her and she received head injuries. A crowd began to gather around her and ironically a Black woman prayed that she not die. I wonder if the Most High is sending a message through this tragedy? Was Ruit raised up to gain attention on racism and mental illness? Then through her own doing she walked into a busy street and was struck down. After observing her she was not just racist but she was mentally ill.

There was a study done on racism and science concluded it comes from people with low IQs. Ms. Ruit, clearly did not have a high IQ and she died without getting the help she needed. In 2019, I believe the curse from Deuteronomy 28 was lifted from the Chosen People and the Most High is now protecting them. I am going to keep my eyes on this because it is obvious the Most High removed Ms. Ruit’s hedge of protection. Perhaps, the Most High is going to remove His protection from those who carry racism in their hearts?

Remember we are all not in this together. In the Book of John we are encouraged to test the spirit in a person because every spirit is not the Holy Spirit. The spirit in Ms. Ruit was clearly angry and sought conflict to feed off. The demon inside her needed this energy to thrive and this is why she was a “button-pusher.” Many people are saying karma or reap what you sow, but I believe this is a sign that racism leads to death.

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