Identifying Genuine Chosen People vs. Coons and Immigrants

Identifying Genuine Chosen People vs. Coons and Immigrants

There is a Biblical awakening covering the Earth to the facts American slave descendants are part of the Chosen People.  In fact during the Transatlantic Slave Trade the Chose People were shipped to ten Kingdoms.  If you can trace your descendants to slavery then you are most likely a Chosen Person. What European America has failed to teach is everybody is that there were people of color who were not African; not the same as the Chosen People.

The modern day Lemba Tribe is a perfect example of this. Recently, West African nations like Ghana issued apologies to American slave descendants and even offered them citizenship through a Right to Abode program.  The curse for breaking the Covenant with the Most High was for 400 years which included slavery, Jim Crow, Civil Rights, and the current predicament in wealth, wealth transfer, and education. The curse only fits one ethnic group and everyone else should be happy they were spared.

The curse rolled up says, “You will be cursed in the city and cursed in the country. Your basket and your kneading trough will be cursed. The fruit of your womb will be cursed, and the crops of your land, and the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks. You will be cursed when you come in and cursed when you go out.” If you study American slavery which was the worst country to be enslaved you will find voluminous evidence of the curse.



This curse was inflicted by the most psychotic acts recorded in history. From the rape of children and men known as “buck breaking” to using Black babies as alligator bait.  Saddle shoes were also made from the skin of slaves. There were even recipes used to prepare dead slaves to be cooked and served at the table. There were mass plantation picnics where there were contest to declare a winner of who could slice naked slaves in half, tied to an X cross; with the legs in the air.

This is just a sampling of psychotic acts inflicted on the Chosen People by Europeans who made movies like “SAW” look light weight. When slaves were eventually freed in 1863 they were still enslaved by laws and economic stifling.  While slaves were denied reparations their slave masters were paid reparations. Jim Crow which was another form of slavery sent the Chosen People to jail. Here they provided free labor to chain gangs.



Stories like this were passed down orally through the generations to even our current generation. Each generation was conditioned and sensitized to the fact it was their labor the turned America into a Super Power. The Chosen People were also aware they were never treated equally and always denied financial repair which would have created parity among the races. Look at what Black Wall Street achieved without reparations and was a model for other Chosen People cities to follow.

Black Wall Street was such a beacon of success that jealous White neighbors joined forces with the Air Force and bombed Tulsa, Oklahoma. Killing over 3,000 men, women, and children. Stories like this sensitized the Chosen People’s subsequent generations we are not just discriminated against but loathed by White America. The Chosen People’s generations are aware of this past and lobby for change in the areas of: wealth, education, and equality.

These are the very things the Chosen People are still demanding in present day America. Every Black/Brown person in America are not part of the Chosen People lineage. Many Black/Brown immigrants come to America and speak as if they represent the Chose People. They do not and lack the pedigree to have a voice. For example Austin Chenge, a Nigerian Republican candidate for Governor of Michigan is opposed to Black History Month.

If Austin was raised in America he would know prior to Black History Month all history taught was European history. Black History Month was birthed to fill a void the American school system suffered. Chenge is not part of the Chosen People diaspora and many Africans look down on Black Americans. Chenge is what is called a “house negro” where he is more concerned about fitting in with his European cohorts.

Chenge did not grow up with the passed down oral traditions of great great grandparents who were slaves in America. Chenge has no empathy for Chosen People in America because he has nothing to do with them.  Politics are replacing Chosen People candidates with Black immigrants as tokens representing the voice of the Chosen People. Is Austin Chenge a bad person? Nope! That is not what I am saying.

What I am saying is he lacks the pedigree to be a voice for the Chosen People. By his own words he lacks the understanding to solve issues for the Chosen People in America. Then there are people like Candace Owens who basically parrots statistics from the echo chamber of her base. For instance she is quick to throw down the statistics of Black-on-Black violence which is at a 94%. Which she describes as a pandemic in Black communities.

Yet, the FBI calls this a false dichotomy because White-on-White violence is at 84%.  Is White America suffering a pandemic of same race violence? Not according to Candace Owens! The FBI says this is normal because violence is delved out to who you live around. Candace Owens, likes to discuss the broken Black nuclear family, but fails to share the ramifications of the 1974 Welfare Program which destroyed the Black nuclear family.



Candace Owens is celebrated by Whites who she parrots but for every effect there is causation. This is where Candace Owens is silent. You see the causation is the reason why the Chosen People are in this predicament. For Candace Owens to declare there is no racism is just delusional. I worked in headquarters at some of the largest banks in New York City. I can tell you for a fact Black males at the top were not a reality. You would have a better chance of sighting Bigfoot riding the Lochness monster smoking a blunt. 



Yet, Candace Owens speaks with authority as if she knows. Candace is counter-revolutionary to the Chosen People revolution because she is profiting from working against her own race. She is what is known as “cooning” for European America. Candace Owens had no problem connecting her wagon to former President Trump. Where Trump was sued by the Department of Justice for housing discrimination against Blacks…twice.

Even after the Central Park Five were found innocent Trump would not retract his wish of death on them. Candace Owens looks past these character defining moments and coons for the European agenda. This is the difference people just do not see or they are not speaking to it. Even former President Obama lacked the Chosen People heritage to speak to their needs. This is why it was easy for him to deny the Chosen People reparations.

Obama also made comments like, “I am not the President of Black America, but all America.” This was his response when asked why he does not cater to long overdue Black financial equality. Later in his second term Obama morphed into a global cheerleader for the LGBT agenda. Obama did this because between his African dad and European mom, he could not relate to the Chosen People’s pickle in America. I hope whoever reads this has better understanding of the phrase, “All your skin folk ain’t your kin folk.”

This is the very card European America is playing but some see through it all.

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