Over the years I have exposed the interworking's of occult rituals performed in plain view and even embedded in American currency. It is very difficult to share this research with people because there is a disbelief in the reality

Hebrew University archaeologist were elated when they (re) discovered the 12th Dead Sea Scroll cave. It has been over 60 years since any new scrolls were discovered. Sadly, after the archaeologist meticulously combed through the cave it yielded zero scrolls.

If you go far enough back in time you will find at one point every continent on the Earth worshiped serpentine deities. From a Biblical perspective Satan was described as a serpent that had the ability to reason and communicate.

It appears UFO activity is increasing and more qualified witnesses are coming forward to share their eye witness testimony. Before we continue let's remember the Bible referenced these times in Acts 2:19, "And I will cause wonders in the heavens

In April 2016 in honor of UNESCO’s World Heritage Week replicas of an archway from the razed Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria will be erected in Time Square, New York and Trafalgar Square, London. If you are familiar with

Most of the time when we hear the word magic it often hearkens us to the image of a witch or wizard in movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings or perhaps Wicca or the Blair Witch Trials

The Christmas season is upon us and yes I am aware December 25th is not the true birthday of Yeshua. The part of the Godhead who incarnated as a man in order to lay down His life and unlock Heaven

Jeremiah 43:13
He shall break the obelisks of Heliopolis, which is in the land of Egypt, and the temples of the gods of Egypt he shall burn with fire.

The Most High made a point of destroying obelisk of the

I recently posted, "Satan's Monuments of Death and Transit System," and in it I addressed the fact the obelisk and other satanically inspired architecture was outlawed by the Most High. He commanded His people to locate: obelisk, sacred pillars,

I am a bit vexed when Biblical scholars refer to the United States as built upon the Scripture in the Bible. They claim godly men formed this country yet their idols tell a contradictory story. It sounds like they applied

Amenhotep III, rises to reclaim his kingdom. The 43-foot statue of the grandfather of the more popular Tutankhamun, was reassembled to return to its custody position in the northern gate; of what's left of his funerary temple in the city

We are seeing more spirit activity these days and some are dark while others appear "helpful." I say that in the sense that some of "them" are not causing the person to eat handfuls of spiders or pose in back

There are many theories why the ancients designed the pyramid. Now this new phenomenon of the sun setting as a giant pyramid with a green capstone must be added. Some pyramid theories conclude the pyramids produced energy because of their

After the chosen people were liberated from ancient Egypt it was like the RUN DMC record "Hard Times" for the Pharonic Empire. The entire labor/slave infrastructure of ancient Egypt was immobilized and it was the beginning of the end of

Palestinian fisherman Joudat Ghrab claims he dragged an over 1,000 pound bronze statue from the sea.  How many people believe this guy and his family "dragged" it out of the ocean? Let's just say this part sounds fishy. The oxidation

After spending years researching ancient cultures, where some honored the commandments of the Most High, and others who served the agenda of the Satanic Kingdom -- I have come to a startling conclusion. Over the eons the names of the

Why do so many corporations basically use the same symbols as their logos? You would think man's creativity would supersede duplication; but it does not and this shows a pattern of intention. Most researchers see symbols and ramble on about

What if I told you within the design of ancient temples there was a capability which preceded the invention of Alexander Graham Bell's telephone -- would you believe it? As scientists, scholars, and researchers confirm, these ancient temples harnessed the

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