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Super Bowl 51 is right around the corner and if you do not know by now the halftime show is riddled with ancient occult motifs. Since I broke the story, the Super Bowl halftime show is an occult ritual, it has become a staple on many sites. The NFL has also thrown monkey wrenches into occult predictions because they stopped announcing the complete list of

Now that Super Bowl 50 has passed every blog and YouTube producer has jumped in to analyze the obvious. Please remember I told you things that happened before they happened. I did not have to wait to tell you what the themes would be and boy was I right. The executives at SB 50 did so many things covertly it effected the analysis of the

The "Super Ba'al" is right around the corner where pure sport meets the occult mega ritual. Where the artist can be linked to witchcraft and the occult framed as artistry in music and performance. After four dedicated years of analyzing the Super Bowl's concert occult rituals I have progressively matured into expanding conclusions and some areas of basic conjecture. Because without the actual ancient teachings I must

When I first introduced to the sleeping masses the Super Bowl's halftime concert was actually a satanic ritual used to capture massive energy; in conjunction with a specific cosmic alignment known as the Silver Gate. (Which is a point in space between Sagittarius and Scorpio where ancient cultures referred to it as the exit to Heaven by celestial beings.) It has been a slow, methodical,

There appears to be a concerted effort to promote Ishtar, Jupiter, and the queen of the universe by the mainstream media. I was tipped off over a year ago by J. Kevin Johnson regarding the movie, "Jupiter Ascending." He was greatly disturbed by it and reached out to me to share files. I could not see the connections at the time and just filed

It appears we now have a blood sacrifice pattern for the Super Bowl mega ritual. Last year Phillip Seymour Hoffman was the blood sacrifice for Super Bowl 48. Where the breakdown of his name was related to both teams in Super Bowl 48. There were other synchronicities where Phillip overdosed on heroin and the police found envelopes with heroin and the aces of spades/hearts symbols.

The greatest American sports championship (and most watched) is upon our doorstep once again. This is the fourth installment and analysis of the Super Bowl halftime show I will be posting. First, after receiving many comments some kind, not so kind, and some plain delusional I must address the nature of the Super Bowl. I am not saying nor have I ever said the Super

What a shocker the powers that be have tapped Katy Perry to be the featured act for the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show. She obviously shares her body with a powerful demon and will be the perfect occult handler for the free energy from the crowd. We should not be surprised after her many links to occult symbols in her "art"; especially after her Grammy performance

People gather and the clash begins for the delight of the senses, minds focused on the Super Bowl game, slowly unifying the energy fields, a fair amount of violence and everything feels electrified. Two virtual opposites under the same dome of feelings. Suddenly the halftime show begins pregnant with: shapes, colours, words, symbols, flesh and desires, wishes subtly merged and dark masters of ceremony. There are no

Many people have been asking me (Michael Erevna) who will win Super Bowl 48 based on the spiritual analysis. This is going to shock many football fans because it will not be the Denver Broncos. I will tell you why and it is not personal -- it is based on spiritual clues. First of all the Denver Broncos are the favored team because they are led

Folks it is that time of the year again -- time for the mega-rituals. We kick-off the year with the largest ritual and energy hijack with the Super Bowl. This year's Super Bowl 48 will be no different. Because of the selective research methodologies and intuition at Revelation Now, we were able to successfully predict what motifs last year's performer Beyonce would incorporate into her

The fickle minds of America are easily distracted and have the attention span of a house fly thanks to the speed of media today. What is hot news in the moment is forever forgotten when the next news sensation inundates the airwaves. This is exactly what happened with Beyonce's Super Bowl performance which knocked the lights out in the stadium for thirty-three minutes.
Many people dismissed

An astute YouTube producer by the name of XposedbyTruth, meticulously analyzed Beyonce's facial features at her Super Bowl performance and he believes (and so do I) you can witness her becoming possessed by Demons! It is no secret Revelation Now (read prediction here) blew the proverbial whistle, weeks in advance of Beyonce's Super Bowl performance that it would be a ritual including the

Super Bowl 47 was the strangest game I have ever seen, not just because of the power outage but the speed of the Halftime Show. The Halftime Show's lighting and special effects operated at light speed and at the subliminal level. Most people were unaware of what they were witnessing and only focused on the obvious. Once you understand this was a true Taurus/Jupiter

Super Bowl XLVII will be shown on Feb. 3, 2013 via CBS and tens of millions of football fans will be tuning into to the show. Last year, Madonna's occult riddled performance was the talk of the blogosphere for many months. She was adorned as a pagan goddess and danced around Sumerian winged-disked and struck poses symbolic of pagan (witch-craft) rituals.
Clearly, these

The American's who are awake and aware something was not right about Super Bowl 2012's Half Time Show, were right.  Many people watched the Half Time Show and said it was really creative. Those who were awake were immediately disturbed by the performance. The people who watched it and defended the performance passionately, well I have a quote for you:

"It is the mark of an

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