Through out time giants have been given a bad name. From Goliath, Cyclops, to the giants from Jack and the Beanstalk humans usually ended up dead or a juicy snack...depending on your weight. Excepting giants

After watching this trailer it reminded me of my adolescence where Saturdays were the only day to see cartoons and the crazy afternoon Japanese monster movies. The Japanese actors lips would move after they spoke

A rock wall drawing from Dry Forks Canyon, Utah shows two giant men, and one has disproportionately large feet like the Hobbits in "Lord of the Rings." Was this a lack of talent in the

I had to post this movie at the behest of my 8 and 10 year old sons. They demanded this be included under the "Giant" category and I have submitted to their demands.

Jim Vieira is a stone mason (stone builder) who is an ancient giant enthusiast who has colossal appetite for ancient stone, mound, and architecture. He has spent an enormous amount of time researching the

Jack the Giant Slayer's trailer was released last year and we were told this movie would be released Summer of 2012. The movie was not released because the studio was concerned the movie "The

YouTube producer Kijani Amariak has matured into a Christian YouTube sensation. His channel has clocked over 3,678,092 views and rising! It is safe to say his Channel has been anointed and over 10,000

There is a story building intrigue on the Internet regarding the discovery of a giant mummy finger. Allegedly researcher Gregor Sporri, was visiting Egypt and met a grave robber. He was permitted

Long ago in the ancient past, real giants once roamed the African plains, Indonesian jungles, and hills of France. Men grew upwards of 7, 8, 9 even 11 feet high and wielded crude stone tools.

I am happy to announce we have a new writer coming to Revelation Now!  He is an independent researcher with a passion for ancient and modern giant research. He will be an incredible asset to

Angels were created before mankind and we do not know when. Many Holy Books and legends clearly defined the Earth and Space of having 2 distinct life forms.  The original creation has been endowed with

What a coincidence Hollywood is promoting giant movies in 2012.  It is obviously becoming a hot topic and quite frankly they are going to sell a boat load of tickets! I know I will be

Check out this interview with fossil curator Joe David Taylor, the Director and curator of the Mt. Blanco Museum in Crosbyton, Texas. He replicated a giant human femur bone (discovered in Turkey) of a 22

I will show you one picture to start of with and you will agree this is a GIANT! If this photo has not already been debunked I shall continue.  The rumor is the Vatican ferrets

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