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In the year 2020 Amazon's king of online shopping, Jeff Bezos, entered into the insurmountable battle against global warming. Bezos threw down $10 billion dollars to let the world know he is serious about reversing the warming of planet Earth.

Before you get your political giblets twisted in a knot let me preface this post by saying my allegiance is to the Most High. Worldly affairs and politics take a back seat to the spiritual laws of the Most High.

Every now and then you find an aggregated video of quality comparisons. The below video is no different and exposes the false prophets of the year 2020. All of the false prophets who claim "the Lord told me" or "God

The year 2020 ushered in fires and plagues that severely damaged capitalism and redefined social norms to the point many people considered suicide. It appears the masses became enamored with politics and attribute all things to the hands of man.

The Most High made it very clear in 2 Esdras 16 the continent of Asia is in His cross-hairs. The Most High already sent plagues to China and now He is fulfilling His prophecy of floods. China must have stepped

The world is under judgements by the Most High and this means we are traveling deeper into the tribulation. Eventually we will reach the point of the "Bootleg Second Coming" and this will be a technology driven event. The Satanic

I took an extended sabbatical from writing and I figured after writing 880 plus post and a book, it was due! I needed the break to reevaluate my purpose here and honestly I am not sure if I am done.

This is the season for the Most High to punish the people or reward them based on their collective actions. Job 37:13, teaches, "He brings the clouds to punish people, or to water his earth and show his love." We

I recently penned a post titled, The Sun Is Getting HOTTER and HOTTER!!! and on its cusp is India's heatwave 123 Fahrenheit just decimal points shy of record temperature at 123.8 Fahrenheit, from 2016. It is so hot dozens of

Say what you want, mock, devalue, and belittle the plausibility of humanoid reptilian beings. At one point in human history every continent has evidence of worshiping a reptilian being. The evidence comes in the form of statues, fresco, bas-relief, and

The New Age doctrines are shamelessly given credit for what has Biblical origins. I always say what is labeled New Age is actually Old Age and by that I mean Biblical in nature. The New Age doctrine expeditiously promotes astral

These days LGBT gets the biggest rise out of the Christian community when it comes to calling out sin. The LGBT community is now the go to whipping boy for End Time roasting. This type of tunnel vision leaves other

If you are a regular on this site you know I frequently write about the Sun. I was one of the first to warn you about chem-trails and their true purpose to absorb solar radiation. I regularly share facts that

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