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Proof Jesus IS Black?

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Many people argue fervently about the ethnicity of Jesus Christ and it’s clearly a game changer when it comes to following Him with some people. It is true, from a spiritual perspective it is irrelevant, because what is the color of light? At the same time it was relevant enough for Jesus to be born into the same line as Abraham; but for some reason man decided to change the original illustrations of the Christ through paintings, sculptures, and coins. And this Christ looks radically different from the modernly accepted ubiquitous hippy “Christ.”

What would happen when Jesus returns and He is darker than Wesley Snipes? How would White America react to this? Probably the same way they did when Presidential Candidate Romney lost the election. I actually heard some employees at an investment bank say if aliens came to Earth and they were Black, they would kill themselves. True story.

We have to take a look at Revelation 1:15 to gain a perspective on what the Holy Spirit was trying to share with us regarding the color of the feet of Christ and it is quite the Blues Clue.


Revelation 1:15

And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.


Is this as simple as testing the effects of brass in the face of extreme heat?  It was very important to place brass in a furnace for this particular observation. Were His feet a different color than His entire body? Did Jesus have a white face and black feet or vica versa? We need only to watch the following video to see what happens to brass facing a flame.


Warning Adult Language! This video illustrates the color of burnt brass.


As you can see brass turns jet black and the only people we know who are this black are of African descent. Remember when Joseph fled the wrath of Herod to save the life of baby Jesus, he hid his family in Egypt (and Egypt IS in Africa)? He went there to blend in with the population. Herodotus (the father of Greek history) gave eye-witness testimony Egyptians were Negroid. At best people will argue Jesus was “olive” skinned and this builds a stronger case of the true ethnicity of Jesus. There are two types of olives, green and black. Do you think Jesus was green?

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