5.8 Earthquake in Italy: More to Come

5.8 Earthquake in Italy: More to Come

Central North Italy has been smacked with another earthquake registering (for now) at 5.8 magnitude.  This is nine days after they were hit with 6.0 magnitude and seven people were killed. More than 17 people have been reported and dead with over 200 people suffering injuries. Many buildings roofs crumbled and the foundations were cracked.  After shocks have been measured as high as 5.6 with more expected.

The last two weeks has been increasing in 5.0 earthquakes in Turkey and as far as the Mediterranean Sea.  Will this be the biggest one to hit populated areas?  Probably not!  So if you are reading this now, have a plan for you and your family.

The following video will give you insight into how the region as whole is being affected.  You will find this whole geographic region has been active and it appears something bigger is coming.

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