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So it has begun. One of the most anticipated movies in the Marvel Universe released the first trailer and frankly it made me tear up. What a time to be alive! You see I had to suffer through

The highly anticipated Justice League movie released the official trailer on Saturday to much fanfare. DC has a lot of making up to do when juxtaposed against Marvel comics cinema blockbusters. From the looks of the trailer they

Before we begin let's take a look at what the Bible states about the qualifications of a pastor. 1 Timothy 3:3: "not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money." Now one

Last weekend I piled the boys into the truck and took them to see the movie Split. This movie was directed by M. Night Shamayla and was produced on a modest Hollywood budget of nine million dollars. It

The world is Beyonce's stage and her fans watched her mature from Destiny's Child to an international solo career. During this time she started out as a wholesome girl to a "strong" Black woman dripping with sexuality. As

Sorry, folks I missed the train on tolerance where I am expected to bite my tongue while America turns up the Luciferian agenda. Future fashion lines at New York Fashion Week should scare the hell out of

The "Christian" alternative media is plagued by some unscrupulous men driven by deceitful hearts who target senior citizens for their own financial gain. The true nature of these men is to enrich themselves using fraudulent advertising and harmful

Many years ago I regretfully appeared on "The Hagmann Report" with Steve Quayle and subsequently "V" the Guerilla Economist. I say regretfully because at the time I believed these men were students and practitioners of the teachings in

On November 4, 2016, Marvel Entertainment releases the occult super hero Doctor Strange to the silver screen. Benedict Cumberbatch will no doubt bring a stellar performance to the character Doctor Strange with his seasoned and diverse acting chops.

So I am not afraid to admit as a kid I was a comic book junkie. I even started a lemon stand in Fort Benning, Georgia and it was profitable. Fate had the good fortune of moving us

Here it is, September 2016 and we find ourselves 2 months from the next presidential election with the ante raised higher than ever been before while the players at the table are the poorest to ever sit down

For all of the fans who prefer not to read and prefer a video format here it is! We are giving you a video analysis of Beyonce as she evolves into occult magic. This is a spiritual perspective which provides evidence