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It is no secret in Hollywood many of the actors are practicing Satanist. Great fame and fortune was even offered to Jesus if he would bow down and worship Satan. The Olsen twins got into the acting game

After Super Bowl 52's secret Saturn halftime performance by Justin Timberlake some in the Black community were up in arms about the inclusion of (RIP) Prince. Justin Timberlake has a sketchy past with Prince before his death. Years

Today Tesla made history for two distinct reasons. First, Tesla, successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket and SpaceX, is now streaming live footage from the Tesla Roadster...from Space. The Roadster is mounted to the Falcon's upper stage and

The natural order of things created by the Most High is in the throes of metamorphosis toward the unnatural. That is the whole point of the Luciferian agenda is to turn Creation into its opposite form and make

Yesterday, around midnight I was working in the kitchen on my laptop listening to icy rain spatter on the back deck, it was so cold out even the swimming pool was frozen. It was a soothing soundtrack for

If you have followed this site over the years you will agree we delve into strange subject matter as we search for the plausibility of prophecy in ancient text coming to fruition. This subject matter is certainly not

Brothers and sisters with eyes to see and ears to hear know we are instructed to test the spirit within a person. This is a combination of judgement and discernment fueled by intimate knowledge of Biblical scripture. If

How soon we forget, Christian brothers and sisters, those who have created another Gospel and denied Jesus is the only way to the Father! Since Oprah Winfrey, dropped her acceptance speech for the, "Golden Globe Cecil B.

Hollywood is finally getting on the ball and coming to the realization the Bible is replete with great stories. True we have to get past the part Hollywood whitewashes ancient stories and replaces the original inhabitants with those

The entertainment world released Justin Timberlake will be the headlining act for Super Bowl 52. If you follow the Super Bowl research on this site you would know the Super Bowl concerts are linked to occult motifs and

There are many people on this Earth suffering from the loss of a loved one. Some of us have lost a father, a mother, a sister, a brother, an uncle, an aunt, a cousin, a husband, a mother,

The website Tracking The Leopard Meroz, investigated Viji Varghese, who goes by the name "V" the Guerrilla Economist, who is a Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann creation. He used a false banking history and operated without an investment

One of the biggest hot button issues in Christian circles causing inflamed debates is the rapture. Although the word "rapture" does not appear in the Scripture it was coined by a man. Rapture doctrine did not exist before