• Night of the DEMON Attack!

    I have been extremely busy these days more so than other days. In addition, to research and focusing on the upcoming Mega Super Ba’al ritual I have been trying to educate people on the dangers of following man-made doctrine and not following the Word. Last night I learned this comes at a price. My wife and I were lying in b[...]

    Say NO to FEAR in 2015!

    Do you know what the cross represents? Well, it has many dimensions of meaning but my favorite is what it represents to the spiritual war. It means it has already been won! Yes, it is the ultimate symbol for spiritual success and eternal life. So why are so many so- called  Christians living in a state of fear? Life is pass[...]

    Racial Harmony Drives NYC Protest

    After watching the media portray protest as a result of police shooting unarmed black males you would think it is black vs. white, Crips vs. Bloods, or the Sharks vs. the Jets. What the media is not showing you regularly are these protest consist of all races. These peaceful protesters are a melting pot of link minded indiv[...]

    Toys-R-Us Sells Ouija Board to Children

    It is apparent America has lost all semblances of spiritual common sense and spiritual integrity. While shopping at Toys-R-Us this weekend I passed a column of stacked games for sale. In a premiere location on the store shelves I saw the Ouija Board being marketed and sold as a children's game! Yes, now children are being p[...]

    $100 Bill Invitation to the DEMONIC

    After discovering ancient pictographs hidden on the latest $100 bill I was at a loss for words and that is something for me! You see within the windows of Independence Hall were a mix of ancient glyphs in which some were Hebrew, Phoenician, and Babylonian. You would have figured the alternative truth movement would have bee[...]

    Sex, Lies, and the Serpent

    Sex is so pervasive in society, you almost can’t walk out your door with your eyes open anymore. Movies, television including news, cartoons, and commercials are nothing short of soft porn these days. Video games are in on the action too and the music industry is just plain smut. Sex is forced upon us from every conceivable[...]

    Eye Spy - Celebrity Seed of the Serpent

    One of the most enigmatic verses in the Bible concerns the parable of the "wheat" and the "tares." Apparently, there will be a separation process because the wheat and the tares are living together. Which means our Biblical enemy has blended in so much they are now undetected. Jesus Christ must now initiate an identificatio[...]

    Demonic Magicians Manipulating Matter

    We all have our gifts from the Most High when it comes to independent research and once you find it you become a steward of that information. It will manifest in your life as a passion and you will be driven to cover it by digging deeper. I think this is what we are seeing with Xendrius who has an excellent YouTube series o[...]

    Evidence of Baal Worship in Modern Times

    After writing the post, "David Rockefeller and House of Baal" I planned on following up with more details on the post. When I first witnessed the pillars on the building I realized the building had an occult nature. I was stunned to learn the building on 26 Broadway in New York City was once the Rockefeller headquarters.  [...]

    PROOF the Super Bowl Is Used for Occult SPELLS!

    When I discovered (Taurus IN Super Bowl XLVII?) the Super Bowl was using anciently renowned cosmic gates in conjunction with occult symbols I knew I was in for a journey into the ancient past. To have my discovery confirmed by Beyonce's Super Bowl 47 performance where she communicated with the stargate overhead was more t[...]

    Can Chemtrails STOP a Prophetic Event?

    Odds are everybody around the world can look up in the sky on a clear day and see white billowy lines in the air. Some people identify them as contrails while other folks, labeled conspiracy theorist, call them chemtrails. Some pictures of the chemtrails aftermath display cloud structures never seen before. One of the propo[...]

    Gay Agenda Will DESTROY the US and Israel

    I penned a post in April 2014, regarding my theory how the LGBT movement will destroy America. My theory stated because of the lack of duality of same sex couplings an imbalance of energy is being created. This is an ancient satanic practice which has been traced back to the Sumerian goddess Inanna/Ishtar; a.k.a., "Easter."[...]

    Ancient Demonic Mind Reading

    The final installment of "Demonic Street Magic" has finally been produced by Xendrius, a YouTube producer. Kudos to Xendrius for all of his hard work and video research he has shared with the sheepocracy and truth seekers. Each group will most likely get something different out of it. What I found valuable in this particula[...]

    Joan Rivers: Obama GAY and Michelle TRANSGENDER!

    Joan Rivers was recently video taped alleging President Obama is gay and the First Lady Michelle is a transgender person. Of course this is not the first time we have heard this. President Obama has a litany of gay allegations with the most infamous by Larry Sinclair. Where Sinclair said President Obama engaged in drug use [...]

    The Wonderful World of Wonky Watchmen

    There is a growing number of self appointed “watchmen” who have taken it upon their shoulders to “wake” people up. The problem is they are not truly awake themselves. It appears to be a psychological condition where they believe “God” has chosen them to focus and share all the fear they can find. They set up pages where th[...]

    Escape by Faith:Tools to FREEDOM

    Spiritual mindedness can seem like a rather nebulous and vague topic. If you ask ten different people for a definition or explanation of spiritual mindedness you will probably get ten very different answers. Conversely, if you ask how to achieve spiritual mindedness, you will likely get ten, “I don’t know(s).” Understanding[...]

    Millions of Locusts in the Sky in Addis Ababa

    Millions of locust have descended on Addis Ababa in search of food. The sky grew dark as the locust arrived in mass causing much concern from local farmers. Agriculture in Ethiopia is the foundation of the country's economy, accounting for half of gross domestic product (GDP), 83.9% of exports, and 80% of total employment. [...]

    Be Mindful Luke

    Spiritual mindedness is an essential aspect of a believer’s life. It can be exceedingly difficult to achieve and maintain. It is especially difficult in this day and age when our attention is diverted to so many other people and pursuits. Abandoning the pursuit of spiritual living is as easy as flipping a light switch reall[...]

    Book of Revelation and Blood Rivers

    Another river has made the ever growing list of "blood" rivers. The people of Nootdorp, Netherlands, were shocked to witness their river flowing with red water. It must be startling to see your river for years in a natural state and then see a bloody river. It certainly makes you question the scripture regarding is this pro[...]

    Weather Wars of the Most High

    Many people are so wrapped up in chasing every newsworthy current event while splashing the Blood of Christ on it, they are missing out on the prophecy. It is unfolding before our very eyes and you need a comprehensive news experience to keep track it. What the scientific establishment labeled as "global warming" was labele[...]

    Whoever Tries to Keep Their Life Will Lose It

    This is probably one of the most enigmatic Scriptures in the Bible. People need to realize the Bible is a spiritual book and humanizing it will keep you in the dark. You can not oscillate between spiritual and material thoughts and truly evolve in your spiritual journey. The Bible is a book shared from the mind of a spiritu[...]

    Dark Energy Behind the LGBT Earth Curse

    The earth is out of balance, and if the universe is a body, it will have to protect itself from this imbalance. As humans, we are all transmitters and receivers of energy. It is a subtle energy but the scientific and medical community has found ways to measure it and monitor it. The universe operates on laws and these laws [...]

    Rise of Ancient Demonic Street Magick

    The Holy Spirit inspired the prophets of the Bible to prophecize about a time when there would be great signs and wonders. People would marvel and be stupefied at what would manifest before their eyes in the last days. If you have been following these new performers on the street magic performer landscape you will understan[...]

    The Serpent and the Basilica

    If you watch the series "The Borgias" you would understand the criminal origins of the Roman Catholic Church. This particular HBO series is based on some history and I am sure the writers add their own color. You can also watch the Godfather III and see the corruption within the Roman Catholic Church.  In the ancient times [...]

    The Path of Christ vs. Political Activism

    Many people today have bastardized the teachings of Christ with a political activism. These are two distinctly different principles where one follows a spiritual agenda while the other promotes an earthly agenda. The attempt to merge the two is like mixing oil and water.  When you hear people discussing political things and[...]

    Good Fight: Rips Bruno Mars a New One

    We are taking a much needed rest after the Grammys and the Super Bowl 48. Theses events took the wind out of my sails and I needed to slip into something more comfortable like a string of naps. There are so many gifted and talented YouTube producers in the truth movement and Good Fight Ministries should be nominated for an [...]

    The Many Spells of the Grammys 2014

    The occult rituals of the Grammys were so obvious I was on the fence about throwing my two cents in. Before I continue let's understand I am not endorsing an type of fear. This is the cornerstone of the occult is to spread fear so people resonate with this energy. We become mini power stations pumping fear into the atmosphe[...]

    Rise of the Serpent People!

    Once you know what to look for, it sure takes the laborious process of detective work away! This is certainly the case with identifying these other humanoid beings who have infiltrated the earth. We were told in the Bible of "seed of the serpent" and there are other ancient accounts, which even predate the Bible -- of serpe[...]

    Kabbalah Magic on the MONEY!

    After being hot on the trail of star-gate massacres, assassins, and ley lines -- I have come to realize this is part of an ancient magic. Our blood is being used to allow the serpent race to materialize in our dimension. It sounds like science fiction but Hollywood programmed us to not believe in this reality. The only way [...]

    Celebrity Serpent Eye: Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac

    Everyday reality is getting stranger than fiction. The serpent race has been busy planting seeds, and the evidence is conspicuously being captured, by camera and video analysis. Do you understand some people have an iris that manifest exactly like the iris of a serpent? What more do you need to see in order to jump into the[...]

    The Return of Ancient Demonic Street Magic

    Many people are entertained by magic and most people do not understand the true definition. Let's take a look at it so we can be clear: the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. Some magic is explainable like the rings which have nearly invisible breaks where they c[...]

    The Kill List (Movie) and Silver Gate Connection?

    The movie industry is notorious for incorporating research into films to make them realistic -- the Kill List is no different. If you have not seen this movie at has been billed as a horror movie. I disagree about placing this movie into the horror genre. This is a movie about satanism in the present.  The movie is center[...]

    House Rep Vote: WARNING before DESTRUCTION!

    Did the Holy Spirit inspire the House of Representative's court stenographer Diane Reidy to warn all of the politicians God is watching -- them? Suddenly Diane stands up and begins to shout a message I am sure the politicians were not ready to hear. You can see two men briskly escorting her off the floor. She stops and then[...]

    South Dakota 100,000 Cows Die: Beef with God?

    If you are a hamburger lover please stop reading. The Lord has got beef with the beef. His promises are not threats but promises. The latest installment in the animal death prophecy is 100,000 cows died in an unexpected snowstorm. Expect the price of beef futures to increase just like the orange crops in Trading Places.  [...]

    100 Dollar Bill Predicts NYC Nuclear Attack

    We have been following the "prophecy" or "coincidence" of US currency also synchronizing the destruction of America. How is it possible these bills can be folded to create a picture of the "Pentagon Attack" or the "Oklahoma City Bombing" or the "World Trade Center?"  This result appears to be highly improbable yet very real[...]

    The Most High Has Got It!

    Many folks reading the post on this digital magazine might get a bit fearful learning about how the enemy is attacking the children of the Most High. It is a shock to the system being introduced to new concepts and then sensing the reality of them. Now that the mechanics of the satanic practitioners have been revealed many [...]

    We are in the SORROWS!

    If you are one of the people who are hypnotized by the media and you know more about sports, television, and movies than Biblical prophecy prepare to be dazzled. The time we are living, was prophesied thousands of years ago by the Son of God and He covered things we are seeing today. You will only understand this, if you wa[...]

    The Oort Cloud, Fireballs, and Wormwood

    It appears the Eastern United States is under attack by fireballs which are peppering the Eastern seaboard with great frequency. In fact, it is startling to see and it begs the question: Are these Divinely directed fireballs? What are the odds of so many fireballs entering the atmosphere over the same part of the United Sta[...]

    Call of Duty Ghosts: Prophetic Fall of America?

    "Call of Duty: Ghosts" will be released in November 2013, and the new storyline should be frightening to anyone with prophetic Bible knowledge -- who lives in America. There should be a new Hollywood genre called "Destroy America" because this is the latest trend. Ironically, if the United States is the subject of destructi[...]

    Everything is Upside Down

    My eyes are opening to the transformation of this "New Age" we are now witnessing. We can thank Oprah Winfrey and all of her new age namby-pamby flavored kool-aid she served up through her cadre of new age authors.  There are no more moral constraints and we have really adopted Aleister Crowley's law of "Do what thou whilt"[...]

    The New Age is SATANISM

    A rock concert promoted as "Rock in Rio"on September 19, 2013 showcased the depth of satanism as the crowd chanted,"Come together, Come together as one, come together, for Lucifer's son." No longer does satanism need to be hidden in an "Eyes Wide Shut" manner because global entertainers have cohesively promoted ancient sata[...]

    Syria, False Flags and Farrakhan

    Farrakhan provides colorful commentary regarding the true American purpose in going to war in Syria. He cast doubt on the testimony of John Kerry and went as far to say American proxies are the true culprits of the chemical dispersion in Syria. The American reaction to chemical weapons reeks of hypocrisy  according to Minis[...]

    Sky Sounds: Horns Over Canada?

    Another amateur videoographer captured strange "horn" sounds emanating from an unknown origin -- from the sky. This is filmed from a quiet neighborhood and last over one minute. What are these sounds? Some scientist have theorized it is electro-magnetic energy interacting causing these sounds. If this theory is correct why [...]

    Obama, Egypt, and Crocodile Tears

    President Obama either has: (a) bad advisers, (b) a death wish for US relations with Egypt, or (c) he is Biblically positioning Egypt to be the catalyst in consolidating the Middle East against the US -- while destroying Christian churches at the same time. How can this President claim to be a Christian and not be outraged [...]

    Celebrities Who Admit Deal with DEVIL!

    First off, who admits making a deal with the devil? This is a foreign concept to me because I am neither rich or famous nor would I worship the loser in a holy book with an ending that has already been written. Why would anyone believe a being who you know is going to be pimp slapped, beat down, and placed in a dank solitar[...]

    The Bible, Trumpet Sounds, and Sinkholes

    The news is rife with sinkholes damaging property and in some cases - taking life. Those of us who have been on the earth for many decades know sinkholes are a common occurrence in some US states. What we have not seen is so many news stories of sinkholes this frequently.  They must certainly appear to be trending up a[...]

    9/11: Children Chant and Planes Hit Buildings!

    Many people are quick to scoff at researchers who identified 9/11 as inside job but it might be more inside than they know. This video was produced many years ago and it did not go viral -- and it should have. Most of us learn how bits and pieces of how the occult works through movies. Stars and planets must be aligned and [...]

    Beyonce and the Occult Rabbit Hole

    We have been getting request to synthesize our occult investigations of Beyonce and her connections to dark forces. It is understandable because our investigations of her behavior are compelling and begs the question: How can anyone who is seeking truth from the Word justifiably behave in such an occult driven manner? We ha[...]

    July 2013: Extreme Weather and Biblical Prophecy

    Ready for your monthly comprehensive dose of extreme weather across the earth? The extreme weather does not seem to be letting up and it appears more extreme every month. How is this linked to biblical prophecy? Well, if you have not heard Jesus told his disciples, signs of his return would be great earthquakes and famine. [...]

    Google Earth: HUGE Pentagram in Kazakhstan!

    There is something to symbols and the subtle frequency they emanate to the physical world. I research symbols and there ubiquitous embodiment throughout our distinct cultures of the earth. Some of these symbols seem more prevalent than others such as the pentagram. This symbol is linked to the occult and most commonly known[...]

    The Pope, Desmond Tutu, and Men in Tutus

    Ok, so maybe not my best by-line but you get the picture, right? This has been a week of Catholic Church sound bites to a new public philosophy on the emerging new demographic -- legalized same-sex unions. First, Bishop Tutu throws his mitre in the ring and says: I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is[...]

    Fox News Fumbles Interview with Author

    Anchor Lauren Green has added to the folly of Fox News long string of interviews with her lack of journalistic objectivity including integrity. Dr. Reza Aslan, was the victim of xenophobic attacks and the 4 letter word of the hour was -- Islam. Her visceral condescending manner was not only insulting to Dr. Aslan but a[...]

    Star of David Alignment:Prophecy, War, and Prayer

    On July 22 - 30, 2013, the planets and star constellations of the zodiac will complete the 13th configuration of the Star of David. This will not happen again for over 100 years! This cycle started in August of 1990 and over the last 13 years it has aligned ushering in key world events. The common pattern of key world event[...]

    Florida Police: PENTAGRAM Symbols?

    I truly believe we are seeing a spiritual war unfolding amongst us and our perceptions are being shaped by the mass media. The George Zimmerman trial is no different. Spiritual people hear me -- we need to take a step back and re-access what we are believing. There is a public outcry for this one particular murder of a blac[...]

    Spiritual Law, Same Sex Unions and Nature

    The ultimate spirituality is being constantly connected to the laws of the Creator. Many men were the living example of this while on earth -- including the Son of Man. The animal kingdom is the perfect example of this constant connection and they not only survive but they thrive. When the animal kingdom follows these laws [...]

    Spiritual Principles: The Law of Empty

    We are happy to announce the start of our "Spiritual Principles" series,  in order to share with our readers, on how to apply spiritual teachings from the Bible to your life.  Many people who attend and do not attend church believe being a good person (and being saved) is all you need to do, to achieve the spiritu[...]

    Searching the Wrong Universe for Alien Life

    Will we discover alien life form in the cosmos above or some other universe? Will that alien life form be spiritual? Concerning the article on NBC News, "Mars vs. Europa: The article below is a response to the above question about alien life in our universe and NBC News article concerning Astrobiologist Robert Pappalardo an[...]

    Proof to the World Aliens are Spiritual Beings

    On Friday,  June 14, 2013, a UFO or angel (depending on your school of thought) was filmed entering a star-gate known as the "Golden Gate."  This anciently revered part of space was universally accepted as the entrance into the Heavens.  All of space is not considered heaven but a specific part which includes[...]

    Oklahoma Tornado: Deliberate Act of God?

    I took a break from my star-alignment detective work, because I think the masses are not ready to acknowledge these cosmic patterns linked to earthly disasters. I believed the Jimi Hendrix (Rainbow Bridge Concert) connection to Beyonce's Superbowl Halftime Show, would have caused a deeper investigation into this occult phen[...]

    Days of Noah:Jashar, Humans, Animals and Genes

    Over the history of the Bible ecumenical committees culled many Scriptures from the Bible. Under great controversy these books were deemed "false" even though the holy person(s) are still mentioned in the Bible today.   Although the Book of Enoch was removed from most of the American Bible's --  it is canonized in[...]

    Lost Without You

    How have you been feeling lately? Depleted or in a holding pattern for so long, it feels like the new you? Do you feel like you are under demonic attack? There is something happening to all of us right now and we are bonding through this tunnel of strange. I had a friend make an observation about this digital magazine and s[...]

    Boston Marathon Bombs: Fingerprint of Dark Forces?

    The anciently revered "Silver Gate" of Heaven, aligned over suspicious acts of violence, continues and "The Boston Marathon" is the latest victim. How is it possible this ancient gateway to the Heavenly realms, is present over so many key global events or tragedies? It is considered the back door or the out door of the Heav[...]

    President of Gambia: Says Gays are Satanic!

    One country you will never see the "Rainbow Parade" is the West African nation of Gambia. When it comes to this issue the President has thrown the baby out with the bath water and if you are gay or lesbian put this on your sensitive country list. His name is Yahya Jammeh and he became president of Gambia in 1994. "Let[...]

    Scott Getzinger Tragedy: Hand of God?

    The entertainment industry was stunned by the death of veteran prop-master Scott Getzinger. The head-on collision that took his life was a tragedy, which has forever marred the lives of his family and friends, especially his wife, Susan Getzinger and their three young children. They were a Spiritually strong family raised i[...]

    Prophecy Fulfilled: New Pope IS Peter the Roman!

    Should we ever have doubted a Saint like St. Malachy? He successfully named 111 Popes from his visions and named the last Pope numbered 112!  Yes, folks this clairvoyant, levitating, Saint is right again with his epigrammatic style! The new Jorge Mario Bergogli can certainly be linked to "Peter the Roman." Late la[...]

    Pope Francis = Peter the Roman?

    The billowy white smoke cascaded out of the Vatican chimney pipe and the crowd began to weep and cheer. The Roman Catholic Church has a new Pope and his name his Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Henceforth, he wants to be know as "Pope Francis."  Many people have been following the prophecy of St. Malachy and expected some type [...]

    Extreme Weather, Earth Changes, and Prophecy

    It seems mainstream media is quite irresponsibly negligent on reporting extreme world weather and mass animal deaths. If 2012 ended without a whimper then 2013 started out with a bang. A great YouTube channel to tune into is Fidockave213. This channel is like an extreme weather aggregator and you will realize how the Earth [...]

    Living La Vida Locust: Biblical Obama Sign?

    President Obama is in Israel and his presence is ruffling more Biblical prophecy feathers. I am not sure this time if this one sticks because although it looks like the ultimate locust rave palooza has happened before in 2004.  Also, the Israeli Agriculture Ministry has graded the size of this particular invasion as me[...]

    Biblical Iron, Clay, and Iron Man 3

    If you are a true blooded original Star Trek fan you see many of the futuristic gadgets part of our popular culture today from the Star Trek days. I actually had a pair of Star Trek communicators as a child that operated as walkie-talkie! Nextel was one of the first to make a flip cell phone which looked almost identical to[...]

    The Last Pope: Sex, Lies and Kiddie Tapes?

    Saint Malachy was a 12th century Irish monk, who, while on a visit to Rome had a vision (in 1139) of all the popes who would ever reign.  In this vision, he witnessed a series of Latin phrases illustrating the names in order of the Popes. He described each Pope using epigrammatic verse, for example "De Medietate Lanae,[...]

    Olympus Has Fallen and Prophecy of Isaiah 47

    After successfully predicting Beyonce's Super Bowl performance was a spell casting ritual communicating with an ancient star configuration known as the "Silver Gate" used by dark forces identified in Ephesians 6:12;  I am convinced the time is ripe for more Bible prophecy to come to fruition.  I recently saw a new[...]

    Lady Gaga Satanism Reloaded

    Lady Gaga appears to be the voice of the end times and her satanic message is a cancerous fungus taking root in the minds of many unassuming people in search of a gospel suiting their lifestyle.  She is selling the same ancient religion Satan kicked-off in the Biblical Garden of Eden. Debating if the "Adam & Eve" s[...]

    Watch Beyonce Demon Possessed at Super Bowl?

    An astute YouTube producer by the name of XposedbyTruth, meticulously analyzed Beyonce's facial features at her Super Bowl performance and he believes (and so do I) you can witness her becoming possessed by Demons! It is no secret Revelation Now (read prediction here) blew the proverbial whistle, weeks in advance of Beyon[...]

    Saturday Night Live Mocks Jesus

    I can only imagine if this was the Middle East and SNL spoofed Muhammad in a sketch comedy as they do. Lorne Michaels would be beheaded and the rest of the cast would be dragged through the streets butt naked by donkey or motor vehicle.  Many Christian organizations are outraged and rightly so. As it is, the Son of God[...]

    Pope Benedict: When Doves Cry

    Pope Benedict announced he is officially stepping down as the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  Although this is odd and has not happened in 600 years we should not be shocked. It appears the Church is in a legal pickle and hate saying the word pickle and priest in the same sentence. This appears to be a preemptive l[...]

    Economy is DESIGNED to FAIL!

    I was recently introduced to Stefan Basil Molyneux's meticulous analysis of the American economy and to say the least -- it is shocking! Now you know why Presidential candidates do not share the complete financial snapshots with the American people.  Because all of the politicians would end up tarred and feathered, or [...]

    Lady Gaga: Private Inaugural Ode to Judas and demon!

    The entertainment extravaganza also known as  Obama's second Inaugural Celebration is over and it was a blend of MTV, Soul Train, and straight up witch craft.  For a President to claim he is a Christian and book Lady Gaga is a private act for staffers is quite troubling.  This is the same "lady" who[...]

    Obama: Lord of the Flies?

    I have to admit I have been on the fence about President Obama being possessed by a demonic entity. So many other researchers have labeled him evil and even the Son of Perdition. I am at a point now where I might have to admit I am wrong! I have never seen a President harassed by so many flies! It does seem strange flies a[...]

    Teenage New Mexico Murder, Demons and Sirius

    The demons are very busy on the Earth right now and the latest family killed by a teenager in New Mexico is evidence. Nehemiah Griego, 15, is accused of killing his parents and three siblings in their home.  He sent a text message to his his 12 year old girlfriend and attached a picture of his dead mother.  She is[...]

    Revelation 6:2-The Sixth Seal Opened!

    Over the last few weeks we have been covering the star configurations over many of the mass murder site in the USA.  We noticed a star configuration known as the "Golden Gate" where Sagittarius and Scorpio are intersected by the Galactic Plane and the Galactic Equator must be parallel with the tip of Sagittarius arrow [...]

    Russell Brand vs Westboro Baptist Church

    I have to say after watching Russell Brand handle his own against two Westboro Baptist Church disciples, Steve and Timothy, I have a new respect for him. (Why was there not a disciple called Steve in the Bible? The Book of Steve!) I was quite impressed with Brand's intellect and demeanor.  Not to mention he speaks the [...]

    Proof Of Heaven:Interview with Dr. Alexander

    For those of us who have experienced the loss of a loved one, know the importance of faith in the afterlife.  Many times this subject is ridiculed by atheist and naysayers, yet now we have testimony from Dr. Eben Alexander III.  He has brought credence to the reality of life after death.  Dr. Alexander, woke [...]

    The Lost Books of the Bible

    I had the pleasure of a comment exchange with a recent acquaintance on You Tube.  He is a handsome (if I can say so) well spoken man living in Los Angeles.  He is the one behind the camera ,recording the UFO on demand phenomena in Los Angeles.  I could tell he is a man of great faith with strong convicti[...]

    Jamie Foxx Declares Obama Lord!

    During this weeks Soul Train Music Awards, Jamie Foxx revved up the crowd by encouraging them to "give it up for the Lord and Savior Barack Obama!"  Was this part of a misguided comedy routine? Maybe it was or maybe he knows something we do not, because I am curious why he gestures to the ground.  Obviously Presid[...]

    The Short Road from the White House?

    Soon after Presidential candidate Romney, was handed his 'heiney' in a dinner napkin, rumors of States kindly asking to secede the Union began to float around the airwaves.  Suddenly, mostly below the Mason-Dixon Line, a movement is spreading like a virus, sending a clear message to President Obama.  You need to g[...]

    Ayahuasca, Spirituality in a Bottle?

    Looking to tame your inner demons or deep-seated psychic wounds from your past?  Then look no further! It may be a bit inconvenient; but, update your passport and book a ticket to Peru.  Here you can join a group of native Peruvians who specialize in brewing Ayahuasca (sacred vines, leaves, and flowers) which enab[...]

    The Vatican Orion Nebula Connection

    Many of us remember a book we started to read and it was so engaging we could not put it down until the last page.  This was my experience with the book  "Orion and the Vatican" by Danny Wilten.  This is the type of book which causes the world to reëxamine accepted scientific conclusions and religious dogma [...]

    Be the Holy Spirit!

    There are many people who claim they are in direct contact with the Holy Spirit.  They receive dreams and guidance from it while most people do not.  According to them the Holy Spirit is breaking the lid off of evil and warning of imminent danger.  To them the Holy Spirit is an early warning tsunami alert sys[...]

    Heaven, Transparent Beings and Prophecy

    Eben Alexander, MD is promoting his new book "Proof of Heaven" based on his journey through the afterlife. Dr. Alexander, being a successful neurosurgeon is bringing credence to the reality of an afterlife and causing people to reexamine life after death.  Some argue because Dr. Alexander is a Christian, his experience[...]

    Abomination of the Desolation Fulfilled?

    When it comes to the most watched prophecy in the Bible,  it would be Matthew 24:15 because this is where Yeshua (Jesus) tells his Disciples of future events, which are the precursor to His return.  Many watchmen have been scouring current events looking to match prophecy with spiritual facts.  It takes much [...]

    The Secret to Spiritual Freedom

    True Spiritual power is attainable for everyone, if we can change our thoughts and mirror them from the teachings of the prophets.  Man did not put Spirit in the Bible,  Spirit put man in the Bible.  Most, if not all of the religious institutions consistently provide a menagerie of Biblical teachings; but, lack the fundamen[...]

    Phone Call with a Prophet

    These days many websites and YouTube producers are guilty of spreading fear with a helping of hopefulness.  This site is definitely guilty as well.  There is a ubiquitous movement to externalize every sign and current event with prophecy.  They focus on every political event to so-called nefarious technologies coupled with [...]

    The Second Coming and Worldwide Disasters

    Natural disasters in 2012 have been kicked up a notch and unless you are tracking them you will not realize the ramifications, especially from a Biblical perspective.  Earthquakes,  floods, hurricanes,  electrical storms, heat waves, solar flares and mass animal deaths have risen since 2011.   There[...]

    President Obama, Antichrist or Akhenaten?

    As Presidential election time gears up,  the mud-slinging is sure to become epic, and what you will not hear in mainstream news, is the underground perspective.  Some will define these underground people as "bible thumpers" or "fringe people" and they believe President Obama is bad for the whole world.  If th[...]

    End Times:Murder, Magic & Sex

    There is a "bill" for everything in life, nothing is free...nothing.  If you think about it birth and death,  they too have a bill.  These payments will be made to the material world, but, what about the Spiritual world?  What is the "bill" from this world and how will we pay this bill?  Many theologians, Biblical scholars [...]

    2012: Is Biblical Prophecy Almost Fulfilled?

    Will 2012 be the year Biblical prophecy is fulfilled to the point we will experience "The Second Coming?"  Perhaps,  "The Anti-Christ" is such a smooth operator (no need to ask) maybe he or she is already here working and we do not even know it?  Maybe, some do; but, their perspective is not ubiquitous and th[...]

    Obama Sets Table for Return of Jesus?

    Last week President Obama announced to the world he supports gay marriage. Was this a political strategy? A genuine personal belief he recently developed? Most likely all of the above. It was said before President Obama was elected,  "he has a proclivity for people pleasing," meaning he wants to make everybody happy. [...]

    Strange Sound Phenomenom Continues

    When we first reported the strange sounds of buzzing and trumpet like sounds in diverse areas around the world many theories emerged.  None of them explain what "it" exactly is.  Some claim this is a natural occurrence, yet there is no track record, in the history of the world, of "Earth Wind & Fire" horn lines  busting[...]

    Will the Hunger Games Be a Reality?

    After reading Isaiah 47 in the Bible and seeing the Hunger Games,  I came to the conclusion, this is a possible reality.  Most Biblical researchers, scholars and Theologians all agree Isaiah is talking about America.  Let's take a look at Isaiah 47: Isaiah 47 The Fall of Babylon 1 “Go down, sit in the dust,    Virg[...]

    Justice League DOOM:Bible Connections

    The first rule of thumb you must understand about the Lucifer Doctrine is, they must state what they are going to do before they do it. This also falls under Learned Protocols of Zion and I suggest you find this book and read it.  It will lay the foundation and framework for the global landscape of today.  I found[...]

    Kirk Cameron:Being Gay is Unnatural

    Kirk Cameron actor turned evangelist, appeared on Piers Morgan Show, and stated his views on the homosexual lifestyle.  He stated being gay is "unnatural and detrimental" and also marriage should be between a man and a woman.  It was clear Piers Morgan, did not agree with his views, and responded, "If my son told [...]

    Next Level Hip Hop: Bold Satanism!

    What in the hell is this shyte? This was my first thought when I saw this video. This is a South African group called, Die Antwoord, categorized in the rap/rave genre. They are from the literal streets and are being promoted heavily in the USA. I saw them on the Jimmey Kimmel show as the featured musical act. I could not be[...]

    Jesus Will Return Soon?

    Will Jesus return soon?  This is the question many people are asking these days.  According to one YouTube producer the time is closer than you think!  He goes by the name KijaniAmariAK and (also has a website LoveLettersfromYHWH.com) he is an avid researcher and self-proclaimed servant of God.  He gained a following with h[...]

    23 Hours in Heaven & Hell

    Below you will find the video, circling the web regarding an Ecuadorian girl's experience in Heaven and Hell.  She was shown both places and now is sharing her experience.  The video is translated from Spanish and it will capture your attention.  Why would this girl lie? She seems believable and quite frankly she could be t[...]

    Dead Birds Will Fall in the Last Days?

    You are hearing a lot of chatter on the media horn these days regarding dead birds falling from the sky. I am sure many Blogs, Web Sites and YouTube producers are going to run away way with this. They will say say, you better get right with Jesus, these are the End Times!  The rapture is right around the corner you better b[...]

    Jesus Will Return from Space

    Yes, that is what I said, and I will say it again. JESUS WILL RETURN FROM SPACE. Does this sound ludicrous? Do you think I am smoking  (all temperature) Cheer? I assure you none of this is coming from me, but from the Bible.  Most of us with cable TV, will agree anything coming to Earth from space is certainly alien. Jesus [...]

    The Hopi Prophecy and The Holy Bible

    I find it very interesting many different cultures maintain similar beliefs and reoccurring themes through out their respective prophecy. The Hope Prophecy caught my eye because their sign, the 5th World is beginning is, a blue star will appear in the Heavens.  The Mayans also say we are entering the 5th Sun and the Bi[...]

    Revelation 16:12 Fulfilled!

    What if I told you over one thousand years ago a prophet received a vision from the Holy Spirit in the "Last Days" the Euphrates River will dry up? Did you know July 2009 this in fact did happen? The New York Times even ran a story on this. The front page of the New York Times had a stunning headline (if you follow Bibli[...]