I will admit I am a neophyte with high end telescopes and observing anomalies on the moon! My first time video taping the moon I did not see anything out of the ordinary . . . or so I thought!

Before the advent of computer generated imagery (CGI) UFO footage could be easily debunked. From pie pans to strings to miniature models fake UFO could not survive the scrutiny of the keen eye of the observer. Ancient text are rife

Texas is reeling after strange signs in their night sky and unexplainable lights and cloud formations. The most interesting UFO is at the beginning of the video. It almost reminiscent of the living ship in the movie "Dreamcatcher." I do believe

A reader of Revelation Now sent us very interesting photos of a UFO in the skies of Virginia. I believe some UFO are man made while others I believe are manifestations of angels; and finally I believe some are living

Californians, lit up police dispatcher phone lines on April 29, 2015 because of UFO in formation lighting up the evening sky. These orbs of lights formed a pattern some have compared to the DMT molecule. DMT is actually "Dimethyltryptamine" and

The media fueled UFO propaganda machine, is consistently bombarding the airwaves with stories of unexplained technology. While doing this they promote the theory of extraterrestrials from hidden planets who have interdimensional capabilities and cause confusion. Rarely, if ever do

Houston, Texas is the latest hot spot for a giant UFO or is it? Although, the UFO blogosphere went coco-for-coco puffs that this was in fact a UFO I am not sure. I noticed many polls in this video all

On May 13, 2014, I decided to to take the night vision monocular out for some air. After seeing the amber colored Mars posted up to the east of the moon I felt it was time to search the night

I wrote two years ago, these "UFO" or interdimensional beings would be descending lower and lower after 2012. The galactic alignments after this point would transform the energy dynamic, much like the Schumann resonances. This would allow these beings the "windows" to manifest

As the "truth movement" matures and more independent researchers join the fray fascinating discoveries are being shared in cyberspace. YouTube is the platform for sharing video compilations and some videos stand out more than others. The video below is one

I have been tracking the so-called UFO phenomenon for decades now and rarely do you have a Minister of the Bible capture the footage. Ironically I told my wife just yesterday how the clouds looked strange to me. In all

My head is ready to explode every time I hear someone say, "The Mayans were wrong the world did not end." First, the Mayans never said it was the end of the world in any of their translations. This erroneous statement

Our favorite (because all the footage is vetted) UFO video compilation splicer, AnonymousFO, has delivered the best of August 2013. It is riddled with the expected light orbs streaking around the sky and this time some metallic objects hovering and

One of the prophecies of the Mayan's December 21, 2012 calendar stated -- the return of the gods. If you are a truth-seeker, a watchman, or you are just curious with a sleeping disorder, you might be watching for signs

July 2013 has been a busy month for UFO a.k.a. “fallen angels” and looks like being caught on film is the goal. I can not stop correlating the Mayan Prophecy of the “return of the gods” after December 21, 2012,

Much to the doomsday prophets (profits) chagrin the erroneously publicized end of the world, December 21, 2012, scenario past without the destruction of the earth. The irony is -- the Mayans never said it was the end of the world.

Catching this UFO, was a moment of serendipity, because I was initially attempting to record a chem-trial over my home which did not break up. You would figure because of these chem-trails are really claimed to be contrails, then the

Ripped from an episode of the X-Files, an Air China Boeing 757-200, collided with a UFO, leaving a huge dent in the tip of the plane. Leaked reports claim this happened over the skies of Chengdu, China during the month

I do not know about you but these "UFO" sightings are getting boring and predictable. We see the orbs of light streaking across the night sky or flare like objects. The cigar "UFO" passing by the International Space Station looked

After watching live helicopter footage of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, an eagle-eyed observer pointed out 3 objects, streaking across the skyline. What are those objects? They seem to appear at televised events. They are not

More strange happenings surround this second Obama inauguration. Again, the Presidential Oath of Office Ceremony is flubbed and now definite strange lights in the sky. My own personal synchronicity has bubbled up in this story because I just

Actually the title does not do justice to the facts, these giant UFO cubes are actually larger than the Earth! How NASA responds will be interesting. The size of these cubes is mind boggling and the question is: What the

A backyard telescope aficionado captured the rarest footage of an exploding UFO in Space. The Sacramento, California resident promptly uploaded the video to Facebook where "Good Day Sacramento" reporter Cody Stark broke the story. We hope the man