I remember back in January 2013 my site making the national news and it was a bitter sweet experience. It was sweet because it caused a school system to update security measures in the wake of capricious school shootings. It

Have you noticed the Department of Defense (DoD) is conspicuously acknowledging we are not alone in the Universe? Since the Roswell "incident" over 70 years ago the DoD went out of its way to deny aliens or their UFO vehicles.

As we inch closer to the Second Coming certain prophetic events must be fulfilled and the global elite has their own hand to play off it. They know we are somewhere in the middle or near the end of the

We have all seen UFO videos where the narrators response is not quite believable. That is not the case with this narrator. You know for a fact this man has lost his natural mind over what he is witnessing. We

The Earth is being inundated by a lot of supernatural events at the moment. There is prophetic Biblical scripture matching celestial events and disaster dates. On September 5, 2017, a YouTube producer uploaded a video showing of 7 orbs of

Let's face it, with the advent of CGI software like Photoshop we can never be sure of any UFO videos these days. I see hundreds of UFO videos every year and I publish less and less of them because they

Popocatépetl, is an active volcano, located in the states of Puebla, Mexico, and Morelos, in Central Mexico, and lies in the eastern half of the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt. It is no stranger to UFO sightings and there are many videos

We live in a time where CGI productions often masquerade as authentic encounters and many become viral stories. I am not sure if the following video is authentic, but it very well may be. In this video a group of

These "light" orbs streaking across the sky have been recorded for over a decade now, maybe longer. I have seen them exit the Sun or fly directly into the Sun. One of the most compelling videos I have witness was

The Bible mentions unidentified flying objects as flying scrolls, metallic, and finally clouds. Since the invention of YouTube UFO channels are ubiquitous and people are inundated with the unexplainable and CGI. We know CGI was not the driving force behind

It is time to call out these websites and YouTube Channels promoting false news. These sites are nothing more than "click whores" who bait their stories with false titles and/or content. The UFO video titled, "TODAY! UFO 2017 CAUGHT ON

It appears UFO activity is increasing and more qualified witnesses are coming forward to share their eye witness testimony. Before we continue let's remember the Bible referenced these times in Acts 2:19, "And I will cause wonders in the heavens

Here is Virginia based news story that did not make the syndicated news wire and quite frankly it should have. Why? Because a similar sighting occurred March 13, 1997, infamously known as the "Phoenix Lights" incident. So many people witnessed

In 2012 a Mayan artifact surfaced depicting UFO piloted by men straight into the Sun! Later the next year NASA released SOHO images of a black triangle shape emanating out of the Sun. This very triangle is depicted on the

On June 30, 2016, in Cartagena, Colombia, a massive cloud shape UFO captured the attention of the countryside. Smart phones were trained on the phenomenon as the spanish speaking citizens tried to make sense of what they were witnessing. The

I will admit I am a neophyte with high end telescopes and observing anomalies on the moon! My first time video taping the moon I did not see anything out of the ordinary . . . or so I thought!

Before the advent of computer generated imagery (CGI) UFO footage could be easily debunked. From pie pans to strings to miniature models fake UFO could not survive the scrutiny of the keen eye of the observer. Ancient text are rife

Texas is reeling after strange signs in their night sky and unexplainable lights and cloud formations. The most interesting UFO is at the beginning of the video. It almost reminiscent of the living ship in the movie "Dreamcatcher." I do believe

A reader of Revelation Now sent us very interesting photos of a UFO in the skies of Virginia. I believe some UFO are man made while others I believe are manifestations of angels; and finally I believe some are living

Californians, lit up police dispatcher phone lines on April 29, 2015 because of UFO in formation lighting up the evening sky. These orbs of lights formed a pattern some have compared to the DMT molecule. DMT is actually "Dimethyltryptamine" and

The media fueled UFO propaganda machine, is consistently bombarding the airwaves with stories of unexplained technology. While doing this they promote the theory of extraterrestrials from hidden planets who have interdimensional capabilities and cause confusion. Rarely, if ever do

Houston, Texas is the latest hot spot for a giant UFO or is it? Although, the UFO blogosphere went coco-for-coco puffs that this was in fact a UFO I am not sure. I noticed many polls in this video all

On May 13, 2014, I decided to to take the night vision monocular out for some air. After seeing the amber colored Mars posted up to the east of the moon I felt it was time to search the night

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