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Looking at the photographs taken by the Light L16 leaves you speechless because you realize any amateur photographer can take pictures like a professional photographer with it. It is as if anyone holding the Light L16 has expert knowledge of:

We are at an age where if you can imagine it you can build it or if you see it you can replicate it. With MakerBots plastic prototypes are now affordable and can be manufactured from the comfort of your

Who isn't tired of blurry or fuzzy pictures of UFO or out of focus strange looking creatures popping up on YouTube? If these amatuer videographers had the DEVFO Digital Binoculars they would not only be watching video in high definition

Derby is a dog born with deformed front legs and as a result was inhibited from running. The owner reached out to 3D Systems who decided to change the life of Derby. It is wonderful to see how this emerging

When the communication infrastructure is compromised you will be always be in the loop with Lantern. This revolutionary portable wireless device is solar powered and downloads free data from satellites . . . forever. It is touted as the

We have traded our privacy over to big corporations like Apple and Samsung for smart phones. We got hooked on these smart phones and no longer care about the potential consequences to our privacy. Even after learning of improprieties where

Like any new technology each generation improves upon itself and occasionally innovation burst forth and redefines the competition. This is the case with Loto Labs creation of "The Evoke" and touts the title, "The World's First Smart Vaporizer Powered

If this does not clearly illustrate the connection between CERN and Saturn nothing else will. CERN was "reactivated" according to the celestial movement of the planet Saturn. In fact, I believe CERN was waiting to be restarted until Saturn

If you grew up during the original "Star Trek" era you witnessed technology snatched from the imagination of a visionary. We were amazed by their communication devices and other technology. Now we have realized whatever is imagined can be made

I have honestly not seen any new technology that has a "wow" factor.  The smart phone race has proven size matters since the iPhone is now the size of Texas. Tablets are in the same boat which conversely have begun

I am sure any ladies reading this post are ecstatic because women love deals. I think Christian women love in this order: God, Jesus, children, husband, and then deals. I have to say I was taken aback when I learned

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla. As Tesla wisely decrypted in words, we agree everything conforms to "rules" that exist. Creation always follows laws of the basic building blocks

Most of us who are familiar with the ankh recognize it as being Egyptian in origin. This is a common fallacy because Sumerian artifacts are depicted holding ankhs as well. Many believe it is the "key to life" because of

You know how rich the business men are in Dubai? Well watch this video because it is utterly amazing technology being displayed . . . at a mall. It also shows you the capability of this technology if you are

There are many prophetic artworks of the past in the form of literacy, music, and movies which depict a future state of extreme surveillance by the governments. One of the most famous is "1984" by George Orwell, which coined the

This is a must have camera for all independent researchers and truthers looking to capture pictures/video outside of the human eye spectrum. What I really like about this camera is you are not married to the sole ultraviolet or infrared

This is something you just don't see! A man walking into a den of cobras and tossing them around like rag dolls. I am not sure of the country but this is purely insane. The man even pimp slaps a

Who knew frankincense was a healing agent and drives demonic spirits out of your living space? The three wise men surely did! These wise men were not only master astronomers but gifted this sacred extract for the birth of the