Beyonce Recites “Poem” She Uses Bible Pages as TAMPON in LEMONADE

Beyonce Recites “Poem” She Uses Bible Pages as TAMPON in LEMONADE

I have been tracking the transformation of Beyonce into a demonically inspired artist since her first Super Bowl performance. I serendipitously discovered her role as a result of studying the anciently revered cosmic entrance and exit to the heavens known as the Golden and Silver gates. These are the points in space in between Sagittarius and Scorpio (the entrance: The Golden Gate) and Gemini and Taurus (the exit: The Silver Gate) where celestial beings were known to disappear into and reappear out of.



The Super Bowl halftime show kicks off aligned under the Silver Gate where spiritual beings exit and this is how I learned and my opinion Beyonce is a servant of dark forces. You need only read my past research on Beyonce to educate yourself on her transformation as a self professed Christian to a dark occult practitioner. The Bible is full of Scripture which helps those with spiritual discernment frame all things into perfect truth. After reading this Scripture juxtaposed against the lyrics Beyonce spews out of her mouth; there should be no doubt who she really serves.


"For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned." - Matthew 12:37


If you watched Beyonce’s “LEMONADE” you observed witchcraft passed off as art. If you did not you were most likely party to the diversion which was who is the “Becky” Beyonce referred to. First, of all “Becky” is a term reserved for a white side chick and nobody else. The media immediately began to promote: Who is Becky? If you listen to the lyrics in LEMONADE you hear dark magical lyrics which confirmed Beyonce saw the devil. She also said she rolled up Bible pages to soak up her menstruation, which she called menses. Satan is famous for putting Holy relics inside the vagina.



Because America is now the forerunner in the Age of Satanism where lyrics like these go unchallenged. The media is controlled by a Jewish (Ashkenazi) cabal which is mum on the fact Bible pages and period blood were spoken on a syndicated cable channel. LEMONADE is an opus declaring it is acceptable to get your witch-on in plain view . . . without judgement. Anyone who claims to serve Christ and is a fan of Beyonce is clinically spiritually dead. If Beyonce spoke she rolled up Koran pages to stop her flow there would be a riot.


“I bathed in bleach and plugged my menses with pages from the Holy Book.”

– Beyonce speaking in LEMONADE April 2016


This is the tip of the iceberg as a result of the silence from the masses and Beyonce is celebrated as a goddess, more is coming. Beyonce destroyed the Bible in her fan’s minds by relegating the pages of the Bible as a menstruation absorber. At what point do the so called spiritual leaders in America stand up to this blatant disrespect to the Most High. In essence, their silence makes them complicit with the satanic agenda. What Beyonce said should have sparked not just an outrage, but a National discussion.



In closing, Beyonce has proven herself to be a demonically inspired artist. Although she claims she is a Christian, no self professed Christian would disrespect the Bible in such a manner. If you listen to her lyrics you should be able to identify the witchcraft in them with little to no training. One thing is for sure Beyonce will never live to be an elderly woman. She will be murdered by the very demons driving her psyche. In the end, she will have to face the music . . . of the Most High

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