If you are a researcher of the Sumerians you are probably familiar with the names Zecharia Sitchen (July 11, 1920 to October 9, 2010) and Michael Tellinger. The latter is: "an author of six books, scientist and explorer, who has

I am writing this post because of story my cousin shared with me after father's funeral. He is a New York City police officer in the Bronx and is a stand-up guy. He resides in Pleasantville, NY, with his wife

As the world speculates about the causation of climate change another planet's ice caps are melting. You cannot blame the "carbon footprint" nor methane gas trapped in the atmosphere. To the best of our collective knowledge, Mars is not inhabited

This evening I received a message to look into an alleged "mysterious" voice mail where a message states a warning about a non-human presence and a dire warning don't be fooled they are not human. My first issue with

Recently, I penned a post titled, "A HORRIFIC CAR CRASH, NEAR DEATH, AND WALKING IN THE AFTERLIFE!" I made a reference to compelling stories from children regarding reincarnation based on the research and book, "You Cannot Die: The Incredible Findings

Ancient artifacts have left modern mankind with: clues, blueprints, definitions, properties, and methods for communing with the Creation of the Most High. Over the years I have seen YouTube Christian producers totally misrepresent ancient things and vilify what they do

I started seeing 11:11 on clocks around 2001 and I was drawn to clocks exactly at 11:11, like a moth to a flame. I could be doing just about anything and suddenly I would have the inclination to glance at

Today millions of Americans commemorate the thousands of lives lost in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. Those who lost friends or family members will forever be scarred for life trying to make sense of senseless mass murder. Many people

Recording breaking events are plaguing the Earth and not just America is feeling the affects. Floods are devastating rural areas and cities like Houston, Texas, are praying for a dry spell. The media is reluctant to say, "Acts of God"

The Bible is an enigma in many areas of Scripture for many people and it is only discernible by those who seek the Spirit of Truth. In my opinion the more I begin to understand it the more I realize

Certain translations of Biblical Scripture specifically tell us there is sentient life inside the Earth. Many ancient text confirm this with tales of an advanced culture living inside the Earth. My first connection with Biblical Scripture confirming sentient life inside

I love synchronicity and if you know how to read the signs they are a real treasure in intuitive understanding. I recently had to exhibit tough love to a fellow contributor on Revelation Now, who dragged her feet watching the

I was recently introduced to the TBS series titled, "People of Earth" and it is a mixed bag of Nordics, Grey Aliens, and Reptilians. The series follows city journalist Ozzie Graham (Wyatt Cenac), who travels to Beacon, New York to

Last week I had a strange incident that can only mean our thoughts are being harnessed and translated into a database environment. During my nightly dream I dreamed about a black trumpet and when I woke up I remembered it.

I recently started a thread titled, "More high pitched frequencies are being dropped...big change is coming." I was surprised at the number of people who jumped in and shared similar experiences hearing frequencies. The perceptions ranged from tinnitus, demons, Earth,

The Bootleg King of the spirit realm is none other than the "God of this world" (Corinthians 4:4) and he has many names, but the commonly recognized one is Satan. Independent researchers identify him/her as the Baphomet and the image

On September 26, 2014, my son and I witnessed the Moon where it appeared it was moving at tremendous speed across the night sky. I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime and I thought the video was

The Bible is an instructional spiritual book replete with laws and principles for the human mind to understand the unseen. Scripture in the Bible can be juxtaposed against other ancient text and their truths not only harmonize, but lead to

Every 15 years or so old theories resurface on the Internet usually driven by the most unqualified minds on the Earth. Gone are the days where men studied advanced mathematics, physics, thermodynamics, geology and made resilient theories regarding the Earth.

The Book of Jasher is mentioned in the Bible, yet it is a missing book of the Bible and considered apocryphal. This means the authenticity of this book is in question, yet it is mentioned in the (Book of

Super Bowl 51 is right around the corner and if you do not know by now the halftime show is riddled with ancient occult motifs. Since I broke the story, the Super Bowl halftime show is an occult ritual, it

As Prince's untimely death marinates in the hearts of fans and fellow Jehovah Witnesses there is a deep sense of loss in the air. Like any appreciated and at times worshiped idol there was a sense of familiarity and even

There is a great fascination with end time prophecy. In fact, this is all some "ministries" focus on because at the end of the "lesson" is usually something to sell to the listener, so the "ministry" can profit. If were

Dimethyltryptamine otherwise known as DMT is a molecule throughout the plant kingdom, including the human body and metabolized through the human body prior to dreaming and death. South American cultures became brewmasters of ayahuasca which is the ultimate DMT carrier

Imagine my surprise while watching the movie "They Live" when I encounter occult symbols on the wall in one scene. These symbols are supposed to be an "alien" language, yet they are similar to the hidden symbols in the windows of

After watching this video you should come to one conclusion. Evolution is a faith based belief system just like atheism. This is because there is no observable evidence evolution can be proven. The "science" behind it sounds plausible, but at

Look, let's be honest about the fact many of us know December 25 is not the actual birthdate of Jesus Christ. Those of us who have educated ourselves know Yeshua was a Virgo. Yet, Christmas affords families to step off the hamster

Yesterday, we ran a post titled, "INDIA FINDS SMALL HUMANOID CREATURES IN THE EARTH! (YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS)," where our source in India sent us pictures of a strange creature pulled from the Earth. Since then our source

American Black activist and comedian Dick Gregory once said, "If you really want to find out what's happening with something. Watch the news as its happening before they censor it." Now I paraphrased his quote to illustrate the fact the

Scientist of the world who promote mankind evolved for a distant ape like mammal are still searching for this evidence today. Meaning, it is still a theory until proven otherwise. This generally excepted theory is promoted, as if even without

It is time for the Most High to make his presence known on a national level. After Oklahoma City finishes removing the Ten Commandments from its historical location it will begin. I believe the Most High is going to hit

I was in New York City on that fateful day of September 11, 2001. I remember watching the news coverage as it happened. I learned that if you watch the news as its unfolding you will be able to compare it to

First, let's remember this post is under the "Theory" section before you mail me a straight jacket and a bag of pills. With that being said, let's go into this analysis understanding and agreeing the television is used to brainwash

The Pyramids of Giza are considered one the greatest wonders of the world. Gerald Massey (29 May 1828 – 29 October 1907) was a poet and author of spiritualism. He was best known for his book Ancient Egypt: The Light of

Early this morning my close friend who is like a brother to me, sent me pictures from a mutual friend. I actually had the honor of being a guest on a radio show with the lady who sent the pictures.

When I first introduced to the sleeping masses the Super Bowl's halftime concert was actually a satanic ritual used to capture massive energy; in conjunction with a specific cosmic alignment known as the Silver Gate. (Which is a point in

I am asking you to play along with me on this one. Instead of beings the devil's advocate let's try to think like the Devil. The target will be the chosen people and anything goes except genocide. What would you

Even unproven conspiracy theories can make sense by simply waiting for the pieces to fall into place. I believe this is the case with the Akhenaten to President Obama cloning comparison. Many researchers hypothesized President Obama is a clone of

Since CERN re-fired up their super conducting cables the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been in the cross-hairs of independent researchers. And rightly so, I might add! CERN has a relationship with the planet Saturn with their not so subtle selection

It appears we now have a blood sacrifice pattern for the Super Bowl mega ritual. Last year Phillip Seymour Hoffman was the blood sacrifice for Super Bowl 48. Where the breakdown of his name was related to both teams in

The greatest American sports championship (and most watched) is upon our doorstep once again. This is the fourth installment and analysis of the Super Bowl halftime show I will be posting. First, after receiving many comments some kind, not so

I have to say it is great to be an unpaid intern for team Most High! There is a spirit of teamwork going on and I have to thank my friend Mary for sending me this BBC video. My interest

Many people are aware sporting events have a history of being rigged. The mafia notoriously decided the outcome of professional boxing matches in order to increase their wealth. What most people are not aware of is the role of dark

You will not hear this story on the mainstream news but today begins the flight of an asteroid named 1930 Lucifer (from Oct. 11 - 23rd) over the North Pole. What makes this exceptionally interesting is this asteroid will be

People gather and the clash begins for the delight of the senses, minds focused on the Super Bowl game, slowly unifying the energy fields, a fair amount of violence and everything feels electrified. Two virtual opposites under the same dome

The latest fear factor in the news these days is the ebola virus and chatter the virus spawns zombies. Now that the virus has finally landed in Texas the fear factor has been ratcheted up. Some parents have allegedly taken

During the month of July we ran a post titled, "Joan Rivers: Obama GAY and Michelle TRANSGENDER!" and we questioned if there would be legal ramifications based on Joan Rivers  inflammatory comments against the Obamas. We believed since she

If you are a regular on this underground site you would know occasionally we touch on the plausibility of cloning. The Book of Jasher speaks of genetic engineering and the manipulation of genes is part of cloning. I had an

I just had a fellow researcher shoot me a video you all should see. I had some of this footage in a post titled, "ALERT: Tare-able Silent Invasion In Progress" but this YouTube producer has spliced together some compelling

Many independent researchers are aware of synchronicities in movies and current events. Some synchronicities happen (in reality) soon after while others can take decades. The most infamous of these synchronicities is 9/11 which was produced in many movies, cartoons, and

The connection between anciently revered star gates and Super Bowl rituals was the hidden element of an occult ritual. You see after Madonna’s performance in Super Bowl 46 I was suspicious the stars were some how involved. It was not

Okay, folks this is a weird one with the eyes again. I got called out by a reader by not supporting the Justin Bieber eye change when he was standing in court. I have to say maybe I was wrong

Earlier in the week an astute Facebook friend (I am sure wishes to remain anonymous) brought to my attention Richard Dreyfuss on the "Mike Huckabee Show." She immediately noticed the pupils of Richard Dreyfuss appeared as slits. I noticed the

Is it possible the researched conclusions we have relied on for ancient understanding are incorrect? By this I mean the so-called experts with 2 to 3 letters after their names. The ones from academia who submit theories the masses soak

The theological community is a-buzz with debate over the authenticity and potential perspective changing recently discovered Coptic papyrus. Within this papyrus is a reference to Jesus having a wife and a female disciple. This is not "new" news surrounding the

A friend of mine in the United Kingdom emails me this evening with a disturbing commercial he witnessed on television, after the Manchester v. Liverpool soccer match. This commercial was produced by the BBC and in it they flash ancient

Many occult symbols are hidden and plain sight and this "Red X" seems to fit the bill. This giant "Red X" also has the all-seeing eye inlaid with a pyramid pattern and from a distance the top of a beam

When most people are introduced to the reptilian theory they look at you like you are Bigfoot. Many people do not have a foothold on the ancient history regarding the "seed of the serpent" or the telltale signs manifesting in

This week I was sorting through pictures of the "Royals" and I encountered a picture of the Queen of England. I am no longer shocked when I see the reptilian pupil of many prominent people. I am also not shocked

I decided after experiencing the true political nature of the "watchman" universe I would remain mum and let The Most High sort it out. This was until today, I received an email which was sent to me and three other

My close friend returned from New Orleans after attending the NBA All Star Game weekend.  What he shared with me sparked a clarity in me like a struck match stick. Immediately years of research coalesced into instant knowledge and insight

After being notified by a friend regarding the BAFTA trophy I instantly jumped into investigating it.  BAFTA stands for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and is equivalent to the Oscars in America.  What stands out about BAFTA

Two days prior to Super Bowl XLVIII I successfully predicted the outcome of the game based on unlocking secrets being used against us. The odds were 80% in favor of the Denver Broncos winning and the underdog Seahawks were

Folks it is that time of the year again -- time for the mega-rituals. We kick-off the year with the largest ritual and energy hijack with the Super Bowl. This year's Super Bowl 48 will be no different. Because of the

Is it possible when we are watching movies there are things happening we are missing? Could the actors themselves provide us a glimpse into the unknown world of a different specie of humans? As our beliefs are being suspended from

Donnie Darko is a 2001 American science fiction drama film written and directed by Richard Kelly and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore, Patrick Swayze, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Noah Wyle, Jena Malone, and Mary McDonnell. The film depicts the adventures of the

Some of these Hollywood movies are used to communicate milestones, completion, and future events among the tare-able elite. It is the fellow (member or proxies) producers and directors indicating to them which particular movie must be watched. These movies are usually endowed

There is a growing body of awareness sweeping the Earth, with people with eyes to SEE and ears to HEAR, regarding the true reality of our slave masters. Yes, we are all enslaved and it started with our minds. We

The U.S. money is not the only money with reptilian features plastered over it! In fact it appears European currency carries the same motif and this is clearly a global collaboration with intention. Many Biblical scholars debate if the seed

I think titling the this and the related post "Kabbalah Magic on the Money" is an injustice to this piece and quite misleading. The reason being, is the symbols and characters on the new $100 bill, is a tapestry of

Our we living in the time of the "revealing?"  There are so many secrets coming to light and it is because the Holy Spirit is spreading like a California wild fire on the 4th of July!  I presume this is

After spending years researching ancient cultures, where some honored the commandments of the Most High, and others who served the agenda of the Satanic Kingdom -- I have come to a startling conclusion. Over the eons the names of the

I recently ran across a video regarding the name of Barack Obama. The person created anagrams of President Barack Obama's name and it supports those with allegations he is not what he appears. Many will say this person has to

The Navy Yard shooting is another chapter in the seemingly senseless murders of innocent people by another gunmen with a history of a psychotropic drug protocol. The shooter Aaron Alexis entered the Washington DC, Navy Yard complex on September 16,

We have received a tip from our readership about their experience at one of the American investment banks in New York City. To protect the names of the innocent and the name of the financial institution we will change them.

Who knew creating a mirror image of "The Last Super" would reveal so many esoteric images? Jesus would appear to have the "third eye" a lion-esque face and is wearing a pennant with a man's face with a crown. Author

Every month extreme weather patterns are breaking records somewhere on the earth. If it is not the temperature then it is rainfall. Some volcanoes are at least 500 times while others which lied dormant have erupted after 100 years. Extreme

If this video is authentic it shows increasing spiritual manifestation in our dimension. I myself am not savvy with Photoshop and I can not verify the veracity of the video but I can tell you from regularly watching this YouTube

The ancient civilizations of Sumer and Egypt, left a trail of bread crumbs for researchers to "re-discover" what was once generally understood by the ancient masses. The grandeur of the Pyramid of Giza is an architectural feat unsurpassed by modern

The Vatican also known as the "The Holy city" is the central governing body of the Catholic Church and sovereign entity recognized by international law. The Pope and Roman Curia (the administrative apparatus of the Holy See and the central

We accurately predicted the Duchess of Cambridge would give birth to a son on July 22, 2013. How did we know this at Revelation Now? Because our research of the relationship between celestial configurations and royal births including

The world is transfixed on the future birth of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate's first born child. Prince William's birth on June 21, 1982, was celebrated by the world as the beloved Grail Princess Diana of Wales, produced

On July 22 - 30, 2013, the planets and star constellations of the zodiac will complete the 13th configuration of the Star of David. This will not happen again for over 100 years! This cycle started in August of 1990

I have to be one of the most objective observers of the Zimmerman trial in America. I did not watch one minute of the trial and I am now focused on the verdict. I stumbled across the most troubling part

Long before Edward Snowden became the snitch of the century the Constitution was under attack and was successfully modified to eliminate personal freedoms. Post 9/11, the Patriot Act was written well in advance of the "terror" attack on the USA.

Is it a coincidence as the world turns away from the Word of The Most High the weather is becoming more extreme? Is there a connection between record-setting natural disasters and the consciousness of the people? Finally, is the earth

The unfolding story in the aftermath of the notorious "Boston Bombing" reads like a Tom Clancy's novel. Not only are the two FBI agents who killed Tsarnaev dead, now an acquaintance of the deceased suspect has been killed. His name

Here is another installment of comparative photos between famous celebrities and their doppelganger from a previous life. I must say some of the pictures are very compelling. If you compare bone structure symmetry, ears, and eye shape you will agree

A fleet of Boeing planes flew over Westchester, New York, spraying an unknown substance from the tail of the plane. This went on for a good hour and it was clear they were not crop dusting. What the hell are

A little known video surfaced of the Boston Bombing suspects who can allegedly be heard yelling, "We give up! We did not do it!" This video was captured on Fox News and has not been heard of since. As the

What is the probability for every successful "act of terror" there was a government drill running in tandem that day? One time is explainable, but two, three, four and five? The probability of this happening for all of them is

September 11, 2001, will forever be etched into the minds of the people from the four corners of the Earth. This was a day of great loss of life and freedoms. For the first time in the history of the

The fickle minds of America are easily distracted and have the attention span of a house fly thanks to the speed of media today. What is hot news in the moment is forever forgotten when the next news sensation inundates

I remember when President Obama interrupted my favorite program on television and announced to the American people Osama Bin Laden was killed. He also told the American people his body was thrown over-board from a Naval vessel into the ocean.

This connection is highly speculative because what we are suggesting involves two different women. Although Rihanna and Beyonce run in the same circles they are still separate people. We are trying to figure out what was happening to Beyonce's neck

The best way to hide anything is in plain view and the best way to train people is the same. Is it possible while we (the sheeple) enjoy movies on the silver screen, the elite use it to educate

After watching Beyonce possessed with an entity transforming her into a "black-eyed" demon while dancing and making faces like she had the worst case of hemorrhoids (or IBS) in Super Bowl history, brought me deeper into the rabbit hole. If

Watching Beyonce's Super Bowl performance raised many questions after further analysis of images incorporated into her ritual. One in particular vexed me because I knew I had seen this image pattern before.  In the beginning of the performance she laid

More gaming propaganda for the youth of the world and this time humans are no longer people with extraordinary abilities, they are (ehem) gods! This is the title of Warner Brothers Gaming Division game coming soon called "Injustice -

First, let me say I could never get behind the David Icke shape-shifter theory. In my opinion it is to easy to fake these days with computer technology. I have seen the reptilian pupil slit video of President Bush

After successfully predicting Beyonce would incorporate Taurus the Bull into her Halftime "show." It is now safe to say these are more than just shows. There is an occult ritual simultaneously running with the "entertainment." Carefully timed and nested

Super Bowl 47 was the strangest game I have ever seen, not just because of the power outage but the speed of the Halftime Show. The Halftime Show's lighting and special effects operated at light speed and at the subliminal

We have found a pattern behind most of these mass shootings as of late and we believe they are orchestrated by demonic possession. These dark forces need a gateway to enter our world and the Galactic Plane a.k.a., The Dark

Super Bowl XLVII will be shown on Feb. 3, 2013 via CBS and tens of millions of football fans will be tuning into to the show. Last year, Madonna's occult riddled performance was the talk of the blogosphere

This is going to be a difficult read and for most, very hard to wrap your head around. It certainly was for me and I have an open mind! Let's start this off with quote from the highly respected

Is this the validation the Sandy Hook Elementary conspiracy theorist needed? According to the The Newtown Bee, a man was in fact found in the woods outside of Sandy Hook Elementary with a weapon by police! It was later

I write this article with a great degree of hesitation because while growing up, comic books were my "wooby." For those of you who do not know, a "wooby" (click here to learn more) is a security blanket. Comic

I am re-posting this story after posting yesterday and it mysteriously disappeared. Basically, the NYC high speed ferry crash has linkage to "The Dark Knight Rises" and this time thankfully no one has died. At least 70

I spoke with a reporter today from WSLS regarding my reactions to the closing of the Giles County School system based on our article. The interviewers name is Ken and he probed my mind with excellent questions and was

I would like to thank the parents from Narrows who expressed warm wishes to for our earnest and compelling research and to those parents who were upset, we apologize because this was not our intent. The article which

This was a shocking and disconcerting day on We were notified the Giles County School system decided to shut down the schools based on an article we published on December 18, 2012. It was bitter sweet because

When John F. Kennedy was murdered this country would never be the same. In my opinion, it was the day we lost America. We had a President who not only stood up to secret government and secret societies; but, publicly

Whitney Houston was murdered and new evidence – caught on video – proves it, says a top Hollywood private investigator who is turning all of his material over to the FBI, according to a new report.

Paul Huebl also says the

As the nation mourns the lives of the children and adults taken by the senseless killings in Newtown, Connecticut, many of us try to make sense of it. Honestly, we probably never will make sense of it but human

We are in no way endorsing the senseless violence of these demented killers based on our research of "The Dark Knight Rises" massacre connections. If you have been following the articles here, you will have discovered a connection between the

There seems to be troubling facts surrounding "The Dark Knight Rises" killing sprees. Yes, I did say "killing sprees" because the Aurora, Colorado killing spree has been followed up by another horrific mass murder scene at Sandy Hook Elementary

Let's face it folks we have a national conundrum on our hands with gun laws and the management therein. It is painfully obvious after 20 elementary school students are gunned down, something must happen to hinder this from happening

I write this article with a broken heart and I can only imagine the devastation of the parents who learned their child was murdered in Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown, Connecticut. Tears immediately welled into my eyes as I watched the

Many people argue fervently about the ethnicity of Jesus Christ and it's clearly a game changer when it comes to following Him with some people. It is true, from a spiritual perspective it is irrelevant, because what is the color

Word War Z, starring Brad Pitt hits theaters Summer of 2013, if we are lucky and do not have a zombie attack before then! Is it possible we are creating these realities with our imaginations? Could the zombie

First, I am writing this in the hopes this is nothing more than a video editing package prank because if it is not we are in BIG trouble! On Friday, October 19, 2012, CBS affiliate KPHO in

I watched the birth of rap music and music video evolve right before my eyes at ten years of age. In the beginning rap music was all about fun and lyrical creativity. As it progressively matured it became

Felix Baumgartner jumped from a capsule 128,000 feet above the Earth, shattering the record for the highest altitude skydive in recorded history. Many independent researchers studied the footage and now believe there is an occult connection to this

The passing of Neil Armstrong has reignited many theories of what actually was witnessed during his trip to the moon. Many say the truth was suppressed in order to shield the world's religions from destruction. How could any of

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) made headlines this week for his speech transmitted on CSPAN for slamming the wealthiest class in America. He defined them as manipulating taxes and wealth in this country. Well, duh! That is what you do

If you have the "eyes to see" and the "ears to hear" and you watched the opening of the Olympics you knew you were witnessing something special. By special, I mean you were witnessing an occult ritual releasing

As soon as I heard the news about the massacre I became suspicious of the entire heartbreaking ordeal. My prayers go out to the family and friends who were killed or injured and even the people who suffered through

The Forerunner Chronicles (FC), have discovered a connection between MTV and a Freemason's Masonic Temple in downtown, Toronto, Canada. It was actually an easy connection to make because the building is adorned with a stone etching "Masonic Temple" and

As the who's-who of the global arrive for their yearly retreat and secret planning sessions,  they are taunted by Mark Dice with a bullhorn.  This is a mad funny scene where he shouts allegations, insults and priceless one liners.  I

I will be the first to tell you this sounds far-fetched and the stuff of Sci-Fi novels; but, still it must be investigated. Last year Nicholas Cage was interviewed by David Letterman regarding his uncanny resemblance to a

The animated film short, "I, Pet Goat II",  is a film bursting with ancient and prophetic symbolism. It is clearly putting (Montreal based) Canadian animated studio Heliofant on the map as an exciting and fresh new talent. Many bloggers and

Take a gander at the picture above and see what comes to mind. The garden of death? Or the evil landscape of Hell's gardener? What you are looking at, is the construction of an elaborate ceremony

As cyber geeks, archeologist, and science fiction fans await the opening of the movie "Prometheus", the Internet is buzzing with new theories, regarding the true story behind the movie. The movie uses a compilation of every genuine major

Out of the blue reality has been inundated with Zombie news. Real life stories, of a feral butt naked man snacking on another man's face or one man eating his roommates whole heart with a side of

Sean Young is an actress who gained fame from cult classic movies like Dune and Blade Runner. She has had a successful Hollywood career and appears to be a very intelligent while also being a philosophical gem.

The American's who are awake and aware something was not right about Super Bowl 2012's Half Time Show, were right.  Many people watched the Half Time Show and said it was really creative. Those who were awake were immediately disturbed

I really did not plan on writing this much today; but, after reading the below titled post from by Max Read, I felt compelled to set the record straight. I am not sure if this writer is a

The Whitney Houston funeral was not as normal as the television cameras revealed. You would think a Baptist (wake) funeral home would be free of any ancient Egyptian coffins? In fact, was it not Moses, who

I know this sounds bat-s%*t crazy to most people, but, for the people who research ancient civilizations, it is not. I watched one of the best Super Bowls of my life. I was sitting on the edge

I do not mean to be offensive with the title of this post! Many people are totally in the dark with the crop circle phenomenon. Some of the crop circles have been debunked and proven to have been created by

Many people make predictions every year. Some of them are on the money but most of them are duds. We here at Revelation Now have decided to take a shot at the predictions for the year. If we are wrong

Some say, “So what the planets are aligning and a rouge comet smacked into Mars. It doesn’t affect me!” This statement is not so true. There is an explainable link between us living on this earth and the rest of

I have been fascinated with the Mayan calendar and civilization for over 15 years now.  Their calendar began in August 3113 BC and it ends in December 2012.  The calendar is so accurate it is only off by 33 seconds

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