Cult 45 and the Golden Calf of the End Times

Cult 45 and the Golden Calf of the End Times

Before you get your political giblets twisted in a knot let me preface this post by saying my allegiance is to the Most High. Worldly affairs and politics take a back seat to the spiritual laws of the Most High. You cannot serve two masters and if your feelings get in the way of this principle your ego is the problem. This is the problem with former President Donald J. Trump.


Listen carefully to what the Bible teaches here!


Trump has been elevated as a “master” who is now competing with the Most High. Many of Trump’s cult members claim they are Christians but transgress Biblical laws by praying to Trump. The latest illustration was the latest CPAC where a golden effigy of Trump was presented to attendees. Many Biblical scholars immediately made the association to the golden calf in the Old Testament. Where they wrong?

Absolutely not and the reason being is this is text book idol worship. Trump stands above Biblical values and spiritual laws. Trump admittedly has never asked the Most High for forgiveness…neither did Satan.  Trump’s lifestyle is “do what thou whilt” meaning he is a free spirit and does what pleases him. Although Trump claims he is a Christian his behavior is not in conformance with the teachings of the Most High.


Man prays to Donald Trump like he is the Most High!


Can you imagine if Yahusha behaved as Trump? The real problem for America is this “golden calf” moment will incur more Judgement from the Most High. I made it quite clear we are in prophecy 2 Esdras 16 which is the Beginning of the Sorrows. We are knocking on the door of Tribulation and things are happening faster. Meaning we are in the earthquake and sink hole portion of the prophecy. An American city will be devastated by a great earthquake.

Sadly, people have not made the connection between their behavior and “Acts of God.” The more people rally around the “golden calf” the harsher the Judgement will be. Spiritually following Trump is a death sentence for America. Biblical common sense would tell you it is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than a rich man entering Heaven. What makes Trump any different? Why are people praying to him?



In the end, it is time to repent from following Trump OR any politician for that matter.  If your heart is not aligned with the Kingdom then you have some hellish days ahead of you. Trump does pay the Most High lip service but has behavior is not in congruence with Biblical laws. The Book of Numbers 16:25-40 is about to come to fruition yet again. Wake up before your number is called. The Most High is on the side of the oppressed.


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