Super Bowl 52: Prediction, Protection Spell, and the god Silvanus

Super Bowl 52: Prediction, Protection Spell, and the god Silvanus

Super Bowl 52 is tomorrow and this is the sixth year of reverse engineering the occult motifs that pepper the stage and artist. The question is why are there elements from magic spell books like the Book of Shadows and the Golden Order of the Hermetic Dawn incorporated into the performances? There is also a storied ancient constellation known as the “Silver Gate” (located between Gemini and Taurus and where ancient testimony stated celestial beings would exit) aligned with the meridian of the stadium during the performance. Authentic magic spells are usually predicated on specific celestial alignments and manipulate human and celestial energies.



Finally, most if not all of the artist performing have music video histories which include symbols that relate to witchcraft and symbols to control the elements. Justin Timberlake is no different and is the next Super Bowl halftime entertainer to bring it with them to the stage. I will say this is the most difficult prediction to read. Also the press has yet to announce all of the performers for the halftime show which hinders the analysis.


At 5:31 you will see the horned sculpture on
the dresser. That is not the Baphomet.


Since the New England Patriots returned to Super Bowl 52 it is certainly less work for me. They are wearing their white jerseys and they will resonate with the moon. Last year they were my predictive pick based on evidence pointing to the moon. Especially since Lady Gaga was connected to the moon goddess Hecate. The occult handlers pulled out no stops and made sure almost every occult symbol was present on the stage. Lady Gaga made sure to wear the color alchemy match of silver and white.

Hecate is the goddess of the cross roads. You have to admit since Donald Trump was elected, love him or hate him, the people in America are at a crossroads. I believe these rituals are initiated in order to manipulate the masses mentality, emotions, cause conflict, or bloodshed. Is it possible to harness energy from a planet? Well, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn certainly says it is. This magical order is an organization devoted to the study and practice of the occult, metaphysics, and paranormal activities. Like anything intentions drive the “fruit.” 



What exactly IS the explanation for shaping the stage like the cross used by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn? That cross is used to evoke the elements and planetary influence when Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce performed on it. Mind you the most common purposes of magick are: energy work, divination, consciousness. I often wonder if somewhere underneath the stadium another occult ritual is being performed very similar to this article, “The Cabin in the Woods”: A Movie Celebrating the Elite’s Ritual Sacrifices.



Even the artist are connected by birth to the planets the occult ritual is targeting. It is imperative you read the post titled, PLUTO’S HEART: SMOKING GUN OF HOLLYWOOD’S HANCOCK ANCIENT COSMIC RITUAL.  You will see SO many “coincidences” you will be unable to refute that something else must be happening! Justin Timberlake is the headliner/magician for Super Bowl 52 haftime show and he has a god he resonates with as well. Like Lady Gaga had Hecate I believe Justin Timber Lake has the god Silvanus.



This is why all of the sudden in his career he has turned to “country” because timing is everything!  Silvanus, is linked to the god Pan  and protector of the land and animals, in fact he was also known as “protector of the country.” I expect Justin Timberlake to channel the god Silvanus and totally evoke a country boy theme, hence the “Man in the Woods.” I believe we will hear words like “my country” or “country” vocalized and I believe the ritual will evoke “Mars” for protection and possibly war. 


If Ciara performs she will bring the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.


Justin Timberlake’s dominant planet is Mercury and Mercury is known as the “Magician.” Justin Timberlake even had an album titled, “Magic.” This will be a protection spell for America! Again, you will hear the word “country” and “my country” thrown around and perhaps the military will be featured in some manner to protect them as well. Last year was the “cross roads” spell and now the elite will cast a protection spell. We can expect an earthly theme to resonate with Silvanus. We should certainly see trees and maybe animals? Also, to stay true to Silvanus, Timberlake should wear earth tones if he is not in traditional magician colors.


The prediction of Super Bowl 51 was 100% accurate last year.


Super Bowl 52 has two teams with symbolic motifs related to America. The Patriots are the militia and the Eagles represent the entire country. In my opinion it is the opportune time to cast a protection and assault spell. We will have to reverse engineer the halftime show to see if this is the case. The color alchemy as it is now resonates with: the Moon, Saturn, and Venus. We will see, but I do not see a team that has to win to make the spell work.

If I had to lean toward a symbol I would choose the Philadelphia Eagles because the Eagle represents all of America, while the Patriots resonate with militia. Or it DOES NOT MATTER who wins this game from the spell perspective because the symbols in the cauldron both resonate America.

Winner: Philadelphia Eagles 

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