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Collectively, there is a consensus America is going through great change. People with an active spiritual immune system are keenly aware of this change and it is the Age of Satanism. Most people think satanism is just: sacrifice, blood, and

Another mass shooting occurred in America this evening. This unfortunate time the location is Lafayette, Louisiana at the Grand Theater movie theater. Details are still pouring in but from what we know now a gunman entered the movie theater

We should all be preparing our minds and expectations for what has been spiritually prophetically ordained from the Most High. Please for your own good stop chasing elite media planted stories into the alternative media. Have you noticed since the

As America's collective consciousness deals with the aftermath of the African Methodist Episcopal Church mass shooting where nine people were shot and killed; the mainstream media is mum on the spiritual evidence it presents. This mass shooting has joined

This post contains some controversial topics and information that tend to provoke angry and indignant feelings for many. From the outset, please understand the perspective this is written from is spiritual. We are at a critical juncture in history

I do not think I will ever get over the irony of the "chosen people" hosting a gay parade in Tel Aviv, Israel. The premise of these chosen people claiming ownership of Israel is they are the stewards of Old

Popular culture seems oblivious to the fact The Most High uses floods, rains, fire, wind, hail, meteors, and earthquakes as a form of punishment against the unrighteous. As we watch these "natural" disasters unfold I have realized not one major

In my recent post, "Weapons of Mass Destruction of the Most High - Coming to your TOWN?" I addressed the fact earthquakes will be occurring in heavily populated areas in America. The mainstream media has hypnotized the masses into

So, a lot of people believe we are living in the end times as described in scripture. This belief is largely based on the seeming apocalyptic events that have been happening the last several years. There have been several

I have been extremely busy these days more so than other days. In addition, to research and focusing on the upcoming Mega Super Ba’al ritual I have been trying to educate people on the dangers of following man-made doctrine and

Do you know what the cross represents? Well, it has many dimensions of meaning but my favorite is what it represents to the spiritual war. It means it has already been won! Yes, it is the ultimate symbol for spiritual

After watching the media portray protest as a result of police shooting unarmed black males you would think it is black vs. white, Crips vs. Bloods, or the Sharks vs. the Jets. What the media is not showing you regularly

It is apparent America has lost all semblances of spiritual common sense and spiritual integrity. While shopping at Toys-R-Us this weekend I passed a column of stacked games for sale. In a premiere location on the store shelves I saw

After discovering ancient pictographs hidden on the latest $100 bill I was at a loss for words and that is something for me! You see within the windows of Independence Hall were a mix of ancient glyphs in which some were

Sex is so pervasive in society, you almost can’t walk out your door with your eyes open anymore. Movies, television including news, cartoons, and commercials are nothing short of soft porn these days. Video games are in on the action

One of the most enigmatic verses in the Bible concerns the parable of the "wheat" and the "tares." Apparently, there will be a separation process because the wheat and the tares are living together. Which means our Biblical enemy has

We all have our gifts from the Most High when it comes to independent research and once you find it you become a steward of that information. It will manifest in your life as a passion and you will be driven

After writing the post, "David Rockefeller and House of Baal" I planned on following up with more details on the post. When I first witnessed the pillars on the building I realized the building had an occult nature. I

When I discovered (Taurus IN Super Bowl XLVII?) the Super Bowl was using anciently renowned cosmic gates in conjunction with occult symbols I knew I was in for a journey into the ancient past. To have my discovery confirmed by