Spiritual Things & Prophecy


Let's be honest we are all at different developmental points in our spiritual journey. Some enthusiastically embrace Scripture and are more than happy to share quotes when appropriate. Some are excited to be lumped into the Chosen People and endeavor

2019 will be the year the people of Earth begin to question if there is a higher power directing events on the Earth. It is time for the Most High to unleash powerful judgments on the Earth in the form

It is official "Chemtrails" are now the official solution for saving the Earth. For over a decade now chemtrails are deployed all over the world. In the beginning, many independent researchers claimed chemtrails is part of Project Blue Beam and

Liberal minds are the antithesis of Biblical moral codes and directives. I have said this once and I will say it again, "Biblical laws were given to the human race so mankind could live in harmony with His Creation." It

Mother Earth is clearing her pipes and ready to stand up and sing. Maybe not the final ginormous earthquake the Bible references in the Book of Revelation 11:13, but what a day for great earthquakes. Luckily for the island of

There is a mystery presented in the prophetic book of Revelation in the Bible regarding Jews. It states there is a group of people who claim to be Jews but are not. This Biblical fact opens the door for an

Before I begin let me preface this post with my personal journey with comic books. As a military brat, my family moved quite frequently. Long-term relationships with childhood friends were not really possible because at that time there were no

How many times have you seen a prison movie where inmates find out another inmate is about to be paroled? Once the word spreads the soon to be paroled inmate is usually abused more and taxed of things of value.

It seems every quarter the Earth is demonstrating great change and the world is truly in the throes of upheaval. The thing is none of this is new especially under the Spiritual law...there is nothing new under the Sun.

Many of us out here who are independent researchers are aware of many prophecies in the Bible and other ancient prophecies. If we are aware of them so is the power base they are targeted which I call the elite.

If you have studied ancient prophecy including Biblical prophecy you would know we are in the time of the "Beginning of the Sorrows." This is a time of extreme weather, pits (sinkholes), and great earthquakes. There is a connection

This post for me is not terribly heart felt, but at the same time watching this presidency play out has been quite entertaining at best and absurdly ridiculous at worst. I don’t really participate politically, and I have less than

I finally got around to watching the movie American Satan and I realized it was nothing more than a standard Faustian propaganda film to condition the masses on the attributes of satanism. There was no creative ambiguity with the main

The speed of life in America is designed to distract you from the important things in life. It is the pursuit of money and your survival needs which is the greatest distraction in this life. We rarely have time for