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I recently had an exchange with yet another Christian with a nasty attitude. I must say there are many Christians out there who are as mean as rattlesnakes. For some reason they feel because they read and feel they know

Starbuck's logo is a recreation of the pagan goddess Ishtar in one of her many guises there should be no more questions. If you understand ancient history you would know Ishtar invented prostitution in her temple. Women would shave their

Quantum Physics has found that everything in existence consists of energy at the sub atomic level and is in a constant state of motion and vibration. This includes the abstract and ethereal like thought and emotion. Scripture teaches so much

Many people who claim to be following the teachings of Yeshua are nothing more than wolves cloaked as a lamb of the Most High. I conversed with many people via comments and email only to be shocked at their true

WE ARE IN A WAR for our body, mind, and soul while being attacked esoterically; including being physically poisoned! This is a trinity attack on body, mind, and soul. The largest corporations are in on it and we have seen a terrific

Alternative media and the truth movement lately is looking more and more like a cesspit of lies, hate, and discontent than like minded individuals working together to find truth and expose lies. It's a little astonishing because a large percentage

The general masses were brainwashed by the media about the true prophecies regarding the Mayan culture and their long count calendar ending on December 21, 2012. If you did not study the Mayan culture you were at the mercy of Hollywood movies

As mankind divorces himself from accepting and practicing the natural order created by The Most High; the weather is becoming more extreme. There is a direct relationship between Holy covenants, mankind, and the weather. Most people are oblivious to this relationship

Planned Parenthood is a big topic in mainstream and alternative media lately for selling aborted fetal organs. As despicable as this is we really need a perspective check here.  This issue is a prime example of distraction journalism. Abortion is a

Collectively, there is a consensus America is going through great change. People with an active spiritual immune system are keenly aware of this change and it is the Age of Satanism. Most people think satanism is just: sacrifice, blood, and

Another mass shooting occurred in America this evening. This unfortunate time the location is Lafayette, Louisiana at the Grand Theater movie theater. Details are still pouring in but from what we know now a gunman entered the movie theater

We should all be preparing our minds and expectations for what has been spiritually prophetically ordained from the Most High. Please for your own good stop chasing elite media planted stories into the alternative media. Have you noticed since the

As America's collective consciousness deals with the aftermath of the African Methodist Episcopal Church mass shooting where nine people were shot and killed; the mainstream media is mum on the spiritual evidence it presents. This mass shooting has joined