Spiritual Things & Prophecy


There is an awakening to the plausibility dark skinned people were scattered throughout the ten kingdoms as slaves. As more information is aggregated there is convincing evidence the true Chosen people as discussed in the Book of Deuteronomy, were in

The media is domestically centered when it comes to reporting on events. You assume floods are only happening in the United States when the world is dealing with flooding. There are other events plaguing the world and each year "Acts

There are many Believers out there who are full blown truth seekers and once you become one there is no going back. There is no unseeing the true nature of reality and we are called to prove all things including

In addition to studying Biblical prophecy for over 30 years, I have also educated myself on star constellations and the planets. I have been studying topics like the New World Order (circa 1993) before the Internet became all the rage.

The Most High is speaking to the inhabitants of Earth, if you understand how He communicates. You must be seeking the Spirit of Truth in order to interpret what is unfolding on the Earth according to prophecy. Major events just

I have been asked over the years why I entertain dysfunctional behavior from people who promote themselves as Christians on Facebook. I have encountered some conflicted people who gush about "God's Love" and then behave the very way the teachings

Every Christian empath can feel it in their gut. The Most High is making Himself known what he thinks about the shenanigans of the pagan elite's influence over the world; directed by the god of this world. As mankind worships

As Science tries to catch up with the mind of the Most High they've postulated what the Bible has already told us. Before I continue let us get some things straight. I have heard self appointed Bible experts mislead their

Way back in May of 2015, I penned a post titled, "HOUSTON MAYOR AND HER BIBLICAL FLOODING CONNECTION." In this post I presented the Biblical human relationship between correlation and causation. I used Biblical Scripture to establish the fact the

If you think Biblical prophecy is a bunch of malarkey and nothing more than a fairy tale then why is it becoming a reality? Amazingly enough Revelation 16:12, speaks of the Euphrates River drying up to make the way for

Although many of us make the claim we are "spiritual" beings many of us lose sight of operating in spirit first. We become fixated on physical things and our focus becomes our reality. We are forgetting the Bible although replete

One of the most least discussed aspects of the "Day of the Lord" is that His Creation is the weapon of that day. Most people are caught up in the "invasion" scenario or an economic collapse leading to the destruction