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This is the season for the Most High to punish the people or reward them based on their collective actions. Job 37:13, teaches, "He brings the clouds to punish people, or to water his earth and show his love." We

I recently penned a post titled, The Sun Is Getting HOTTER and HOTTER!!! and on its cusp is India's heatwave 123 Fahrenheit just decimal points shy of record temperature at 123.8 Fahrenheit, from 2016. It is so hot dozens of

Say what you want, mock, devalue, and belittle the plausibility of humanoid reptilian beings. At one point in human history every continent has evidence of worshiping a reptilian being. The evidence comes in the form of statues, fresco, bas-relief, and

The New Age doctrines are shamelessly given credit for what has Biblical origins. I always say what is labeled New Age is actually Old Age and by that I mean Biblical in nature. The New Age doctrine expeditiously promotes astral

These days LGBT gets the biggest rise out of the Christian community when it comes to calling out sin. The LGBT community is now the go to whipping boy for End Time roasting. This type of tunnel vision leaves other

If you are a regular on this site you know I frequently write about the Sun. I was one of the first to warn you about chem-trails and their true purpose to absorb solar radiation. I regularly share facts that

Let's be honest we are all at different developmental points in our spiritual journey. Some enthusiastically embrace Scripture and are more than happy to share quotes when appropriate. Some are excited to be lumped into the Chosen People and endeavor

2019 will be the year the people of Earth begin to question if there is a higher power directing events on the Earth. It is time for the Most High to unleash powerful judgments on the Earth in the form

It is official "Chemtrails" are now the official solution for saving the Earth. For over a decade now chemtrails are deployed all over the world. In the beginning, many independent researchers claimed chemtrails is part of Project Blue Beam and

Liberal minds are the antithesis of Biblical moral codes and directives. I have said this once and I will say it again, "Biblical laws were given to the human race so mankind could live in harmony with His Creation." It

Mother Earth is clearing her pipes and ready to stand up and sing. Maybe not the final ginormous earthquake the Bible references in the Book of Revelation 11:13, but what a day for great earthquakes. Luckily for the island of

There is a mystery presented in the prophetic book of Revelation in the Bible regarding Jews. It states there is a group of people who claim to be Jews but are not. This Biblical fact opens the door for an

Before I begin let me preface this post with my personal journey with comic books. As a military brat, my family moved quite frequently. Long-term relationships with childhood friends were not really possible because at that time there were no