Spiritual Things & Prophecy


One of the most least discussed aspects of the "Day of the Lord" is that His Creation is the weapon of that day. Most people are caught up in the "invasion" scenario or an economic collapse leading to the destruction

The average person is oblivious to Biblical prophecy, some church goers are lukewarm on prophecy, and the atheist does not believe in Biblical prophecy at all. Some people suggest men in power use the Bible as a play book and

It is painfully obvious many people think they understand what Christ was teaching and they really just do not get it. They bastardize political agendas as if Christ would endorse them. You will find no where in any book of

Way back in 2012 Revelation Now was one of the only sites that properly reported on Mayan prophecy in regards to December 21, 2012. When Hollywood and the media got their hands on the Mayan prophecy for December 21,

The Bible is a spiritual book which breaks down the invisible world humans cannot see while encased in flesh and blood. Near death experience reveals another Universe teeming with life where some have a positive experience while others have a

Before we get started let us establish the fact we are in a spiritual war. This is a war of not flesh and blood, but one of Spirit and Energy. Our enemy has been identified as "dark forces" who are

The human soul is the most important part of the human experience. Many people realize we are actually spiritual beings having a human experience. Meaning we are spirit first and we are temporarily encased in flesh. The Bible states The

I recently had an exchange with yet another Christian with a nasty attitude. I must say there are many Christians out there who are as mean as rattlesnakes. For some reason they feel because they read and feel they know

Starbuck's logo is a recreation of the pagan goddess Ishtar in one of her many guises there should be no more questions. If you understand ancient history you would know Ishtar invented prostitution in her temple. Women would shave their

Quantum Physics has found that everything in existence consists of energy at the sub atomic level and is in a constant state of motion and vibration. This includes the abstract and ethereal like thought and emotion. Scripture teaches so much