Everybody you meet and think you know is not your friend. Some people are filled with spirits who oppose the Most High and His Son Yahusha. However, demons are another story because according to Enoch when the offspring of the

A Michigan couple received the shock of their lives when their security camera sent an alert from their driveway. The image showed an angelic being hovering over their truck replete with wings and a sword! I tried to debunk and

On August 11, 2017, I was standing in my kitchen with my middle little and I turned to face him. Suddenly, I had to dodge a small billow of white smoke that appeared and disappeared as quickly as I noticed

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, is the founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG), and there is a video circulating angles appeared at his church service. His church is located in Lilongwe, Malawi. I am not sure who named him a prophet,

A new YouTube video is circulating the Internet with claims of an angel over Mexico. This looks to be high definition footage which is rare these days. The "angel" actually looks like a cloud outline of a humanoid shape with

It is tough finding good video or pictures of angels these days especially with the advent of Adobe Photoshop. Angels have the ability to change their form and have appeared as brilliant light or human form. Angels are a species

One of the most enigmatic elements of the creation of the Most High are angels. If it was not for the Book of Enoch we would not know them well. According to the Word there are angels who are faithfully

Many independent researchers and some scientist hypothesize the planet Saturn was once our Sun and giver of life to the planet earth. The Thunderbolts Project has created a venue for these theorems to gain attention in the alternative news channels.

There is a scientific  term known as pareidolia where many folks are not familiar with the term but it was definitely an experience all of had as children; and secretly many adults still do it! Remember lying on the grass

How fitting a movie is coming out about fiery lesser than angels known as Jinn who want to destroy mankind and control the world? Sounds like exactly what is going on right now! I believe we are nearing the end

The Bible is such a wonderful resource for decoding the future and maintaining a sound mind during these times. Because of Hollywood, the masses are conditioned to believe in the possibility of aliens but never the reality of angels. There are so many ancient

According to Internet chatter a man in Georgia set up a deer cam to catch whomever was trespassing on his property. He reported lights seen at night on his property and even went as far as notifying the police. What

I stumbled across a amateur video of a what looks to be like a humanoid creature streaking into the clouds. Of course I am skeptical of the coincidence of the camera recording this same part of the sky when this

I was sitting in chemotherapy with my beautiful wife and decided to read the book "Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife" by Eben Alexander, M.D. It was an easy read and several key points distinguished this book

So I have been streaming my YouTube videos directly to my 55' inch plasma television through my X-Box. It is nothing less than awesome to comfortably lay on the couch and peruse through your favorite YouTube video producers. I decided

We are truly living in the most fascinating times in human history and a giant angel three times the size of the Earth adds to the mystique. NASA SOHO satellite captured this giant angel rocketing out of the Sun.

The passing of Neil Armstrong has reignited many theories of what actually was witnessed during his trip to the moon. Many say the truth was suppressed in order to shield the world's religions from destruction. How could any of

The devastated community of Aurora, Colorado held a vigil for the victims of the Batman Massacre on July 22, 2012. People showed up in mass to show their support and lend their prayers to this tragedy. One

Thomas Horn is a controversial author and researcher of the Bible, secret societies and ancient scripts. His work is often ridiculed for the lack of physical evidence to support his theories; however, most of his connections seem plausible.

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