Best of UFO October 2012

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Honestly,  every month brings fascinating and bizarre pictures and video of UFO.  This month is no different and from the looks of things they get better every month.  Are we seeing more UFO because every cell phone is equipped with a camera?  More and more common people are experiencing strange phenomenon in the skies.

I am on the fence about the most enthralling sightings for October 2012. It was either the UFO shooting a laser into the Sun or the 200 foot cigar shaped UFO that ​flew into a ​volcano​.  What in all that is holy, is going on?  We still do not know if these are biological entities are man-made ships.  I am sure we are going to find out soon. Please take a look at this compilation for the month.

Michael Erevna, is Editor-in-chief of

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