The Short Road from the White House?

The Short Road from the White House?

Soon after Presidential candidate Romney, was handed his ‘heiney’ in a dinner napkin, rumors of States kindly asking to secede the Union began to float around the airwaves.  Suddenly, mostly below the Mason-Dixon Line, a movement is spreading like a virus, sending a clear message to President Obama.  You need to go or we will go; and we would rather be without the swollen Federal bosom bursting with free tax dollars.

The question I am asking myself is who is really behind this?  Americans had to endure 8 years of former President Bush who blatantly stole his second election and illegally invaded the Middle East killing millions based on lie.  I am sure Hefty Bags was happy to see this war but surely not the Iraqi citizens.  As documentary after documentary, is produced about President Obama’s long form birth certificate or his religious beliefs, not as many were produced about President Bush and his family.  Did you know that President Bush’s grandfather US senator Prescott Bush helped Hitler finance World War II?

This same Bush family was allowed to stay in politics while Lance Armstrong is banned from cycling for life.  Not to mention Marvin P. Bush (the youngest son of U.S. President George H. W. Bush and Barbara Pierce) was a principal in the company Securacom who had an ongoing contract to handle security at the World Trade Center, up to the day the buildings fell down.  As you can see the Bush family is much better cannon fodder for conspiracy theorist and a catalyst for mass secession. Why was this not the case during the Bush Presidency?

Is this the rare blend of envy, racism, and hatred materializing into treason, masked as secession?  The country could not be anymore divided in this election. The ethnic makeup was quite conspicuous from watching Election Day coverage, as the news teams oscillated between the Republican vs. Democrat camps. If they were clothing ads the Republicans would be “Abercrombie & Fitch” and the Democrats “Benetton.”  Or could this be Biblical prophecy unfolding before our very eyes?  Are we to understand if Romney would have won none of this would be happening?  Something else is going on right now and it is not what the media is portraying. It is not like President Obama is a dictator or has unlimited terms as Mayor Bloomberg orchestrated. Why not just wait it out?

I also find it ironic,  soon after the election the “Lincoln” movie is released to further stir up emotions.  It is clear Hollywood knows when to shelf a movie.  They certainly exercised this option after Trayvon Martin was murdered by a neighborhood watch vigilante in Florida.  The movie “The Watch” was due to be released around the same time; but, the studio realized because of the tense racial developments in the community,  it was not in good taste to release the movie. Clearly, Hollywood was aware of the high racial emotional quotient after the election and should not release “Lincoln” at this time.  Quite frankly,  I had two severe racial tension headaches after the election.

However,  Hollywood did release the movie about a President who was elected to second term while racial tensions were high. This same President had his second term cut short by an assassin’s bullet while States were petitioning to secede from the Union.  This film is now nothing more than a training film on how to stir up trouble.  We should be asking ourselves: “What is the probability of the Lincoln movie being released right after this racially charged election?” Now they want people to hit the movie theaters and get re-pissed off?

I would be remiss if I did not include the analysis of Kijani Amariak because he has his finger on the pulse of Biblical outcomes. He believes we are being conditioned to prepare ourselves for the assassination of President Obama.  His analysis comes with a twist, President Obama will be shot in the head and . . . live!  Yes, like Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who is walking and talking today. Kijani feels President Obama has a greater role in the Book of Revelation and we are being groomed to accept it. Furthermore,  all of these events are being orchestrated by the unseen Government and we are nothing more than minds to be shaped and washed.

Which ever way this works out, certainly has a sour milk ending and nobody wins. If there is a civil war it will not be civilians fighting it. I have no faith in the true grit of the American man anymore. There are far too many men scheduling manicures, pedicures, including chest, eye brows and anus waxing.  They certainly will not instill fear into the hearts and minds of an enemy. I have actually seen a man scream and run from a bee in Target.  Who ever participates in this will be real soldiers with strategy and acumen or nothing will happen at all.  Keep your eye on the sparrow . . . and no fear.

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