Roanoke Times Rip Giles County Superintendent

Roanoke Times Rip Giles County Superintendent

I spoke with a reporter today from WSLS regarding my reactions to the closing of the Giles County School system based on our article.  The interviewers name is Ken and he probed my mind with excellent questions and was open to the possibilities of the synchronicities causing the Giles County Superintendent to close the schools.  I was pleased with his professionalism, curiosity, and integrity.  At one point in the interview he asked if I was aware of the Roanoke Times editorial criticizing the logic and decision of the Superintendent to close the schools.

Well I just read it and I have to say it was not only disappointing but symptomatic of many people in media demonstrating poor observation skills and proclivity to rush to judgement without careful review of the facts. We are talking about protecting our children here. The Superintendent is responsible for the safety of all the schools and he felt compelled to responsibly implement the best protection.  Now let’s get inside the mind of the writer at the Roanoke Times based on his/her musings.

The first stab at the Superintendent was defining him as a fear-monger and irrational thinker. Also, he had fallen into the paranoid realm of online conspiracy theory.  Let’s set the writer straight and give him/her a lesson in the definition of a conspiracy theory.

A conspiracy theory explains an event as being the result of an alleged plot by a covert group or organization or, more broadly, the idea that important political, social or economic events are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public.

At no time did the article ever state this was a plot by a covert group or organization or this was in fact a secret plot.  Do you see how this writer tries to subtlety shape public perception based on misdirection? In essence they have misrepresented the Superintendent and the mentality of the local law enforcement with this statement.  Hopefully, the writer will understand what a real conspiracy theory is and accurately apply it the next time.  Because this was a clear miss.

Next, the writer describes as a “fringe” site, let’s see if this moniker accurately reflects the online magazine.

Fringe: Not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme: “fringe theater”.

We cover mainstream news, New York Times best sellers, archeology, science-technology, Biblical analysis, theories (not just conspiracy), and UFO articles which have also been featured in main-stream news. Not to mention the fact our team discovered a cymatic on an ancient Sumerian tablet which is fueling debates in research circles. Yet, this writer feels the online magazine is “fringe.”  Hardly, when we are more accurately reflected as a refreshing new site stimulating thought and expanding consciousness in our eight categories we offer our subscribers.  Again, the writer cavalierly misrepresents the true nature of our site because the writer purposefully omits the comprehensive categories.

Here is the real psychological profile of this writer when the following statement was made.

Whenever one looks hard enough, coincidences emerge. The test is how people critically evaluate them.

I am skeptical this writer even reviewed the article comprehensively, it seems more like they grazed through the article and flippantly wrote a “review” while attacking the Superintendent and law enforcement, who were protecting the children based on their instincts.  Next, the writer says, “whenever one looks hard enough, coincidence emerge.”  Again, this was not a conspiracy theory but an analysis of emerging patterns.  Let’s take a look at these patterns:

Patterns and Synchronicity of the Murder Sites & Averted Site

  • Sandy Hook  is on the “The Dark Knight Rises” map
  • The Google Map of Newtown, CT is neatly superimposed over “The Dark Knight Rises” map EXACTLY where the school is located
  • Narrows is on the “The Dark Knight Rises” map
  • The Google Map of Narrows, VA  is neatly superimposed over “The Dark Knight Rises” map EXACTLY where the school is located . . . again
  • Star constellation known as “Golden Gate” over Aurora, CO at the time of the murders
  • Star constellation known as “Golden Gate” over Newtown, CT at the time of the murders
  • Star constellation known as “Golden Gate” over Narrows, VA on January 2, 2013 (11:53 am) – no murders
  • Star constellation known as “Lupas” represents animal blood sacrifice over Aurora, CO at the time of the murders
  • Star constellation known as “Lupas” represents animal blood sacrifice over Newtown, CT at the time of the murders
  • Star constellation known as “Lupas” represents animal blood sacrifice rising over Narrows, VA on January 2, 2013 (11:53 am) – no murders

Google Map of Narrows, VA matches Narrows High School location on Batman movie map…strange

Google Map of Newtown, CT matches Sandy Hook Elementary location on Batman movie map…strange

Star Constellation Synchronicity

“Golden Gate” star patterns between murder sites and potentially averted site

None of this research required “hard-looking” it merely required the application of existing technology we are savvy using at  We call this pattern matching not a conspiracy theory, albeit our Spiritual connections can be dismissed by those with no Spiritual history research background. Actually, this we can accept and it is a quite common occurrence! It is clear only two of the above-mentioned bullets were mentioned in the writers “comprehensive analysis” of the “conspiracy theory.” As you can see, so far the writer exercised no critical analysis of the main points of the article.

Next, the writer says, “nothing more linked the previous shooters”, which is true in a sense; but, as you can see there are plenty of other commonalities between both massacres.  These points are now factual where anyone can validate the veracity of them with “plain old vanilla” research.  Based on these findings law enforcement calls this a pattern.  I know this because I spoke with a local police officer (over 20 years experience) and presented the research and he said he does not believe in coincidence.  I even went as far as to seek an interview with the man responsible for “The Dark Knight Rises” maps and I discovered he had been recently killed.  By the way, he was from Newtown, Connecticut.

The writer feels based these on these facts, “closing the schools was an overreaction” by the Superintendent.  Well, I saw the WSLS coverage by Scott Leamon and the Superintendent had door cameras installed to protect the children.  This was just smart and I would feel better knowing my children were protected.  Again, the writer references our site as “fringe” and these are “musings” not research. It is clear we are the only ones who have researched this and presented patterns not even law enforcement has released to the public.

I am not even going to touch the statement the writer makes, “officials knew about all of this last week” because none of us are aware of the process of cross coordinating law enforcement efforts and the post review in conjunction with the Giles County School System. In fact they sent the RIGHT message to students and it was: “Your safety comes before anything and your life is so precious we would rather err on the side of caution than visit your funeral.”

It is easy to stand on a soap box and preach now because nothing happened and we will never know now if it would have; but, based on the patterns and synchronicity it was certainly plausible! Now imagine (God forbid) if something horrible did happen, this same writer would be saying: “Why didn’t you heed the patterns reflected in that refreshing on-line magazine?”  It is clear, the writer did not thoroughly research our article and rushed to judge (like many other media outlets) all parties involved having the best interest of the children.  Hopefully, the writer will reeducate themselves on the nature of a true conspiracy theory and admit there are strange “coincidences” clearly presented from

In closing, our approach was to analyze these patterns and synchronicity from a Spiritual perspective. How the media missed the Biblical quotes attached to this theory was beyond my comprehension. If this is a “conspiracy” it is one that involves “Dark Forces” as described in Ephesians 6:12 based on the shared cosmic footprint. It is clear nobody has any answers why these massacres happen and we thought perhaps it is a Spiritual influence. On the road to understanding we have discovered patterns which cannot be refuted. The way we see it: we helped avert another National tragedy while bringing National awareness to strange happenings unfolding on our planet. Actually, it was the 18 year old who alerted the police about our research and savvy law enforcement took it from there!

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