Prophecy Is Unfolding: Soon the Great Tribulation?

Prophecy Is Unfolding: Soon the Great Tribulation?

The year 2020 ushered in fires and plagues that severely damaged capitalism and redefined social norms to the point many people considered suicide. It appears the masses became enamored with politics and attribute all things to the hands of man.  In ancient times the Most High was known to send plagues to cities but today the masses appear to believe only mankind is behind everything. Which means the Most High and His angels get credit for zero prophecy. 



2 Esdras 16, speaks of this very time and I have not heard major church personalities address this Biblical connection.  Before we jump into Esdras’ prophecy from the Most High let’s familiarize ourselves with his history. 2 Esdras (also called 4 Esdras, Latin Esdras, or Latin Ezra) is the name of an apocalyptic book in some English versions of the Bible. It is important to note “apocalyptic” means destruction of the world. Additionally, the apocalypse comes at the end of an Age. Much like the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction signified on the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2020.



Which was the end of an Age and the beginning of a new one. Major Biblical personalities were also the earthly ambassadors of specific star constellations. When Moses arrived on the scene he stated he was the ram. At that time in the Heavens the Earth began its 2,000 year journey through the Aries constellation.  When Yahusha Ha’ Meschiach arrived on the Earth He stated He was the “fisher of men.” At that time in the Heavens the Earth began its 2,000 year traverse through the Pisces constellation. Do you see the pattern here?



It certainly resonated “As Above So Below” and 2021 is no different. The Saturn/Jupiter conjunction marked the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Which begs the question who will be the spiritual figure head of this Age. Who is about to appear to the world as the Earthly representative for the Aquarian constellation? What is consistent though out history is at the end of the Age there is a great dismantling and destruction of: politics, economics, social norms, ideology, and major earth changes.

We can agree all of these things are happening now and the prophetic book of Esdras addresses exactly what is unfolding now.  Esdras was a scribe and priest of the 5th century BCE, but scholarship places its composition between 70 and 218 CE. It is reckoned among the apocrypha by Roman Catholics, Protestants, and most Eastern Orthodox Christians. 2 Esdras was excluded by Jerome from his Vulgate version of the Old Testament, but from the 9th century onward the Latin text is sporadically found as an appendix to the Vulgate, inclusion becoming more general after the 13th century.

Which means some researchers are not aware of these prophecies. Especially since the current evangelical movement is obsessed with allegations the Most High is telling them his hot pick for US President. As if the Most High wants to elevate the same Nation He is currently judging with fires and plagues. It does not make sense for Eternity to sully its hands with a Nation built on mass murder, slavery, sorcery, witchcraft and now the promotion of the unnatural domestically and internationally.

John Calvin said, “When God wants to judge a nation, He gives them wicked rulers! If you look at American politics today it is question who is better to lead, the rapist or the pedophile? All though this labels are allegations people will actually argue their choice completely devoid of Biblical intelligence. This means the people are now a reflection of their leaders and judgement is for them as well.

2 Esdras 16: 1-3 states, 1 Woe be unto thee, Babylon, and Asia! woe be unto thee, Egypt and Syria! 2 Gird up yourselves with cloths of sack and hair, bewail your children, and be sorry; for your destruction is at hand. 3 A sword is sent upon you, and who may turn it back? Remember the Most High is judging all the Nations but 2 Esdras 16 focuses on four Nations with America standing out as Babylon. Next, in Esdras 4 the Most High states, “4 A fire is sent among you, and who may quench it?”

The 2020 California wildfire season, part of the 2020 Western United States wildfire season, was a record-setting year of wildfires in California. By the end of the year, 9,639 fires had burned 4,397,809 acres (1,779,730 ha), more than 4% of the state’s roughly 100 million acres of land, making 2020 the largest wildfire season recorded in California’s modern history. The Most High made sure the scientific community understood these fires were “Acts of God.”

State officials said there were 11,000 lightning (recorded over 3 days) strikes over 72 hours which ignited hundreds of fires across California that have roared through wild-land, destroyed homes and forced thousands to evacuate. This was in fact a judgement on America yet people search and perpetuated theories like a space base weapon by our own Government. Sorry, folks, it was is, and will be the Most High destroying America.

Interestingly enough the number 11 and 3 have great significance to the Most High. The number 3 can be translated as a symbol of the Most High’s Power. Even the Kabbalah references the 11th gate which is related to Jacob’s Ladder…leading to the Most High. I say this to illustrate the fact the record setting California wild fires were Acts of God. Again, most people made no connection to the Most High and only suspect mankind.

Even with over 380,000 churches in America the people have replaced Biblical values with their own  feelings and ego driven choices.  Whatever people are praying to the Most High He is not listening and they have yet to figure out something is wrong . . . with them. Our leaders are a reflection of ourselves and that is alarming! People seem to have lost the ability to place themselves in another shoes.

Meanwhile more judgement is on the way! Next, the Most High states, “5 Plagues are sent unto you, and what is he that may drive them away? 6 May any man drive away an hungry lion in the wood? or may any one quench the fire in stubble, when it hath begun to burn? 7 May one turn again the arrow that is shot of a strong archer? 8 The mighty Lord sendeth the plagues and who is he that can drive them away?”

We all know the history all too well now.  Asia is the home of the Wuhan virus which is another continent under judgement. China meticulously and methodically fought against the spread of the Corona virus and a year later is back to social norms. Meanwhile America is suffering with 485,000 deaths and rising. Please note the Most High used the plural form of “plague” and said “plagues.”

Now there are mutant variations of the virus from the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Brazil. We also know one US patient had the Covid virus mutate 5 times in his body. All this means more plagues are coming and the vaccine will not stop it. This is why the Most High ask the rhetorical question, What is he that may drive them away?” This means the plagues are not going anywhere and this means they will be worse!,

Some people believe this plague is fake but after seeing the prophecy and the California fires, are you sure? Does the Most High have the ability to inflict Judgement? Of course and the Old testament is replete with Judgements from the Most High! Some say we are in the “Beginning of the Sorrows” and we are not even halfway through 2 Esdras 16. What is really interesting is in verse 20 it says, “But for all these things they shall not turn from their wickedness, nor be always mindful of the scourges.”

Which means the masses of people do not even recognize the world is under judgement from an Eternal Mind who is disgusted with this world and especially Babylon…America. The Super Bowl of 2020 was as an Aphrodite spell which in essence was a love spell. What does this have to do with 2 Esdras 16? Well, there is now an intense love of self and ego is now fueled by “feelings.” You now have blue collar workers overruling men of science who earned PhDs.

There is basic distrust for all things now and the masses follow unqualified men who turned them into merchandise. The Qanon debacle is treading for life after last election promises. To the point Qanon told his listful following to go back to their lives! People would rather follow a mysterious human who hides behind a secret name.  Meanwhile, the proven predictions of the Most High are ignored or cast aside. I know this from first hand experience from my moment with alternative radio Christians.

In the end, it was all about money pilfered by sales pitches peppered with Biblical Scripture. I personally knew men who hid their true identities and created false credentials and careers. They suckered their audience this way and turned them all into merchandise. Qanon is no different and you might have caught the tee shirt and hat sales on the news. How is the President Biden arrest and Trump second term working out? I am sorry to poke but the illogical conspiracies peddled by Qanon defy common sense.



As if only democrats could be pedophiles where the blending of politics with child sex trafficking became commonly accepted.  No way a republican could be a pedophile or involved in child trafficking according to Qanon believers. Do you see how illogical this is? It was a way to further divide politics and turned ignorance into nobility. This is exactly another reason the wicked will stay committed to being wicked. Love thy neighbor went out of the window with most of them.



They bask in wicked collective consciousness and warmly embrace each other as if that changes the writing on the wall. 2 Esdras 16 is happening right now . . . like it or not. As you continue deeper into 2 Esdras 16 it will get a lot worse. Famine is coming and makes sense why billionaire Bill Gates invested in the seed vault and is snatching up so much farmland. You see the elite believe in prophecy while the masses chase mysterious men represented by letters of the alphabet.

I do not even need to touch the weather because extreme weather is nothing new and plenty of aggregators on YouTube are frequently covering this. I do find it compelling 2 Esdras 16 verse 20 addresses “the sea ariseth.” Which directly feeds into this extreme weather we are all witnessing. The Most High is judging the world while man is judging each other; oblivious there is a Biblical prophecy running concurrent with the present.

I will not jump into the totality of 2 Esdras 16 because it is a long prophecy and there is more to tell once we catch up to it.  Make no mistake in your minds and hearts…it will unfold.  The people found solace in each other embracing illogical conspiracy and are the lemmings of the Biblical future. All doomed for choosing man over the Most High. The Bible is now mocked as a mythical book with no value. Wait until the world gets the bill from the Most High.

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